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17 November 2016


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mike allen


Ocean Shores in Grays County where they are holding the Sasquatch Summit is a beach resort. It is a long way south from where Bigfoot stomps around. You have to get up in Clallam or Jefferson County to see those 24 inch footprints. Or maybe even go up to the Alaskan panhandle. I suspect those Sasquatch scholars are a bit too bookish to go stalking through the Hoh or Tongass rainforests dodging bears and banana slugs. But hopefully you will find one or two field researchers among them.

SWMBO and I were tent camping a decade ago near Lake Quinault. There was a huge ruckus around midnight. It turned out to be a film crew, well oiled with bourbon and beer. They apologized and said they were out looking for Mr Bigfoot, but no luck. They did share some bourbon.


You crazy kids, just the thing to wash off the stink of this election cycle. Problem is, if you find them, you may not want to leave.

The Simple Life sounds good right about now.



I find it amusing to watch the Sasquatch crews on TeeVee. These guys make tremendous amounts of noise and have no light discipline at all. The "call blasting" thing is particularly funny. I can imagine Jimmy Sasquatch listening to this at night and saying. "Oh, shit. they're back." pl


Colonel and TTG

Yes, Sasquatch needs protection from the homicidal maniacs intent on murdering him. All I ask is when you find it take a selfie with him. We've out competed all other hominids, I like to think there's another left besides us.

There use to be a Bigfoot Bookstore in the neighborhood that had a Bigfoot Museum in the basement. There were some hairs, a plaster cast of a big footprint and some grainy photos. The owner closed the bookstore and moved to Washington to pursue his Bigfoot quest--said it was more profitable than the bookstore.

Peter in Toronto

Whatever came out of that alleged Bigfoot DNA sample that some author was investigating with a "well known and respected lab"?

Seems these guys only make enough noise to promote their book, and then disengage to keep the myth alive for another sequel.

David Paulides was his name, that's it.

A pre-human hominid like that could be easily tracked with an aerial FLIR sensor.


As we did with Neanderthals we could breed with another hominid.



Bigfoot vs Mothman?


Sasquatch hunting is futile. However, if you hang out for long enough in their territory (pretty much anywhere in the PNW temperate rain forest), and they can get a feel for you and your respectful attitude, they will reveal themselves. Very rare to see them but they will throw pinecones, bang on trees, etc. Sasquatch is a drummer and he may also respond to your own drumming with his own rhythms.

Sasquatch will stay away any from chainsaws, mowers, anything motorized and loud.

Certain people believe Sasquatch is a trans-dimensional being - hence no bodies ever found. I think this is a clue to Sasquatch's real identity - he is the Man in the Woods with a Club, Enkidu, e.g., an archetype as old as humanity.


Hominids are self-absorbed, imaginative creatures.


Peter in Toronto

with regard to FLIR, the woods are full of hotspots and there are only so many sensors. pl

Babak Makkinejad


I would venture that only European-Americans attend this type of event.

Like the "Burning Man".

I also wonder if any non-Euro-American has ever been abducted by the aliens and subjected to their shenanigans.

Babak Makkinejad


On what could a group of such large animals subsist?

And why are there no biological residue of them ever found - such as bone fragments, fur, excrement, etc.?



you did not read the Q&A but write anyhow? Many, many bits and pieces have been found. you would know that if you had read the Q&A. North America is filled with food for any such creature. How do you think that bears, bison, elk and moose live? pl

Babak Makkinejad

Q&A? Sorry, I missed it. Where is it please?

Babak Makkinejad


I stand by my skepticism about Sasquatch, even after reading the Q&A.

The issue of contamination is a serious one - even academic specialists with clean-rooms have been forced to retract their published results in Science of in Nature (among many others) due to contamination issues with the DNA samples. This plagues DNA analysis - examples: Neanderthal DNA analysis, analysis of meteorite for signs of extraterrestrial life.

The only thing I found noteworthy was the claim of a tissue sample - 3 X 1/2 X 1/2. Let them produce that piece of tissue and have it analyzed by a research laboratory.

All I read over there was unsubstantiated claims.

A skull would be very useful.

Or teeth; since they last a very long time indeed and there is a lot of knowledge and experience in the analysis of ancient teeth extant among paleontologists.


Sadly, the one main movie is a world-class hoax. A detective tracked down the actor, the film location, the guy who sold the producer a 1960's-era gorilla suit, etc. The real smoking gun is he has his booties on backwards, and when he lifts his right foot IIRC it's got a left 1960's blobby slipper sole on it. Which looks like a slipper booty and nothing like a real creature's foot sole.


This is not to say that Bigfoot does not really exist. Gorillas were thought to be myths until about a century ago. And it turns out that Sherpas are actually crossbred humans with not Neanderthal but "Denisovan" hominid blood, they are not pure human, absolutely fascinating, which explains a lot.



David Habakkuk

I merely described reality and implied that for someone whom you and I think appropriate to become CJCS requires some explanation other than virtue. Considerable skill in dissembling and self concealment would be required. When asked to be a permanent professor at USMA I declined because it was clear to me that the USMA culture and therefore that of the Army favored rigorous but not expansive thinking. As my dear old dad said, "in the Regular Army we cut off whatever sticks out." "the mainstream" is what is valued. BTW, with regard to Flynn one must remember that e was always a tactical/targeting man until he took over DIA where he was fired. pl



In my opinion you do not accept the data because you do not wish to. pl

David Habakkuk

Colonel Lang,

Thanks for that clarification.

I should say that I am fascinated both by General Dempsey and Lieutenant-General Flynn, for complex reasons.

Having myself no skill in ‘dissembling and self concealment’, what I wanted was to work for people who could manage the ‘political’ aspect as I could not – but would want to have ‘good work’ done for them.

(Hence my immense respect for Walter Bedell Smith.)

More and more, such people have disappeared – but it seemed to me that General Dempsey might be in that ‘mould’.

Generalfeldmarschall von Hindenburg

Euclidcreek - Good one! I recommend Jacques Valee's "Passport to Magonia" or John Keel's Mothman book. The latter is the kind of writing no one does anymore and a lot of fun to read no matter what your opinion on things like UFOs or disincarnate entelechies.

Peter in Toronto

This is true. I'm willing to bet that to this day there are swaths of old growth forest that have never seen a human, especially in the west.

I remember reading how elusive it was for European explorers to track down a living, wild panda (upon hearing rumors of their existence from locals), and those are relatively dim and immobile creatures. A robust, pre-human hominid would likely be able to cover a lot of ground.

Peter in Toronto

What are you alluding at here? That esoteric phenomena are attributed only to people of European descent?

You'd be surprised how many tales the native Amerindians have in their folklore about wild men and even encounters with star people.

As far as the abduction phenomenon goes, I'm sorry to disappoint, but there are numerous claims from African Americans and others. Most notably, the first reported US abduction was the Betty and Barney Hill incident. Barney Hill was a man of mixed heritage. Someone compiled most of the known incidents and found it is a global, multi-ethnic phenomenon. It has certainly been popularized in US mainstream culture more than anywhere else, that's for sure.


Chuppicabra, the Mongolian fireworm, Mokele-mbebe, and so forth beg to differ. The sightings often reflect local fauna and myths, but the modern alien abduction myths share many similarities to medieval visions of angels. Those dreams where people wake up and can't move become aliens and demons depending on the popular culture of the day.

"Bigfoot" or a "missing link" is shaped by the rise of evolutionary science. Less "modern" societies see skin changers and wild men. The "yeti" was once a wild man spirit who became a hidden ape modeled on local monkeys and gorillas. The "yeren" of China was once a mysterious Wildman who took on apelike qualities when news of gorillas traveled.



Color me primitive. but, I would not have joined the Green Berets if I had not been. pl



Have you ever had ought to do with "primitive" people (other than your students? pl

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