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13 November 2016


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Davos Democracy, or "The Oligarch's Strike Back". Look who has been co-opted by the aristocracy of money:



The president can't repeal supreme court decisions. The court won't do so unless another case comes before it on the same issue.


Huge if. Depending on how that goes, Trump has the chance to be a great president of FDR proportions or a disaster of James Buchanan proportions. I think it is best to try and make sure the former happens rather than the latter, for sake of the country, though.

Babak Makkinejad

A very dangerous illusion...

Such people, once their illusions are shattered, will be frightened and running to the first scoundrel that promises them physical or mental safety.

Very deplorable...


I think that's nuts, but I do think it is true that a lot of myths have grown around the massacre because of the secrecy. The official Chinese state refuses to acknowledge it, which means no verifiable and testable evidence is available to be examined. A lot of hearsay and semi-fictitious "evidence" proliferate in their place. PRC government has a lot of enemies who are invested in propagating them.

All these are not different from any secretive regime that is unpopular, but with PRC, there's another layer: PRC also has many friends abroad who want to counter the unsubstantiated tales about how awful it is by spreading even more unsubstantiated tales about how not so awful it is. Between the two of them, unless you have access to the proverbial secret archives (and US Embassy in China would not have access to the real secret archives--you'd need to be someone big in PRC gov't to have something like that. I've seen such claims and I tend to think it's one of these.), there's no reliable information about what exactly happened. I have no access to confidential information, and I can only be sure that, if only based on the circumstances of the aftermath, that there were violent clashes and people were shot (on both sides--there were credible evidence of military/police vehicles being set on fire and some military/police personnel being burned to death, but I think it's also fairly clear that many protesters were shot by the military as well). Beyond that, I don't want to say much without a lot of disclaimers



The 2nd, 3rd and 4th RA infantry regiments have this motto. Why? I know not. pl


Yup. Saw the same article, thought the same thing. The opportunities and risks both abound for the Trump administration, IF they mean to better the lives of the working class Americans, itself a big if.

It's a little bit like Obama's challenge in 2008--to which he failed to live up to, just to remind everyone. Obama had a larger, seemingly more stable coalition, both in the electorate and Congress. Democrats were not overtly out to subvert his agenda the way the Republicans are with regards Trump's agenda. Now, one difference is that while Obama got to the top by playing nice with the Democratic establishment while Trump got to the top by defying it. This could play out both ways: Trump has no obligation to the Republican establishment, unlike Obama--as per Tyler's argument. But the GOP establishment has no compunction against playing interference with Trump's initiatives because he is not one of them either. This actually places the Democrats, especially the Democratic populists, in an interesting position: Warren and Sanders are already extending olive branches to Trump, and one hopes that they really mean it and Trump takes up on the offer. Sanders "got" the working class sentiment as well as Trump did and there is much that they can get done if they can cooperate with sincerity and not get wrapped up in foolish partisan gamesmanship--which, since neither is "really" a Republican or a Democrat, they can hopefully avoid.


I don't trust Warren, at least not too much. She's a "Democrat," unlike Sanders or Trump, vis-a-vis Republicans, for that matter. She's too invested in her connections to the Democratic Party establishment to break free of them and it is not too shocking that she is looking at all sides. That she should represent Mass, with all its establishment bases, and owes very little to the working class electorally, does not inspire much confidence either. On the other hand, however, she does seem to recognize the way playing field has shifted nationally and how changing the tune will help her gain a national standing and that will constrain her devotion to the Davos crowd.


I think that's the right attitude to live life by. The world is too full of people who want to use power to change the world to their liking, whether they mean well or not, and have no compunction against stepping on the little people who stand in the way. They come from all ideological stripes, and all are just as awful as any other, regardless of their color coded labels, if you ask me.

The Twisted Genius


I've seen him described as a media provocateur. I think that's accurate. He's a rich businessman who has tapped into a lucrative market. He doesn't give a damn about how offensive the worse elements of the alt right may be to many. There's money in providing a media outlet to this viewpoint. He does seem to share their penchant for savaging others, including some who deserve savaging.


I used to read Cicero without a dictionary, though 20 years ago. Unless I've really lost it, this means: Don't touch me. Wikipedia has "don't tread on me," but this is a very common word.

"Tangere" is largely consistent with the range of meaning that the word "touch" has in English. You'll notice the past participle "tactum" in English words like "tactile."

My guess is that it somehow got inserted in Revolutionary times into the idea of "don't tread on me." Doesn't mean that, but doesn't matter.


A reminiscence of Taoism?
That would be fine, except, unfortunately, to oppose people of power you need your own power.



"establishment" seems to be the key. Along with Warren the other up and comers are Cory Booker and Keith Ellison. That establishment (left) triumvirate is the race-gender-religion triad. All that is needed is for one of them to come out of the closet.



I think the motto NMT was adopted around the time of the War of 1812, quite post Revolution. pl


Hello jld,

This is what I said though. We each need our individual power back so we can decide what to do with it. By abdicating our power to others, we allow it to concentrate, forming a lesser Ring of Power. As more Lesser Rings form, a critical mass develops, a gravity well which pulls the Lesser Rings towards it; the Ring of Power itself. We all fought Hitler to prevent him from gaining the Ring of Power, only to have Isildur/America fail to destroy it. A dark invisible force is wearing the Ring, we have seen it's shadows and ripples across the world for decades. The time has come for the Last Alliance of Men (the Right) and Elves (the Left) to form to destroy this evil forever.

Power is the Problem.


Well this is rich.

"11 Arab countries accuse Iran of sponsoring Middle East terror
Saudis, Egypt, Jordan among those slamming Tehran’s ‘expansionist regional policies, flagrant violations of sovereignty’"




where do you see the problem? :-)

Laguerre thought that the motto is wrong, I said it is not and you confirmed me, thanks. Yes, the negative form of the imparative is formed with noli/nolite, that was my point. :-)

In the 18th century Prussian army, the gun barrel of the regimental pieces had the motto "ULTIMA RATIO REGIS" in the sense of "the last reason/evidence of the king". I - as the stupid (stultus)one -tried to use this in combination with Archimedes. OK? :-)


Left out quotation marks as well as trivia delimiters Just a link to more information on conjugation of the irregular verb in case anybody was interested. HOWEVER since you may see this post, and may be a German speaker, and this is an open thread, will change topic with a question:

The machinations of the blackguard Schwartz aka [T]Soros (is he taking the piss by punning on tsuris??) tripped an associative link to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexander_Parvus -

Anybody know anything about Parvus? Has anybody read The Merchant of Revolution: The Life of Alexander Israel Helphand (Parvus), 1867-1924. Zeman, Z. A. B. and W. B. Scharlau

Editions in English are pricey.

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