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14 November 2016


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Look at the by county map of the 2016 election. It DOES NOT have a lot of blue in it except for Indian lands and Black areas. The by county map has grown steadily redder over the last ten years. pl


Out of the frying pan and into the fire?
@ryangrim tweets:
"Source says John Bolton is close to being named Secretary of State, Corker still a remote possibility, Gingrich is out."



People who are not fanatics. pl


So the British tail is going to try to wag the American dog? pl


"Therefore he is going to have to work with the Democrats in Congress. They may be in the minority but their votes will be needed to overcome GOP resistance to many of the things he will want to do."

This hopeful thought runs straight into the "Hastert Rule" which the republican leadership in the House of Representatives has imposed, namely, that no legislation even gets a vote unless it has the support of a majority of the majority.

This prevents the House democrats from building any sort of coalition with elements of the House republican to get legislation that the republican party opposes, even though it might have the support of a majority in the House.



"On November 21, 2013, the Senate voted 52-48, with all Republicans and 3 Democrats voting against, to eliminate the use of the filibuster against all executive branch nominees and judicial nominees other than to the Supreme Court."

I don't think the filibuster keeps Bolton from becoming Secretary of State.



Hastert? Oh, you mean the convicted pedophile rapist of the athletes he was coaching. That will go down pretty quickly or the Republicans in the House will suffer for it. pl



Yes, Trump is a friend of Israel but not a reliable servant. pl


You keep identifying yourself as "Jewish".
How is that important?
I have European ancestry, but never identify myself as Cornish or Scots, I'm an American.


I agree switching enough votes in the Electoral College is merely a theoretical possibility. There has never been more than one or two that didn't vote in accordance with their mandate. The moveon.org crowd, that is sponsoring the effort, knows that. Their efforts are for fundraising.

What concerns me more is Congress a year or so from now. While Republicans control both houses, a large number of them do not consider Trump a Republican and can't stand him in multiple areas. Trump simply has to maintain enough popular support outside DC to hold them at bay.

However, if anyone can overcome the DC inertia and mindset, Trump can. Still, the adversaries he has had in business are different than his political ones will be. I hope he as studied "The Prince" as thoroughly as he has obviously studied, or simply understands intuitively, Robert Cialdini's works.


Col, I fear you are going to find yourself on the WRONG SIDE of the bothered British. Boris will declare you.

It's the Suez Crisis of 1956 all over again, except Uncle Sam is about to get a taste of his own medicine

wink wink

Mark Logan


Watching the interview gave me the impression he is still pandering. IOW, he as yet has no solid plan. Nothing wrong with that, it's to be expected, it's only been a few days. He is unready for a war with his own party at the moment so he gave Ryan a sop to buy time. "Tax cuts!"

IMO his first instinct will be to bludgeon his own party into submission but he's smart enough to know he must proceed carefully before trying. He needs time to develop a plan. He did not expect to win so he doesn't currently have one. He will wish to make Congress into his staff. All Presidents wish to, I guess, but he may view it as essential.



I think this is very sound advice and I hope he's smart enough to take it. FWIW (coming from a dastardly lefty) I suspect he is.


I tend to agree with this too - anyone (especially GOP) seen as standing in the way of Trump's efforts will indeed pay a price.

ex-PFC Chuck

A big tell is going to be whom he selects as head of the National Security Council.


The counties may look red, but within the individual counties, there are many blue votes. For example, check out the counties in middle Georgia where there are a lot of Blue votes even though the county may be colored red. Overall, in the whole country more voted blue than red.


Col--The multicultural dream is a function of people falling in love: with a country, with another person, with a cuisine, with a culture. It ain't gonna end anytime soon!


Yes, from the right wing perspective they are. Properly formulated, the right seeks to advance 'the common good', not a leveling equality. Until Trump came along the left thought the march of progress was inevitable, forgetting 'progress' is the comparative of which we have not settled the superlative. Suffice to say our ultimate values are antithetical to yours. Against the liberal refrain of 'liberty, fraternity, equality', we oppose authority, hierarchy, and differentiation. I realize this is crimethink, but as Julius Evola noted when he was hauled before the tribunal in *democratic* Italy, "My principles are only those that, before the French Revolution, every well-born person considered sane and normal." What we live in a now is a epoch of dissolution. Our trajectory is downwards.

Women are notably underrepresented from STEM degrees; instead they're graduating with degrees in sociology and various courses that end in 'studies'. That's not how you MAGA! I've seen what passes for coursework in these "disciplines".

The peculiar electoral college system was designed to prevent coastal population concentrations eternally lording it over flyover country. Remove the electoral college and regional tensions would mount until the Union factionalized into de facto partition. And if there are blue patches in the South (most of which are due to the uniparty importing a new people who are not steeped in the historical American tradition), there are red patches in the North. Oregon is the most polarized state in the Union.

It's interesting to note 53% of white women voted for Trump. This election was about race and class, not gender. Slate had a hilarious piece up on how white women betrayed the 'sisterhood' and voted with their angry white male relatives (the horror!).

Women are natural conservatives. They seek to maintain stability in systems whatever they may be, and so some will resent what Sam Francis called the 'middle American revolutionaries'. But if there's one thing that entices women to a new order, its a firm, authoritative, and efficacious ethos and pathos. That's what Trump will be projecting in the coming months. 180: Women will reconcile with Trump. They already have in a way once we factor race and class into the equation. That's what the liberal Slate thinks anyway.


After Breitbart gets through with it, the "Hastert Rule" will be reframed as honoring a senior patriot and athlete who "empowered" youngsters. PRAVA is gonna be given a run for their money!



I speak four languages, have lived in a dozen countries, and, I too, like different kinds of grub. Do't lecture me about multiculturalism. I have lved it. That does not make the attempted suppression of traditional Americans and their culture by the multi-cultis any less despicable. pl


Public education helped establish the US as the wealthiest, most powerful country on earth. Hand it over to Wall Street and other parasites, which Trump, unfortunately has vowed to do, at your peril.



You're referring to the black belt?

- Eliot

English Outsider

Thanks. Also, Mogherini has doubled down on her anti-Russian stance:-

“You know, the European Union has a very principled position on the illegal annexation of Crimea and the situation in Ukraine." “This is not going to change, regardless of possible shifts in others’ policies."

I believe Boris Johnson did not attend the meeting of Foreign Ministers at which this was said, but the British FO appears to be attempting to persuade Trump to continue the attempt to remove Assad.

Taken with Stoltenberg's statement, does this indicate that the Europeans are in no doubt that American policy on Russia and on the ME is going to change comprehensively? They'd surely not make all this noise if they didn't think so.

Plus the election results in Bulgaria and Moldova. Beginning to look like Festung Europa contra mundum.

Good time for Mrs May to depart the camp and do a U-turn. Boris is just the man for that. He can turn on a sixpence.


The sole reason the democrats have a growing electoral college advantage (well, at least before Trump came along and engineered a wholesale realignment of the system) is because democrats and the GOP oligarchs have been busy electing a new people for the last 50 odd years. California used to vote red. Yet liberals like to interpret this 'new America' as if they won some vast historical argument against the deplorable bigots, when in fact they merely perfected South American patron-client politics thanks to mass immigration. As Spengler predicted nearly a century ago now, the left turned into the instrument of big capital. Now the oligarchs can (a) preempt a system of organic common sympathies that can demand real structural reform (b) engage in the economic version of patron-client - the famous wealth transfer payments the IMF has ZERO problem with. These bribes provide temporary alleviation for permanent chronic abuse by rapacious multinational elites. And (c), they can play the different tribes off against one another.

The only electoral map that matters:



Shaun, you are going to be surprised. In Australia when refugees from Iraq and Afghanistan started to come here by boat, we suffered a political crisis. On one hand the conservative government which launched these wars cracked down hard on these asylum seekers (Illegal Boat Arrivals), sending the opposition into a frenzy. I was already fighting hard against my government for assaulting Iraq in the first place, to then deny our duties to look after these people was too much. In 2007 we finally won and Howard was gone, and we could repeal his Pacific Solution.

Problem is, once we took the foot off, tens of thousands of people started to arrive. We couldn't deal with this influx easily, makeshift refugee camps became over-crowded and rioting developed. Boats started sinking a sea, and like in Europe dead people started washing up on our shores. As our sycophantic leaders were unwilling to deal with the push factors (evil wars in the Middle East), we could only work on the pull factors. We won't change our way of life or values, so all we had left was the use of force.

The Labor government flamed out after six years of this failed policy, and the new conservative government launched a military operation called "Sovereign Borders", put a three-star general in charge of it and closed down media reporting. We haven't had a boat arrive in years, and we are closing down the last of the camps. There is now almost no opposition to these measures, because we saw what happened when we set government policy with our hearts. This is something to be proud of, we tried, but in the end, as that bastard Howard said "we will decide who comes to this country, and the manner in which they arrive."

Australia and America are sisters born of the same mother. We are both the most successful multicultural countries in the world. We will always have generous refugee programs, because we are all refugees here. But borders are there for a reason, the free migration of people will only lead to war and genocide. The American people will protest when you crack down on illegal migration because you are beautiful people with hearts and morals. But you will see quickly the merit of the program, and accept the truth that a little force saves a lot.

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