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14 November 2016


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Fortunately, many in the neolib (R2P crowd), can't stand bonkers Bolton. What Trump will have to do is bifurcate them even though they have largely similar objectives re the ME. If they get together and Trump annoys them too much they have a mechanism for removal. At this point the Electoral College is the immediate hurdle and a near impossibility. Subsequently it will be impeachment. That's a political process wrapped in legal cloth. Reasons can be found having little to do with the actual reasons. The super-majority required will make it difficult but I'm sure the chattering classes are looking at the possibilities.


I offer the Committee the "freeze, unfreeze, refreeze" policy model for your consideration.

Most of the time Government policy is "frozen" into an orthodoxy that is highly resistant to change. From my perspective, that orthodoxy, for perhaps the last twenty years has included political correctness, radical social engineering constructs like feminism, gender equity and "soft" public education, Keynesian economics, globalism, corporatism and a direct military interference based foreign policy. I would argue that this policy no longer serves broad American interests, if it ever did. Both sides of Congress supported this orthodoxy.

I would argue that the election has precipitated a historic "unfreeze" of permissible policy options that gifts a President Trump with opportunities for change not seen for Twenty years and unlikely to be seen again for a further twenty. When I say "unfreeze", I mean that the existing orthodoxy has been smashed and can be replaced with whatever policies President Trump proposes with little if any political resistance from Congress or the voters.

To put that another way, Trump has given people permission to think the unthinkable as is evidenced by the intellectual elite of opinion leaders running around with their hair on fire as they confront the demise of their carefully constructed realities. I personally find this refreshing. Here is a typical example:

..........Professor Siracusa labelled Mr Trump "an appalling human being" and said he had cultivated a voter base sympathetic towards conspiracy theories.

"He's as dumb as Ronald Reagan and meaner than Richard Nixon," Professor Siracusa said.

"But I accept he had a base out there. And they were conspiratorial alright, they thought professional wrestling was real and the moon landing was a fake."

"I doubt Kmart would hire him the way he talks."...........

Does anyone disagree that the chattering classes are in meltdown?

What this means is that there is not going to be any serious, organised and coherent opposition to President Trumps policies because people have just demonstrated by electing him that they are prepared to think outside the box. The old box is broken and it is up to Present Trump to construct a new one. Make no mistake, he can do pretty much whatever he wants without opposition. The policy elites are in shock now. The unthinkable has happened. The Donald is going to the White House.

However President Trump has very limited time, about Twelve months by my estimate, before the thaw ends and orthodoxy refreezes into whatever model Present Trump has shaped. The intellectual forces of conservatism will regroup. Coherent resistance will reappear and the talking points of political orthodoxy will refreeze around the policies Donald Trump has emplaced. Twelve months.

So how does President Trump use the Twelve months grace he has been given to reshape America for the better? I don't know what he proposes, but I do know he has to land running and overwhelm his opposition by a multitude of radical changes as fast as possible. That means using outsiders. That means taking an axe to things; "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." better still; "If it ain't broke, break it and then fix it". That means cutting corners and being fast and free with the truth. That means destroying careers and people. Above all, it means ignoring and sidelining the Washington Wormtongues who will counsel for less haste. The Donald has Twelve months before the forces of darkness reassert themselves. Twelve months.

And all of that means that we already know how the Donald Trump Presidency is going to end - in a web of scandal over the means he is going to be forced to employ to get America back on track and looking after its people again.



That's a talking point and not what Ryan said.
" What a lot of folks don't realize is this 21-person board called the ipap is about to kick in with price controls on Medicare. What people don't realize is because of Obamacare, medicare is going broke, medicare is going to have price controls because of Obamacare, medicaid is in fiscal straits. You have to deal with those issues if you are going to repeal and replace obamacare. Medicare has serious problems [because of] Obamacare."


Here is some news that bodes well:


"Moments ago the Kremlin released a statement in which the Russian presidency reported that Putin and Trump held a conversation, in which the Russian leader congratulated his American counterpart again on his victory in the presidential election, wished him "success in the implementation of the pre-election program, and noted his willingness to build a partnership dialogue with the new administration on the principles of equality, mutual respect and non-interference in the internal affairs of each other."

During the conversation, Putin and Trump "not only agreed to assess the current unsatisfactory state of bilateral relations, but also spoke in favor of active joint work to normalize relations and aim for constructive cooperation on a wide range of issues. The call emphasized in particular the importance of creating a solid foundation of bilateral ties through the development of trade and economic relations.

In the call, it was also noted that that "next year marks 210 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Russia and the United States, which in itself should stimulate a return to pragmatic, mutually beneficial cooperation, which would meet the interests of both countries, stability and security throughout the world."

Putin and Trump shared thoughts on the need for joint efforts in the fight against the common enemy number one - international terrorism and extremism. In this vein, and discussed issues of the settlement of the crisis in Syria.

The two agreed to continue contact by phone and agreed to meet in person in the future."

It is probably giving the neocons a fit though.



Electors will overwhelmingly vote in accordance with the election outcomes in their states. So, you can forget that. Impeachment? The Republicans control BOTH houses of Congress for at least the next two years. He is the head of their party. So, that is OUT. You need to try to come to grips with the reality that is the end of the coastal Demo multi-culti dream. pl



You sure do a lot of trolling. "Caucasian kids" are terrifying your adopted son and ..... you did what, write a blog comment?

So who started this "al-Nursa thing" as a front, back in 2012?

I know this is news to you but the US Army won't be deporting people here illegally these people will:


What Ryan said is not quite true. I plan for this stuff every day. There might be some cuts, not large, and providers will be asked to provide evidence that what they are doing actually works. The board will be tasked, if it is not gutted or altered, to try to keep Medicare increases in line with inflation. If we don't do that, Medicare dies anyway.



Why the scare quotes for betraying? He promised to put his companies into a blind trust. Now his family will run it. Potential for conflict of interest? You bet.



I can actually see Trump working with Democrats (not sure they will work with him), but how does he get around the rules in the House? Do you think Ryan will do that? How long does he stay Speaker?




A very rich and powerful Jewish friend started out in life collecting funds for Israel in a tin cup on the Manhattan subway. He told me at lunch one day in the palatial dining room of Lazard Frères in Rockefeller Center that if I wished to understand Jews I had to understand the depth of your fear, your collective fear of the goyim, in other words of people like me. That was funny because we were business partners and I trusted him with my money. I understand your "thing" now. You are hysterically afraid of the return of pogroms, the Nazis (always with the Nazis, endlessly). In your hysteria you can hear the trucks being warmed up to come get you and so you lash out at your fears. Well, suit yourself. Perhaps you could consider aliya lest the bogeyman get you. Your semi Salvadoran friend can escape the image of the US armed forces that you have created and your adopted son can return to the paradise that is communist Vietnam. All the best. pl


If Obamacare has caused medicare to go broke, as Ryan claims, then the repeal of Obamacare should solve that problem--at least if you follow Ryan's logic.

The article which you cited also states that:

"First, Ryan claims that Obamacare has put Medicare under deeper financial stress. Precisely the opposite is true. And it's so straightforward Ryan unquestionably knows this. The Affordable Care Act actually extended Medicare's solvency by more than a decade. Ryan's claim is flat out false."

Do you have any information on how Obamacare negatively affected medicare? I honestly have no idea of the interplay between the two program, whether negative or positive.


Remember that presenting DT in the worst possible light was the DNC strategy and bought into by the MSM. Beware of creating your own demons:


"Liberals are afraid of their own shadows right now. That’s because they’ve created anti-matter, Mr. Hyde caricatures of the Trumpettes — the average little guys who support Trump. These shadows that liberals have cast by their own self-deceit now surround them, and they believe the grotesquely exaggerated images they have created.

This false belief like any phobia is taking on its own life by creating mass hysteria in the streets of America. By that step, belief becomes reality. While the initial description that liberals painted of Trumpettes is false — they’re all misogynistic, homophobic racists — the hysteria is real, and that causes people to react with violence against whatever they fear. Those violent reactions become very real horrors that are not just painted in the imagination, and they divide the nation deeper, creating fears that are now based on real horrible events that came about due to the original false beliefs. It’s like a panic attack that feeds on itself.

And the more people continue to believe the caricature that liberals created out of Trump supporters and then react in fear to that caricature, the more real-life bad events will create real horrors. It can quickly become a self-fueling social vortex that all began from false fears.

Liberals have for months been retelling each other every day that Trump supporters are all bigots, homophobes, xenophobes and misogynists. They painted Trump supporters with a broad crimson-stained brush as being entirely motivated by hatred. On one level, I’m sure they created this image of the Trumpettes in order to win the election — by making making them look like the KKK fan club, which no decent person would want to belong to.

There is, however, a deadly downside to this kind of demonization: you cannot do it unless you also convince yourself that the stereotype you are creating is true — otherwise you’d live in the knowledge that you are a liar. Nobody wants to live in the knowledge that he or she is a liar, and it is simple to convince yourself that the stereotype you are believing is true because that is who you want to simplify the other side anyway."

"...Trump is playing the media. ...So, Trump says things like “we need to keep out Mexicans who are rapists,” and the media and liberals start chattering among themselves about how Trump believes all Mexicans are rapists. I note, as the chatter takes off, that he didn’t actually say “Mexicans are rapists.” He said we need to keep out any that are. (That may be only 1% of Mexicans that he wants to keep out, and why wouldn’t we want to keep out convicted rapists, whether they are Mexican or any other nationality?)"

"...So, why be upset that Trump says we need to stop importing racists from Mexico … unless you deliberately misread that statement to mean he thinks we need to stop importing all Mexicans because they are all rapists? Liberals jumped to that conclusion because it fit their political aims to believe it. They created the lie and immediately believed their own lie … because they wanted to. But now it leaves them afraid of something that was never real in the first place.

Trump was speaking about an incident where some actual criminals who were illegal aliens raped someone after they were known by the government to be both criminal and illegal aliens. He was saying that we should never allow known criminals into our country from other countries (Mexico or otherwise), and we should always deport aliens if we find out they are rapists. What do we need rapists for? What’s wrong with that? He was pointing out that it is ludicrous that those rapists were still in the country since their illegal status SHOULD make it very easy to get them out."

Your son isn't going anywhere; be careful that you aren't putting wrong ideas into his head.



IS is not a construction of the US. That is yet another hysterical reaction on your part. Consider aliya but bring money with you. A friend in Jerusalem told me that the best way to make a small fortune in Israel is to bring large fortune. You might "take to the streets?" Good idea. Send pictures of the cops kicking your ass. pl



Sheldon Adelson was the second highest Trump donor (Trump himself was 1st).

If I remember correctly he is staunchly pro-Israel, so I doubt the Jewish community has much to fear.



This reads like nonsense. Take a deep breath and step away from the bong.


shaun of the dead
"...I was going to be open minded, I tried and failed." The only rational part of your statement. You really think he's going after the Jews? You are a neurotic fool.

I'm going to at least wait until he is in office.


Right wing politics will not be abandoned simply because Jews get the subjective feeling another shoah is around the corner. What, we can't take definitive necessary action because that entails authoritative judgment calls on which people in this snowflake nation might disagree? Yes, we can. The people have assigned Trump this mandate.

It's rather curious you immediately frame this in Jewish terms when I use the phrase 'what needs to be done' in reply to a OP that talks about Trump softening on illegal immigration (ie, criminally entering the country). Because if there is one thing Hitler has gone down in infamy for, it was being stickler for deporting Poles who snuck across the border to live the German Dream.

Edward must follow superior orders, and enforce the rule of law or face Court Martial. During the WWII if my memory serves me correctly, only one British officer refused to carrying out his orders out of moral principle. And since then, Western militaries have got a lot better at ensuring automatic obedience. I doubt there's much legal recourse for these 'other countries' to ruin relations with the world's only superpower for enforcing perfectly legitimate immigration law.

#CurrentYear God is unimpressive imo. Mainline protestants and liberal Catholics are in terminal decline. They won't be doing much.

As the United States balkanizes, tribal politics will continue to rapidly supplant issue based elections. You must prepare your son for this inevitable result of multiculturalism. Perhaps Vietnam is building a cohesive country because ethnic Vietnamese (Kinh) constitute 86.2% of the population? What needs to be done here is macro level adjustments that we cannot permit be paralyzed by sad story anecdotes. Because sometimes what your little boy wants/needs is in opposition to what a lot more little kids want/need. So, not an argument, rather paralysis via 'analysis'

Trump gradually assuming control of the GOP party; he dragged them to victory with majorities in both houses and the position to appoint lifelong conservative judges. Dems are irrelevant for a long time.

And why stop at alleging Trump (with his Jewish in laws) and pro-Israel Bannon are alt-right stooges? Let's go the whole hog and admit muh Putler is behind all this.


You'll have to forgive my Kiwi irreverence. Not all of us get learned to speak proper down here..

Here's the links




Do you understand that Obama has deported more than Bush ever did?

Fine with me if you dislike Trump, but imho your arguments are irrational.

If your son is being hassled at school, have a talk with the school administration. I doubt if his 9 year old peers are that attuned to politics that they suddenly feel it's ok to be jerks because of Trump. Kids can be jerks, period.


the wall and trade are the two central issues of Trump's electoral mandate.


Sounds like a modern day FDR, in a sense--FDR was himself a manipulative, backstabbing, ruthless, lying bastard and jerk. But he also got things done and, on the whole, served extraordinarily well the nation at large. But FDR also had top notch people like Marshall advising him. We shall see.


No neocons and no movement-conservatives, then who?
Democrats, lobbyists?


"From my perspective, that orthodoxy, for perhaps the last twenty years has included political correctness, radical social engineering constructs like feminism, gender equity ..."

Really? Are feminism and gender equity bad ideas? Or, perhaps, ideas that are actually good ones that make our nation stronger.

The majority of our citizens are women. They have worth and the young ones soon will run the place because they are getting college and graduate degrees at a ratio of three to two over the men.

Also, but for our peculiar electoral college system, the majority of the majority of the voters were women who voted for Hillary and she would have won. On close zoom-in examination of that vast "fly-over" land, it has lots of blue in it making it more and more purple, the color of the feminists.

"So how does President Trump use the Twelve months grace he has been given to reshape America for the better?"

He needs to reconcile with the women, many of whom are really pissed and restive. There is no future in putting down the women.



Are you a product of public schools?


House rules are what a majority of the House members say it is. Normally, it is difficult to assemble a majority out of members who would publicly defy the wishes of the party leaders, but with Ryan (potentially) cowed and White House weighing in, there's no reason that rules would stay as they are.

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