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14 November 2016


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Colonel, IMO, president elect shouldn't trust anybody especially in DC but his own close family. I hope he keeps his promises to those working class that gave him the presidency.

Pitch Pole

I was thinking the exact thing - the democrats may well benefit from the divisions within the r-party and Trump's lack of ideology. He'll be more flexible with how he gets things done in congress than boehner could or would be. If your right about his survival instincts, he will need the dems to avoid the really unpopular measures the republicans might try. Still not sure how his supporters will react to all of this cooperation, should it happen...

- Pitch


I think there's general agreement among Committee members on this point. Unfortunately, the GOP's septic system hasn't been pumped out for at least a generation and there are many "floaters" (capitalist running dogs, neocons, "traitors on trade," general warmongers, etc.) that will try to weasel their way back up the sewer pipe. Choosing a handful of folks from Bernie Sanders' wing of the Democrats, and a promise to work with construction unions on infrastructure initiatives, would go a long way to bolstering Trump's support among the Deplorables while he continues to cut back on his immigration promises and other "red meat" issues.

ex-PFC Chuck

The same holds true on the economic front, and his signature issues of bringing jobs back on-shore and rebuilding infrastructure. If he adopts the dogmatic orthodoxy which is the doctrine of mainstream "Theonomics," consisting of balanced budgets, "paying" for new expenditures by reducing equivalent spending elsewhere, not reining in Wall Street's rent seeking, and tax cuts for the rich that will allegedly yield trickle-down benefits (that's really worked well for the past 35 years) his programs will be stillborn.

ex-PFC Chuck

I've read that Trump has placed four immediate relatives on the transition team. Some have questioned the propriety of this but if his intent is to have trusted eyes and ears throughout the operation it's a good thing.


Unfortunately I keep hearing John Bolton's name come up as a potential major figure in the Trump administration. I hope it's just a baseless rumor.

Part of the problem is there seem to be few influencers left in Washington who aren't idealogues and part of the neocon/R2P crowd.

The Beaver

Neocon war hawk Eliot Cohen is asking his ilks to go and serve the country ( he said he won't do it himself). Guess the foreign policy wonks who are yesmen to AIPAC and Bibi must be pulling their hair.

The Kagan family must be wondering what to do


My impressions are similar, but I am very aware that they are only impressions. I do not believe it is possible to know what Trump will do until he does some things. The one thing I do think I know is that he has no respect for the current leadership of the Republican party. Entertainment value is likely to be quite high. (Higher if the stakes weren't so large.) I seriously doubt this is going to work out the way people seem to think.


Looks like Paul Ryan wants to end Medicare:


Jed H

'This guy is a complete maniac': ISIS commander on Donald Trump



Bolton ( neocon hack from the Bush era) is circling sec. of state. That's somewhat concerning but I don't think he'll get it. Haven't seen any major rescinding of his immigration promises. Bannon knows what's up, and he's a senior adviser. I trust that guy to do what needs to be done more than a momentary 'softening' signal (everybody lost their heads the week before Trump's big hardline immigration speech claiming he was cucking).

Trump has actually been most forthright since his election on resolving the ME terrorist problem by aligning with Russia. The British poodle has been dispatched to beg for continuity of terrorism support.



Trump's advisors during the campaign were not selected in a systematic fashion, but rather based on connections and friends. His closest advisors and his children will play the largest roll in selecting his staff. Chris Christie, I think, would have been a good influence here, but sadly his influence is diminished. As they say in East Fresia, "Abwarten und Tee trinken."


ISIS is a construction of the USA. I thought afew days back I'd give him a chanc, so far its Flynn (Reinstate torture), and Repeal Roe V. Wade, blatant racist as his Chief of Staff, and Priebus whatever that clueless get along go along dude. And Guiliani, so we can torture domestically also, and Phase out Medicare next year (2017, Ryan and Trump agree!. He had his chance and this is the agenda? No thanks, chance over, hit the streets. We shall just obstruct and proest for 6 weeks. We livehere also you know, and were not over 50 yet. Sorry I have a family mom and kids. This won't fly, I was going to be open minded, I tried and failed. ISIS Is not a real problem, we have real problems, will Trump deal with those, or just attack grandma and dump the costs on the working class. I hope so, a such he'll be powerless in like ten minutes. Times up, we heard the plan and its a brutal attac k on my finances and mother and wife and daughters. Imagine what he could have accomplished, but we realize he hates most of us (I am Jewish) and we will obstruct, end of story. We are young. He can't work with us real Democrats that despise Hillary, that's a pipe dream. Hit the streets I say, we have no other option. The fact y'all respect him it as if racism and eliminating Medicare is just fine as his primary platforms long s he doesn't fight with Russia? That's not good enough for me and I hope a Voucher is good enough for hose of you who have Medicare. You voted to dramatically shift costs onto yourselves. is that just dandy or what? remember what haapenedin1989to Rostenkowski when they passed the Catastrophic cost/care act etc. He was almost murdered by a horde of 97 year old ladies in his car! Such is Trump's fate, I guarantee it, just ask your moms. Things fall apart.


The first big test (or second). There will be howls across country demanding "keep gov't out of my Obamacare," figuratively or literally, let alone Medicare. If Trump caves to Ryan, the whole thing will be proven to be a big huge lie. Hopefully, it won't be, but that will require a cross party coalition. In an odd way, the Sanders wing of the Democrats will be more relevant than ever.


Again, if Chris Christie is the plan, your in trouble. Did you know there is a strain of Marijuana in California named after him? It is simply called Chris Christie. I am not sure why. It is quite popular.

Babak Makkinejad

I think it useful to remind oneself that there are 2 kinds of leaders; those who surround themselves with the very best, even if those people are smarter and more capable than themselves, and those leaders that hire the next best (to themselves).

Let us see what kind of leader Trump is.

The Beaver

On Twitter:

Bill Kristol Verified account

3. "The war in Iraq was right and necessary, and we won it". (4/)

Wonder in what world he is living !


Yes,and he could use his casino background to call a meeting with all the native american chiefs to set a solid tone and a priority and great optics too.

If Koch bros , Enbridge et al want to lay pipeline on Lakota land or water, let them bring their PWC or Lloyds risk capitalization books to the table for free inspection, and give the securitization bonds to the tribe for safe keeping.


What needs to be done is dress them up in white sheets like the KKK members they admire so much. He "Knows what needs to be done." I am Jewish, could you explain what you are referring to? The Al Nusra thing is a diversion to throw all of us off. "What needs to be done" sounds like the talk of 1931. The Jews will be a yuge problem when you move to deport, just watch what happens. We won't be the only ones, the military will have many members that refuse to assist. The Clergy will lie down on the highways. You have awakened a monster, and it ain't the malinformed clueless left. It's all of us, including active service members will go awol and balk at their orders. Is my friend Edward going to deport his Salvadoran mom? is he? He's in the National Guard. No he will refuse and he will disappear. He just finished Ranger training. He wants out as soon as possible. We will obstruct and refuse and block the trains and highways and airports. We know all about this subject, being Jewish and all. Go ahead, we dare Trump to begin. Then what, we get sanctioned and ridiculed by all of the other countries on earth and boycotted, prosecuted, sounds like a good idea. Trump's failure is obvious and is going to be self generated with Bannon, Flynn/Torture again and Guiliani. Its not 1954 anymore. My son thinks he is being deported. He is terrified and a US Citizen. This has already caused a major issue in our household, its not theoretical for kids that are not Caucasian. The Caucasian kids have told him he has to leave. Maybe he would have been better off if we had never adopted him from Vietnam, as they don't do things like the USA does. They are building their country, not tearing it apart. The Trump loving secret alt right should put themselves in my nine and a half year old sons shoes for five minutes before saying that "he will do what he has to do". Has to do according to whom exactly? The alt right? The KKK? As I said last week attack Medicare first to ensure total failure And he did just that today!!!! He's gone. The goodwill is over, sorry. Bannon is unacceptable to anyone who is not a racist or sympathetic to racism. Nor is Guiliani. Flynn should probably be tried for war crimes, as should Obama. Don't ask the Dems to help after appointing these clowns, we won't at all.


Wasn't Chris Christie the guy frothing at the mouth demanding Russian planes be shot down at the GOP primary bunfights?

The portly potentate's endorsement of Trump was an act of revenge against Liddle Marco nefarious New Hampshire adds attacking his well rounded character. This drama aside, he strikes me as an unimaginative and entirely orthodox Eastern Republican. "Thank you fat man but its time for you to be on your way."

Dante Alighieri

@Freudenschade: Trump, to his disadvantage, is now stripped of his favorite enemy, Clinton. The lady is dead. From now on, whatever he does or says, nobody can reply anymore "Ah, but e-mails, ah but Benghazi, ah but the Foundation, ah but pay-for-play etcetera etcetera p.p.". These were all good reasons to vote for him, very good campaign talking points, but that is now over. He now stands on his own little Nichts. Abwarten und Tee trinken, da hast Du sicher Recht. But, out of the vacuum of Trump's mind, so far nothing has yet emerged. And there's no reason to expect that anything but smoke will ever emerge. Will he even last the full term? I doubt it. That's the tragedy of the 2016 election.

I believe America will recover from this clown. After all, recovering and getting back on its feet has always been America's most admired, indeed legendary quality. From my European vantage point, this is the only thing I'm counting on. I really hope I won't be disappointed. I'm holding my breath for a while.

robt willmann


I do not think that John Bolton will be appointed secretary of state because president Bush jr. had to use a recess appointment to make Bolton the ambassador to the United Nations since the Democrats were blocking a confirmation vote on him in the Senate back in 2005--


Bolton usually spouts hardcore necon views, and may have been involved in the Project for a New American Century (PNAC), which promoted policies using the Bush jr. administration that helped cause the destruction that has come to the Middle East.


true, "60 Minutes" TV interview & CNN link here shows Trump will be a moderate

I was a Bernie supporter so glad Hilary lost. To calm some of my lefty friends down, some interesting things to note in the above interview:

Despite hysteria predictions of Gestapo squads & cattle cars, Trump said he will be only deporting only illegal immigrants who comitt crimes.

He also said "gay marriage is settled law of the land" & won't appoint judges to overturn it.

Those people who lived in NY know Trump as a supporter of gay rights & in previous TV interviews, he said he doesn't care if LBGT get married, "let them"

Trump also said he wouldn't be prosecuting Clinton, that he doesn't want to hurt them. It's genius & cunning because Trump knows it'll create a debt that the Clinton/Dems will owe him a favor in the future, to play as a 'Trump card' to keep in his back pocket later.

He may even go an extra step & 'pardon' her beforehand because she would never be found guilty anyways because she's too heavily protected, making her look guilty for getting the pardon & him magnamonious & 'bringing people together' while he gets more Dems/Clintonista's owing him political favors



Before running for president,Trump said on TV interviews so presumably his true stances:
"I'm very pro-choice"

He said that he's pro-single-payer & pro-social security, pro-Medicare, & that gov should pay for everyone's healthcare

He also said on those TV interviews: "You can't deport people.. how can you deport someone who's lived here all their lives"

I read his ghostwritten autobiography "Art of the Deal" --
his motto is say OUTRAGEOUS things to get free publicity
"say anything to make the sale" regardless if true or not & regardless if you intend to keep any promise ..

Once the deal is signed, forget the promises if convenient

His biographer who shadowed Trump for 6 months living with him said Trump is the ultimate salesman or to his enemies, he's the ultimate con artist or sociopathic liar --he
Trump has no qualms about lying to anyone & anytime to get what he wants & is ruthless

Tyler was correct that most of what he said was just to 'red meat' to attract the Repub base to vote for him



is this proof that most people couldn't stomach voting for Hilary? https://www.rawstory.com/2016/11/watch-michael-moore-drops-some-hard-truths-about-how-democrats-have-ignored-the-midwest/
Trump won the electoral college because he won the Rust Belt states like Michigan by 11,000 votes because
90,000 Democrat MI voters voted Democrat straight down the ballot BUT
left "President" blank because they refused to vote for Hilary

Similar happened in other Rust Belt states, causing Trump to win the electoral college

Lessons to learn:
1. Populism sells for those swing states & hence the election, listen to Bernie Sanders

2. Don't be pro NAFTA or 'free-trade' TPP gold-standard bearer

3. Don't be pro neocon regime-change plans

English Outsider

"The British poodle has been dispatched to beg for continuity of terrorism support."

Poodle. Couldn't ease off on that one, could you?

That aside, do you have fuller information please? Who's been dispatched, how has continuity of terrorist support been requested, has anything been officially announced, is the mission on behalf of the British government only or is it on behalf of European NATO members as a whole?


Good commentary counter-signalling the snarky MSM narrative Trump's "betraying" his campaign promises:

"Liberals want no deportations. We want all deportations. Trump is reframing the debate by focusing on "criminal" deportations. Now, liberals want no "criminal deportations," and we want all "criminal deportations".

The old position was very good for liberals. They built a high defense in the mountain passes that "No human is illegal". They assert the moral high ground. Illegals are would-be model citizens. Under the old frame, conservatives would answer weepy questions about why they want to deport 5.0 GPA Biology Graduates and separate families. A million teary anecdotes would rain down like hellfire to convince you that having borders and laws is racist and shit. Conservatives would abandon the assault and retreat, consoling themselves that at least they didn't get their hands dirty. How many times have you watched the cucks lose these battles?

Trump's new frame hits the liberal high ground like an earthquake.

Liberals are now defending criminal illegal immigrants and suddenly their mountain fortress becomes an indefensible sinkhole. They will have to answer a million weepy questions about why rapists and murderers should stay in the country. While they're defending that every conservative with a social media account is already convincing moderates that the problem is worse than they've ever realized. The left will riot and make a great show of recreating the Underground Railroad, but this will only backfire. It's all because of Trump's reframing.

Once we have deportations for some criminal illegal immigrants it's not hard to extend the concept. You wouldn't want a rapist to be let in -- would you want a tax fraud?"


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