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04 November 2016


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Peter in Toronto

Col. Lang, a young green beret recently spoke rather candidly about the FSA training program in Syria. You might find this interesting, especially since a lot of his opionions overlap with yours and the shared branch history.



I have to wonder if the naval build up is aimed more at keeping Turkey in line than any thing else. For sure all hell is about to break loose in Aleppo and the floating force will certainly have a peace of that.

But the big risk in the attack to free Aleppo and then push North East is the same as the risk with attack on Mosel. That Edogan finally acts on what his mouth has been saying for months. Russia has always had the ability to reach out and touch Turkey if it wanted to. But if they keep the fight strictly in Syria rather than an attack on Turkey it's self it is less likely to spiral out of control and involve NATO. This might be just what is needed to keep all those tanks lined up on the border right where they are.


HMS Repulse was sunk off Malaya in December 1941 and HMS Renown survived the war and was scrapped just after.


My reading and watching of Russian media shows no flagging of public support for the Russian military intervention in Syria. I don't know where ISW pulled that from. Perhaps talking to a few Russian ex-pats?


Thanks, this is a great link, Peter.

It has the same 'feel and touch' some early statements by Pat that kept me here. Feels real, even to to this nitwit in military matters.

mike allen

FB Ali -

Thanks for the link re Russian contractor units fighting in Syria. Shame on Reuters though for identifying family members of the deceased fighters. Let's hope it does not cause those family members trouble from either Russian authorities or from right wing groups.

English Outsider


Is the use of encirclement, or "Cauldrons", now evident in Aleppo and elsewhere in Syria as it was in the Ukraine? Some ME sites might be indicating this.

A. Deplorable

First post here.

The last big gun battlecruisers commissioned and sent in harm's way were the USS Alaska, commissioned June 1944, and USS Guam. Both were decommissioned in 1947. The Hawaii was 84% complete when construction ended in 1947. Standard displacement was just shy of 30,000 tons. Main battery was nine 12-inch guns.


Has the political deals enabling the Raqqa offensive been made?

The Kurds proclaim that the offensive has started.




This could be an indication of a Russian-Iranian struggle for influence in a post-conflict scenario.

Iran and Russia will have different opinions on how to rebuild the Syrian military.

We have all assumed that it is Russian airpower that has tilted the battlefield in Bashar's favor. What if is not Russia but Iranian sponsored militias that have been decisive?

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