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08 November 2016


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Ex-PFC Chuck

"Learned nothing but forgot nothing" comes to mind" Talleyrand, IIRC?


That issue was raised in this Rolling Stone piece which wonders if some fabrication may have been taking place:



She has learned something that these US sponsored conflicts are not a bug, they're a feature. The Neocons pushed for war in Iraq and Afghanistan through what the local people certainly thought that they were invaded. The Neocons have not paid any price for their deplorable agendas and execrable results, because they control the majority of the Stink Tanks. As I have said before on this blog, Israel wants failed states on their borders, and and the Arab world in general. Egypt and Jordan are non committal at the present time, but anything can happen. What the Izzies want, the Izzies get through their ownership of the movers and shakers in DC.


I'm all for science!


Cultist I ain't, so I can't help you with merciless bitch fixation.


At least continue to shame the devil.


IMO, the Borg will not accept and adopt an oporative who' smart. Bold up front PR is not smart, smart people may take the side of the country and constituents, insted of the Borg'.


No matter the outcome tonight it certainly looks like close to10 million more Americans voted today than four years ago. That is the best news this day will bring and I will leave it you to believe who or what is bringing them to the polls. Go America!!!


Trump’s victory/concession speech (It will work both ways).
Coming out to the podium. Fist raised in the air. “My fellow Americans, we shall overcome!” He begins to a cheering crowd.

Hilary, speech at midnight. She walks to the podium, a giant smile on her face, Quotes Pheidippides “Nenikikamen” followed quietly by the words of Brennus from her staff “ Vae victis"

It will be a long four years. Just how much log rolling from the free to grind their axe media will we see? ABC is already calling states at 7:10 eastern time. What the hell is wrong,... ah, never mind, still "with her."

Mark Logan

The only hope is this is not the same nation which Bush Jr. led to war. We have learned the hard way, and the lesson hasn't yet been forgotten, although it surely will at some point. Her siccing of the Kagan's on the Ukraine didn't go real swift, and the Russian intervention in Syria ensued. I hear even Henry Kissinger was once an idealist. There is hope yet.

Trump decried that intervention as the sort of thing that happens when "American is weak". When asked to elaborate on his lack of hatred for Putin he said "He says good things about me so I say good things about him." His convictions, whatever they may be, are mud-puddle shallow. Lack of better alternative, the case indeed.

FWIW, as there is no danger of Trump winning my state I wrote in William Weld. He's my favorite of the six on the three major tickets.


Colonel sorry for the OT, but here is your everyday street Iraqi hero

"ISIS snipers thwarted by Iraqi hero in bulletproof BMW, 70 saved"http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2016/nov/8/isis-snipers-thwarted-by-iraqi-hero-in-bulletproof/


there you go again
"she will quickly tire of the power that turns out to be empty once she has reached the apex"
why spout stuff that has no foundation?
Ask yourself, is she a billionaire? She sees that she has a lot more to do, at the apex.


I don't support Hilary but neutral Princeton neuroscientist & molecular biologist Dr. Sam Wang who researches how human brains make decisions and voting statistics
has the most accurate track record of correctly predicting elections in 2004, 2008, 2012 (even more accurate than FiveThirtyEight.com and RealClearPolitics.com )
and he has been predicting since the summer a
97% to 99% chance of a Hilary electoral win of
304 to 324+ electoral votes
based on state by state polls
Empirical research has shown that
October Surpruses cause only a 1% to 3% shift at the most

He has been projecting a Dem/Independent majority of
51 Dem/Independent majority
49 Repubs

His current projections for all Senate, House, and Presidential elections is below and proving correct once again



Up by 132k in VA and 2% in Florida.

Smart money says the panhandle is going Trump, so this is gonna be interesting.


Not really off topic, but made me giggle




As I watch the election results in Florida it is so clear we have a massive urban vs rural divide. These are two completely different world views and perceptions. There's no chance that these two worlds can come together as they don't even speak the same language. John Michael Greer captures this divide well in his post The Last Gasp of the American Dream that Walrus linked to. While I live in Democratville I'm aligned with Les Deplorables. I find more affinity with JD Vance's people. If a civil war arrives it's clear which side I'll take. It's not gonna be with the Davos crowd!

steve g


you can't short on a down tick

The Beaver

Dow futures off as much as 400pts.
The Kagans and their Neocon ilks must be peeved at this hour .

mistah charley, ph.d.

Judging from the general tenor of your comments, I think you may have meant, in your last sentence, that if Clinton wins a breaking out of toxic polarisations is far MORE likely.

Anti-establishment economist Michael Hudson argues that, from the point of view of minimizing chances of war, Trump is the better option.


As I write this a bit before 10 pm Eastern time on election day the election result is still very much in doubt, and the talking heads on CNN and MSNBC are in a somber mood.


I don't support any neocon (nor Hilary, who's neocon in action -I was hoping instead for Bernie Sanders) --I laugh at the "nail biter" horse race propaganda in the mainstream newsmedia because the sensationalistic artificial drama creates higher ratings & clicks for more advertising revenue ...
the real electoral votes are NOT even close

the most accurate election forecaster based on 162+ polls is neuroscientist & molecular biologist Dr. Sam Wang of Princeton http://election.princeton.edu , who researches how the human brain makes decisions & voting patterns

-he's been the most correct predictor for all elections in 2004, 2008, 2012 -even more accurate than 2nd place www.FiveThirtyEight.com & www.RealClearPolitics.com

Ever since the summer, his statistical predictions based on 162+ polls constantly updated has a
Hilary win of 97%-99% of 304-324+ electoral votes vs. Trump's 224+ electoral votes

He also predicts a 73%+ chance of Senate Dems/Independents gaining a majority of 51 to 49 Repubs or 50 Dems/Indy's vs 50 Repubs
while the House remains under Repub majority

This is because empirical research has shown that contrary to popular belief, 'October Surprises' only move the polls by 1% to 3% at the most .. and since Hilary is leading +6%+, it would still be a Hilary win

Because Hilary has 262 'safe' Blue states, she only needs to win Minnesota's 10 electoral votes to guarantee a win .. and Minnesota has voted Blue for the past 3 presidential elections & is +6% Blue


I told you all.

Mike, I look forward to my salmon.

GCP, you can paypal me the money.


Sen. Marco Rubio sailed to victory Tuesday night, knocking off Democratic challenger Patrick Murphy and in the process giving national Republicans a big victory. riding on the back of Trump


Wonder if this congress will see the death of the filibuster.

scott s.

Well, this is the advantage of living in Hawaii. No problem waiting for results. As long as it isn't a replay of 1960.


Ooops, it seems all the pollsters have been wrong & underestimated Trump support, includng Princeton's Dr. Wang & www.FiveThirtyEight.com so congrats to President Trump's upset & working with Russia to get rid of ISIS & the theocratic Wahhabist jihadists

On the bright side, No more neocon wars & no more regime-change is a good thing hopefully

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