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06 November 2016


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Probably able to put in a program to topic/word search the emails. Then also exclude having to read emails addressed to/from non-pertinent individuals


Yes, the peasants are revolting.
But so are the elites and they have less of an excuse.

God help us all.


Trump never had a chance and probably no other Republican would have done much better.
Here's why:
~ 20% of the voters have a stake in Obama/Clinton all government all the time.
Academics, unions, public employees, anyone inside-the-beltway.
Then there's the ~ 30-40% of clueless dimwits who aren't sure if the Sun comes up in the east or the west but are experts on ...the Kardashians, for example.


I trust you are a man of your word and will be sending a check to Planned Parenthood Wednesday morning.


No, he's Emily Litella. ("Never mind.") Nothing must come of nothing.

I assume now the conspiracy-minded will turn to the Clinton Foundation. There is in fact a foundation of a presidential candidate in this cycle that has run into legal trouble with the authorities and seems to have been used as a family piggy bank, but the name on it isn't Clinton.....

Daniel Nicolas

Clinton was not cleared by the FBI. They only said that they do not recommend prosecution by the DOJ.

Why do they not recommend? Because the Obama DOJ has been purchased by the Clintons. The Future Trump administration DOJ can ask the FBI for all the files and move the case forward.


Last day of campaigning will be dominated by Hillary and her trysts with the FBI. Looks really rigged to anyone except her core support, what a turnoff for independents, and motivator for Republicans.


In South Africa when we had the referendum whether or not to transition to a new government, pretty much anybody in the country at the time was allowed to vote. So as a "permanent resident" I voted.

Once the new government took over, only SA citizens proper where allowed to vote this of course, was made to include the entire prison population, as they would be, for the most, part ANC supporters. I was good enough to get them in, but no more voting for me.

Personally, I don't have a problem with only a country's citizens being able to vote, I think one should have that commitment to the country first. But I also feel that if one has been convicted of breaking the country's laws that that right should not be available at least while serving time.



This is an intriguing excerpt from one of Band's emails. It tempting to view this as sour grapes on his part at being elbowed out by WJC's daughter. I've been looking for additional information on this but have not yet found any FBI leaks on the topic. Will wait and see.



Your power of denial, if harnessed, could be used to run the Northeast power grid.



You are smoking something stronger than menthols if you think this changes anything for HRC.

mike allen

Tyler -

And don't forget our smoked-salmon/muledeer-jerky bet. But if you miss out on bagging your deer, then I will consider it payed off if you post a picture here of yourself wearing a Hillary Tee and surrounded by work associates. And smiling, you have to be smiling to discharge the debt.



I know quite a few of us who didn't or aren't voting for HRC. Some are keeping it secret because of the rancor involved. Me, I don't give a damn, i voted for Trump to try to stop that criminal, crazed bitch. Bring it. I was even screamed at by friends when visiting their home a few weeks ago.
I told them I'll still be a shoulder from them to cry on IF HRC wins and fks up as much as Powell says she will but I will also remind them I TOLD THEM SO!!! BTW, I haven't been wrong about the events since 9/11 till now and I reminded them of that is well. What is everybody's choice of booze for tomorrow night?


Sounds like torture to me....though you will be sending that nice piece of Salmon to him. On your other bet Tyler remember Donald mentioned that there is some value in Planned Parenthood.

robt willmann


I think that Trump has the edge in prospective voters and in that sense should win. Since it has not been possible to verify the validity of the constant barrage of opinion polls since the Democratic National Convention, the only objective indicator is the size of the crowds at campaign rallies. The numbers at Trump events are overwhelming, and people who go to the trouble to go to those rallies are very likely to be voters.

However, none of that matters, as I have mentioned before. The electronic voting machines, tabulating computers, and any computers that aggregate voting results will decide the election. If they are programmed correctly and run correctly, they will reflect the vote. If they have been programmed for fraud, or have been or will be penetrated and hacked, they will produce a false result for the desired winner. There is no way to know whether the result of the election is correct or not, and you cannot tell whether any fraud has occurred. It is impossible to do a recount and is impossible to do an audit.

If there is going to be computerized voting fraud, in my opinion it will be done in favor of Hillary Clinton. Trump has constantly and correctly attacked the deceptive and job-destroying trade agreements, which have been a taboo subject, and has pointed out the obvious bias of the mass media, another taboo. He has been stirring a lot of people up to oppose the status quo, still another taboo.

So I cannot guess how the election will turn out.

But some people are guessing (or maybe not guessing), as Newsweek magazine put out its edition to bookstores and its cover says, Madame President, with a flattering photo of Hillary. A bookstore worker took a photo and put it on the Internet. Newsweek says it has a cover for a Trump victory, but only the full magazine that has been printed has Hillary winning--




makes sense.

different clue

Nancy K,

Bernie promised and pledged ahead of time that in return for being permitted by the Party to run as a Democrat in the primaries, that he would support the Party's choice if it wasn't him. So Bernie voting for Clinton is in keeping with the spirit of that pledge.

There may well be Berners who give in to "reality" and vote for Clinton. It will be interesting to see how many do and how many don't. I am still torn between voting for an obscure little party which has clawed its way onto the ballot in Michigan . . . or voting Trump to stop the Clintons before they kill again.

Here is the obscure little party of which I speak.
Behold! The Working Class Party.


OMG Cee, that's a very good question ;) I will need to meditate on that and figure out what to drink depending on who wins. This is complicated by the fact that I leave for a Kentucky road trip right after I vote. So if I don't want to get stuck with the limited choices of a hotel bar in the middle of nowhere in western PA, I'll have to bring my own.

On the plus side, I will enjoy watching the election results by myself for a change and freely speak my mind to the television. My current political opinions and related wise-ass cynical sense of humor about politics today are not very popular with my friends or family (though my husband mostly tolerates).



Enough with this partisian, vagina fueled DENIAL!! HRC hasn't even denied the bribes!!


I like Cee's idea of taking to drink to follow the returns. Probably won't do it, though - it is likely to backfire badly if The Golden Calf Party prevails.



<3 <3 <3 Welcome to the big tent. <3 <3 <3



This is all psyops against the US people to make Hillary look "inevitable".

I wasn't around for Reagan, but heard the 1980 election was much like this one.



I'm glad I'm traveling. My husband is furious that I was right again!!LOL!
I made Horseradish Bloody Marys last night.



Rather be the camel in the tent than in the sand. Plus, the truth is truth.:)

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