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06 November 2016


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Sam Peralta

Col. Lang

None of this will matter to Hillary supporters. They will excuse everything to justify their vote for the Crooked One. Of course, they were rather shrill while lecturing everyone during George W. Bush's presidency.

How can they have any credibility any more?

John Minnerath

What next, and to add to this latest, reports HRC had a Filipino maid who worked for her make hard copy prints of documents received on her computer used for official business while at the home unattended. She was properly vetted to handle classified government material? Yeah, right.


Come Tuesday, the faithful will be asked to drink the kool-aid.
The rest of us will have piped into our homes.


I found this segment about the server & emails to ring true to the player's nature;


Apparently the law means nothing anymore. Did you all see the video of BO encouraging non-citizens to vote. It's almost unbelievable.

different clue

Sam Peralta,

They consider us others to be their inferiors in every way. They could care less what we think of their credibility. They stopped caring what we think years ago. We all know how they refer to The Deplorables. Fewer people know how they refer to us Bernie Backers . . . The Disposables, as it were. Bernie Bros, spoiled entitled Leftists, other terms of endearment. A blog called The Confluence . . . google-able under the three words Riverdaughter The Confluence . . . is a perfect parade of their ilk on display.
Riverdaughter's co-blogger took an absentee-silence rest from the blog for the whole election season rather than go through the tensions involved in being a Clinto-sceptic on a Clintophiliac blog.

How many Berners are bitter enough to vote Not Clinton, one way or another? Just enough to make an electoral difference in just enough key states, I hope.

With only one day left, I suppose Bitter Berners could have some bitter fun referring to Clintophiliacs as KKK members. ( No, no . . . not THAT KKK . . . the OTHer KKK. You know . . . the Klinton Koolaid Kultists).

different clue

With one full day left before Voting Day, I offer something I heard on Michigan State public radio.

In Michigan, it is legal for absentee voters who have casted an absentee ballot to cast a fresher one which supersedes and cancels-out the earlier one.
That could be useful knowledge for all those Early Voters who absentee voted for Clinton before the latest batch of E-mails came out. If any of them are having voter's remorse and wish they could vote based on what they NOW know, it turns out that they can. If they turn in a fresh superseding absentee vote before the end of bussiness day on tomorrow Monday, they can still change their absentee vote to Not Clinton here in Michigan.

I don't know if this ability to absentee REvote is legal in any other state. If it is, remorseful early-voters might want to re-vote in those other states as well.

robt willmann

This afternoon, 6 November, a report is that FBI Director James Comey announced that they have investigated the Hillary Clinton e-mail server matter further and that the (laughable) decision in July that no charges should be filed is also their new decision--



Those 650,000 e-mails were a snap to go through--



I am sure the whining will increase now after James Comey has done his Rosanne Rossanadanna imitation. One important question is: What has Hillary Clinton been convicted of? There is a legal standard that should still be observed.

Sam Peralta

different clue

Unlike the Deplorables who took a stand and voted out all the GOP establishment candidates in the primary, it seems that many Bernie Bros despite how Bernie was shafted by the DNC and the nomination stolen by the Crooked One, will vote for her.

We'll see how it all turns out on Tuesday. A Trump win, while completely unexpected, will be YUUGE!! It would be such a treat just to watch all the Borgist pundits keel over in horror.


Begging your pardon Col., but this is not news.
The NEWS is that Trump said "pu$$y."



Yes, a disgrace to the human race. Oh, sorry. It would be difficult to disgrace the human race. pl


I prefer Fr. Guido Sarducci as an analog. pl



You've convinced me. This is all on the up and up and not proof that the whole system is rigged as Trump has said.

From the moment Comey announced last week, it was a total Xanatos Gambit for Trump.


No matter how this played out, it was a victory for Trump. Indictment goes without saying, but this reeks of someone being made an offer they can't refuse.

The hardcore Borg Drones were never going to vote for Trump (witness the Shrew Crew here) but this sort of two tiered legal nonsense is obvious and pisses a lot of people off.


You clearly don't understand the nature and purpose of the law. The law serves to keep the rabble in line.

It will all be over soon...




Do some of you folks never learn? You've got the alt-right throwing spaghetti against the wall over and over and over and NOTHING ever sticks. Comey's statement today:


After all we heard on here about how terrible this was and how this was going to lead to the end of the Clinton's it turns out to be a nothing-burger. NOTHING. Now you folks are going to pin your hopes on this supposed investigation of the foundation? When are some of you folks going to figure out you're being used - and not by the so-called establishment?


All we can do is thank you for your patience with us. pl


Actually that's why I said it's almost unbelievable.



But what if the exoneration is a ploy by the dastardly Alt Right to make it look like innocent lamb Hillary actually pressured the FBI to clear her before the election??? That would be the kind of thing that all powerful cabal would do, the villains!

Wheels within wheels my friend. Trust no one.


Who would've thought that Iowa a resolutely dem state in presidential elections, of all places, would turn out to be a reliably red state?

Saves me the dilemma of considering a vote for Trump and, instead will vote for Jill Stein with the reassurance that my state will not go for Hillary regardless.

Mike P

David Brooks: Less Educated Will Vote For Trump No Matter What, "Going With Their Gene Pool"

Univ. of Texas-- currently teaching at Harvard Law-- professor Sanford Levinson "Trump is a sociopath and if elected it might be necessary to stage a military coup to take him out."

The neocons are bitterly against Trump and anti-Russia. I follow the younger neocon tribesmen (Ian Bremmer, Michael Weiss, et al.) on Twitter. They are more foaming at the mouth against Putin and Russia than they ever were before ginning up the goyim for war against Iraq. But it no longer matters if the American people are against a military or geopolitical action. They have no say anymore.

Nancy K

Almost all of the Bernie supporters I know are voting got Hillary. For heaven's sake even Bernie is voting for Hillary.
Hillary may not win by a landslide but she will win. My hope is Dems will win the Senate also.

Mike P

Borgist think long term. First they seek to degrade and eliminate Christians and Christian culture. This is that the root of the push for multiculturalism in the white Christian societies. If you haven't seen this short news piece on multiculturalism in Sweden, please do. Very revealing: https://youtu.be/5jl-OJJVAEg


As to the topic of the thread and not to blow the kids mind but the wedding was the reason for her parents party for all their friends, benefactors and future benefactors to their various foundations. While Chelsea was cherished by all that day she is the daughter of wjc and his foundations footed the bills in his behalf and if ever questioned on it I'm sure he can quote every deal cut that day in behalf of his foundation.
To that other news it really does not matter much as it just provides a taste of other future investigations to come should she be lucky enough to prevail though running around to Michigan, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Nevada, Iowa tells us all that a few of these will pop the other way. It's close, closer than most thought on either side so "May the Best Man Win".

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