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10 November 2016


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No- they were spontaneous after the election- the kid of a friend of mine at one of the California universities reported that.

The Colonel is spot on about Bolton- appointing him to State would be an unmitigated disaster. Check his history- in addition to being an incompetent manager- he is one of those who puts the interests of another country ahead of the USA>



What do the people in the streets think, that they will overturn the election? If so they should get ready to bleed. pl


Start getting worried if you see Victoria N cookies in Time Square


Trump is obviously very charismatic and good with the one on one. I expect he will flip a few as he seems to have done with Preibus etc. I also do not think he will be dominated, he has made clear his positions and will not back down, he will find the advisors who line up with his thinking in that area as with Flynn on FP or Sessions/Miller on immigration.


Colonel, the people I saw on TV marching in streets last night,were mostly young and IMO the Bernie' not coming out to vote for Clinton supporters. IMO they should be let to cool it thier soreness is from the democratic parties cheating and incompetence the Move On is trying to direct it to Trump sort of hoping to kill 2 birds with one bullet. IMO the polic is doing the right thing let them cool off, at the end they will go back to DNC and empty thier anger there.

r whitman

You miss my point. These people have health insurance. They did not have it before. They are reasonably happy with it. Do not confuse it with the cost. The USA always has the highest cost of government programs, health care or otherwise.



Triangulation buys Trump the ability to accomplish his agenda, bend the die-hard conservatives to his will and shape the future of the Republican Party.

This is why conservatives fear him.


I have a bit of soft spot for Gingrich: I've found him, at least in his Congressional career, to be very unprincipled in a good way, meaning that he is willing to negotiate and cut deals when he feels is necessary, rather than hold on to his "principles" like a madman to the end, and ironically, is willing to pay a high personal price for the sake of compromise. That, plus, his usually good read of the political terrain can make him a very good advisor, although his total lack of tact and uncanny ability to stuff both feet into his mouth make for a bad front man.

I realized this during the Clinton impeachment fight: he basically lost speakership because he tried to go behind other Republican leaders' backs to work out a compromise for censure with the Democratic leaders, rather than go ahead with the impeachment vote. Other Republican leaders did not take kindly to it and ousted him, but, however much that act of spite--the impeachment vote supported only by Republicans--might have satisfied their self-righteousness, it did the Republicans no good, while a bipartisan censure might have carried real political bite in the long term.


John Bolton?
I know that Col. Lang has no use for him, BUT put him in a high position and scare the wits out of the rest of the world.


God, I honestly hope that kind of cooperation works out--Democratic deplorables working together with the Republican deplorables, for the betterment of the country. The stage is set for that kind of enterprise, now that both parties' elites lie in wreck humbled.


Listen to this final Trump ad.

Except for the illegal immigration sentence, this is vintage Sanders




"If you think he is a Zionist go look at the Israeli fear of his inauguration"

Can you expand or point us in the right direction for further self-study.

Trump may not be a Zionist, but his underlings?


If the only sensible solution to the healthcare crisis - the Single payer system - were not implemented, then Trump's other important projects will be destined for failure.



You underestimate Trump's ability to use the base to make these two kiss the ring.



Medicare, SCHIP and the state run programs cover this. You are attacking strawmen and already being disingenuous. Tsk tsk.


I get a President Trump AND a counter revolutionary action in my backyard.

I thought it was one or the other, by my cup runneth over.

A bunch of professional protesters and easily triggered college students with a sprinkling of the worst ghetto thugs versus law enforcement organs made up of veterans who voted for the President Elect in urban street fighting.

Hmm. I wonder this will turn out.


Agree. And yet it would be so great to hear "you are fired" towards Ryan/McConnell & CO if and when they attempt at trying to impose on Trump their style of governance


"The individuals speaking out against the ACA do not have insurance under that program. They are medically secure under Medicare, Tricare, Corporate care, etc."
Could you conceive an idea that the majority of people that are against the ACA are very unhappy with paying the racket money to insurance companions while, at the same time, having no real coverage because of the exorbitant deductibles? The ACA is going to be more expensive next year - up at least 25% and to the whooping 144% - with zero (0) improvement in the coverage. But the most insulting aspect of the program is the penalty for not buying an insurance from the national racketeers; in some states the federal penalty has an additional state penalty. Instead of imposing an honest tax and providing the citizenry with universal health care (at least on the basic level), the racketeering class managed to tax the populace without representation. This is an act of murder of small businesses in the US.


I don't think Trump really matters at the moment. What happened to the Borg (my first use of this term, still not sure) is what is important. It doesn't matter if Trump is a Sheldon Adelson lap dog, the MSM has been shamed, the Anglo-Zionists have coped a reversal, and the American people have woken from a long slumber. Stop following the bouncing ball, the world has caught up to itself is a giant leap, the future is no longer written.

This is what hope feels like.


People that think that his advisors will make decision have not undersatnd TRUMP psyché, this guy is truly " a boss". Second point he came from real business not from an official "sinecure ".
It is IMO a big difference.


You trust Time of Israel ?
And maybe CNN, NYT,WP and all ?


Will - Israel wants strategic depth in spades. Israel feels, legitimately or not, insecure. I've heard politicians in Israel give an outline of Israel's "needs". Yes, they want the West Bank but leaving the Palestinians autonomy in their cities. They are going to keep the Golan and yes want enough of Lebanon to control the headwaters of the Litani and it's water. You are correct that Israel does not need the Litani water but they want it to weaken Lebanon and especially Hizballah. Last but not least they want the Sinai back.

This would give them strategic depth in the North, South and West. They are growing their Naval capabilities to cover the East.


Dear Host, you know the Left doesn't have it in them; all flash and no bang. In their limited defence, the Left has been strong against the Empire and Wall Street while the Right slept. Now that the Right is awake, we are going to see some movement. The time to legislate is over, now it is time for executive action.

I would ask everyone to stop using Left-Right; the elite were behind both 'sides' the whole time. There are two sides, Occupy taught us; the People vs the Elite. It is the Nationalists vs the Globalists. The old nationalist-patriotic Left/Right are one now, and the Global Left have joined the enemy. While Nationalism is playing with fire, the hour is late and we need all the force we can muster. Let's keep our patriotism focused inwards, resist with all out might their next play, which is to direct it outwards. The enemy is inside the gates.


Didn't he say he would agree to Jerusalem as Capitol of Israel after his powow with Bibi? What that is worth who knows as he's been on several sides of every issue.

Pitch Pole

It's my country as much as anyones - I'll not flee, thanks very much. As for Waltham, it can fend for itself - IP's aren't as precise as you might think. As for the protesters in the streets, they are exercising their constitutional right to express their views and freely, peacefully assemble - pretty red blooded american, really. Or are we going to go down the "knock the crap out of them" school of argument?

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