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28 November 2016


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Patrick Bahzad

Highest hospital density in the world ... and a world class 4G connection all over Eastern Aleppo !

Patrick Bahzad

PL, good summary. Let me just add that the plan to weaken the "Shia Crescent" was probably designed way earlier than what most ppl think.


MRW, what is your take on the current minuscule interest rates on simple savings accounts. That is, one must invest in the stock market to make money these days. Is this an inevitable evolution of capitalism?


Yes, IMO you are absolutely corect, IMO this plan was drawn after defeat of Iraq and when west realized they made a mistake there, facilitating the linking.


DH, the low interest rates "saved" our economy in the short run. But we do not have this mechanism to save us when the next recession occurs.

robt willmann


By coincidence, earlier today I asked at a bank for the rate of interest that will be paid on a certificate of deposit for 6 or 12 months. The answer: 0.04% for a six month CD, and 0.10% for one year.

You have touched on part of the real threat to freedom and "national security", which is the war on private savings. It is not the inevitable evolution of capitalism. If you have no savings or little ability to get savings, you have no financial independence and much less flexibility and freedom to act. This is part of the fraudulent financial system that has developed in the U.S., which has done and will do more harm to the population at large than such things as "terrorism". The way the system is structured and has operated is way too lengthy an explanation for a comment, and trying to understand it is always a work in progress. But on the issue of bank interest rates, the villain is, as you might guess, the Not-Federal Reserve Bank.

The "Fed" is not a government agency and does not go to Congress each year for appropriations to operate. It is a private banking cartel that has its own enabling statute from Congress. The public has started to become aware of this, in part by the efforts of former U.S. Representatives Wright Patman and Henry B. Gonzalez of Texas, and then by former Rep. and presidential candidate Ron Paul, also of Texas. The free exchange of information through the public use of the Internet has provided a great boost to an understanding of the financial racket and the establishment of an oligopoly and oligarchy. The Fed now publicly admits that it is not a governmental agency, and is describing itself in language that George Orwell would recognize, as "a combination of public and private characteristics", and "a blend of governmental and private characteristics".

As part of the "characteristics", the Fed was given some authority to regulate (ROFL) the banking and finance business. The public became more aware of this starting with the 2008 financial mess.

The short version is that through the Fed's ability to write "regulations" about banking and finance, and its influence over the interest rate that banks charge each other for short term loans, the interest rate available for an individual savings account or certificate of deposit at a bank is centrally controlled nationwide. The result is that people who have saved a lot and were living in part on the interest generated by their savings can no longer use that income, and since prices have been rising each year more than what the Fed falsely tells the the public the rate of price inflation is, people start spending their savings in order to live day to day. And then their savings run out.

When your savings run out, they have a deal for you: a "reverse mortgage". But that is another story and a slick scam.

Back to your question, here is a Federal Reserve internal report from 1955, "A Legal History of Federal Regulation of Payment of Interest on Deposits by Member Banks". It starts on page 8 of the 41 page document, which can be downloaded--


Part of the war on private savings is the war on cash. As we speak, India is a laboratory to test ways to try to eliminate the use of cash and to control the ownership of gold. The evil campaign to end the use of cash has started in the U.S. Larry Summers has been one person floating the trial balloon. Another part of the propaganda is that using cash is "suspicious activity".

The most powerful economy is a cash and savings economy, which the U.S.A. used to be. Keep your eyes and ears open.



You and PB are remarkable for your clarity and analysis. In earlier time, you would have been called Seers. And, what you post is the opposite of what the media feeds us.

This is not happenstance. The Sunnis in Mosul are harbingers of the fate of all minorities across the world as the Globalists destroy the governments that protect them. Thrown out of power people naturally fall back on their old-time religion and tribalism to fight back. In Syria, Sunnis were used as a proxy force to take down the government until a super state intervened to restrain the globalists. Without government dedicated to the protection of its people with justice for all and a strong militia, the inevitable revolt of the people from the internationalist’s looting will result in being bombed to hell. In the Levant, it is being conducted by every major air force in the world except India and China.

Joseph Moroco

Kinzer is consistently good and the best at the Glub.


Thank you, Walter and Robert. I'll look at that pdf and see if I can make heads or tails of it.


I don't agree that India is a test lab for the war on cash. In the Us, the IRS seems pretty effective in tax collection. And enforcement.

In India, the major chunk of the economy is underground in the sense that it is outside the net of taxation. And there has been a culture of impunity. Also excessive savings in gold meant that this wasn't invested in production. A case of too much of a good thing. This is the target of the demonetisation.

Its a huge risk by the gov't. Economic activity in the farm and wholesale and retail trade sectors is at a virtual standstill due to shortage of cash. Conversely, bank holdings have swelled. those with huge hoards of cash are running scared.

It is early days yet and unclear how it will play out.

But comparisons with the US case are erroneous, I think...

The Beaver

Vanessa Beeley on that 7 y.o E Aleppo girl whose English is so perfect :


BTW: Daddy may be working for teh East Aleppo Council and whilst so many residents of E Aleppo are suffering from hunger and famine , little Bana and her family seem well-fed

The Beaver

The Mama of Exceptionalism is asking for more force in Syria:

"The United States should be prepared to employ air power, stand-off weapons, covert measures and enhanced support for opposition forces to break the current siege of Aleppo and frustrate Assad's attempts to consolidate control over western Syria's population centers," the report said.


Let's not forget that the Israelis were also involved from the beginning. It's actually the stated reason why Hezbollah joined the fight - because it had become apparent to everyone that the Israelis were heavily involved in helping the jihadis in the south.

The way I read your comment it seemed as though you were suggesting the Israelis only got involved after the fact.



The Israelis have been "gunning" for the Syrian government for a long time. Wolfie led that charge even when I was still in guv. But, IMO they were late to this particular game. The Saudis and the sentimental fatheads like Robert Ford were at the center of the initial revolt. pl

Babak Makkinejad

Also an autocratic move by the government.

Now there is a new job in India; stand in line for someone else for a few rupees a day to change denominations.

It did create jobs.


As I said, its early days yet. There are a lot of jokes, snide comments regarding the move. However, there is a groundswell of support from the poor and the middle class.

As journalist Nalin Mehta puts it:
Yes, the government could have done many things better – as the farcically frequent changes to note-bandi rules testify – but what the liberal elite has been refusing to accept is that in pure political terms, Modi has been winning the argument so far. By presenting himself as a revolutionary change agent and tapping into people’s inchoate sense of civic duty by merging notions of national revival and sacrifice with their political imaginaries, Modi has encashed his political capital to construct an intoxicating narrative that has certainly bought him time. The big question now is: can he fix the pain quickly'


the political is always theological. The only question is what'theology' the given state subscribes to.

I would qualify your comment by pointing out at most evangelicals are at most a necessary but not sufficient condition for pro-Israeli policy, and at least a complimentary force that have been captured by an already extant power structure.

Protestant Christians in Britain of the evangelical variety have a vanishly small political influence; so clearly the evangelical factor is a variable that enhances rather than generates support.

Babak Makkinejad

Modi is an excellent politician.

But when I compare him with the President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, in terms of acting on promises made, Joko Widodo comes on top.

How can anyone in India seriously talk about "national sacrifice" when 750 million souls are subsisting on $ 1 a day or less - 500 million of which on substantially less than that?

I mean, they have been renting their wombs in India to the rich (some Indians, others largely foreigners) for the purposes of surrogacy and Modi talks about national renewal?

Best one can hope is for Modi to leave the scene before getting India into a useless and unwinnable confrontation with China or a war with Pakistan.

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