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21 November 2016


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Eric Newhill

We will just have to agree to disagree on most of what you said in response. The coastals producing food are not the city dwellers we are discussing. And yeah, go ahead. Import your food. $20 gallon of milk?

However, I am taking special note of this, "Don't fight the Coasters. I doesn't matter if they are black, brown, gay, or weird in other ways that offend you" - they started the fight. They tell us we are "deplorable". They tell us we must think exactly like them and accept all they do or suffer. They tell us to live in guilt with our heads hung low because of our "privilege" and the "sins" of our ancestors (slavery, Native American land theft, etc). They tell us that a guy who gets drunk and kills someone in a car crash is hero because he wears a dress and lipstick and wants to cut off his penis. They want to take our jobs and businesses from us if we merely say something they don't approve of. They want to diminish us in every way possible; even our say in governmental affairs - and so much so that they are willing to import third world people from all over the globe to water down our demographic and take our jobs and keep us poor and powerless.

Are you so self-righteous that you are incapable of understanding that war was declared on us deplorables by the coastals and that for every action there is an equal and opposite? I think you do know this and are passive aggressively fighting for your side while attempting to disarm and flip people like me. Ain't working. Sorry.



No, being wrong and then doubling down on being wrong makes you delusional.



I wish I remembered the name of the wit who posted here: "Tyler's highly scientific method of looking at yard signs and rallies and listening to his gut proved more effective than millions of dollars of predictive modeling". That summed it up nicely.

You were indeed with me all the way.

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