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02 November 2016


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Mother Jones is rolling over in her grave.



Mine too which also explains why we don't have the mass transit systems of others or electric cars.


mike allen

IMO you continue to ignore the actual function that Rich performed. The information he shopped around was nothing. It was the actual oil trading that made a great deal of money for Israel. pl


Mike Allen,

I have nothing to back this up except for the words of his people who I worked with in WA. One of the names they dropped was as high-level as it got at that time. They claimed that he and Rich did business with one another. They could have been all talk, of course. This came up in conversation when we were talking about contemporary events and they were shrugging them off as nothing - 'If you think this is bad, you should have seen...'

My assessment is that they're interested in making money. I doubt they have any allegiance to anyone, even if they try to stay on the right side of them.

On the subject of Glencore, up until that time it was a pretty small outfit with a very large market cap. When it floated, every employee got a serious windfall, even down to the secretarial staff. The guys I was working with made 7 figures but were still out getting their hands dirty. I doubt that many of them would speak ill of Mr. Rich or his company.

The Beaver

@ Miletus

Now the FBI is looking into that Twitter a/c:


Lol, lol, lol, kinda difficult to shoot down a hasbara isn't it?



His "guidance" seems to have been clear. pl


Yes, I saw this earlier. ThinkProgress is a highly partisan supporter of HRC, and has been heavily compromised by WikiLeaks (Neera Tanden/Podesta emails). That said, the article names its sources as FBI officials who, by the way, are contradicting the official FBI line on the Twitter account. The official account is implausible, of course, but they're contradicting it nonetheless. Not everyone in the FBI is steering in the same direction...

I look forward to them trying to prove that the Tweets are an encrypted message.


According to my uncle who worked for Phibro all his life, Marc Rich left after his request for a million dollar salary at his annual review was rejected "nobody gets that kind of money" was the alleged response. His request was in his mind, justified by his oil trading profits for Phibro.

As for Marc Rich being "a spy" this is BS. All commodity traders do their level best to cultivate connected people and Hoover up all country specific information that may affect commodity pricing all the time. That includes all political gossip right down to who is sleeping with who. This information is shared within the firm via visit reports and also finds its way through well established channels to intelligence agencies and departments of state. As a child, I watched my uncle and my father regularly collect such information over many social occasions with people from many countries. I may even still have copies of the appreciations they subsequently wrote.

mike allen

I think you know better Colonel. I would hope so anyway. I never disputed your claim about Rich and Israel, I agreed with it. If that agreement was not strong enough in your opinion then I repeat it here: you are right on regarding Rich's oil trading for Israel.

jld - As for the hasbara moniker, I have agreed with the Colonel on the USS Liberty and agreed with him on the need to strip AIPAC and other Israeli lobbys out of Washington. You can search and check out my record on this blog. But on the hasbara insults you need to stretch your imagination and try harder. I am not thin skinned like some of the other guests here. I've been called better and I've been called worse, usually accompanied by lots of four-letter words.


mike allen

You are a brother to me as well as to your fellow Marines. pl


On Sept 18 2016 Joe Conason was on C Span to talk about his bio of Bill Clinton. #1 topic is the pardon of Rich.
~ 6 min Conason explains (in tones that assume that Americans will be deeply sympathetic with the reasoning) that Ehud Barak had asked Clinton to pardon Rich three times. Clinton & Barak had worked "very closely" on I/P peace deal and got "closer than anyone ever before." Now, however, Barak was facing loss of his position.
Conason said "Barak told me when I interviewed him in TelAviv that Rich had been an asset of the Mossad for many years. He had done all kinds of work for Israeli intelligence, and some for US. But principally things like rescuing Jewish families in places like Yemen and Iraq . . . and Iran. He was able to get officials [in those hostile countries] to look the other way . . . In the eyes of the Israeli government he was a . . .sayin . . . and Barak felt that Israel owed him and asked Clinton to fulfill that debt for them."



Ronen Bergman has some interesting insights into Israel-Iran arms trading (rather, arms supplying) in his book, The Secret War with Iran: The 30-Year Clandestine Struggle Against the World's Most Dangerous Terrorist Powerhttps://www.amazon.com/Secret-War-Iran-Clandestine-Dangerous/dp/1400159822

As is obvious from the title, Bergman disdains hyperbole & the book is cooly objective in every particular.

He writes that even tho "Khomeini hated Israel," Israel sold arms to Iran throughout the Iran-Iraq war because Israelis felt profound consternation at being shut out of their former ability to acquire insider's knowledge of Iran's doings. Israelis had learned that selling arms to a "totalitarian" government was an effective way to stay close to the topmost centers of power. Besides, Bergman wrote, Israel was making money hand-over-fist; they didn't give the ethics of the situation a single thought: they just sold sold sold, and let the Iranians and Iraqis kill each other."


[tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you ----)


I wouldn't use the word "entertaining.'

Some of us have dear ones who have great abilities (and expensive educations) that put them in the center of this "entertainment." While I appreciate the stimulation such specialists derive from the "thrill of the chase," the chase is also fraught with moral and career hazards.


I'm going to guess that the investigation will be a token effort because of potential countermoves exposing political interference from the likes of McCabe, Kadzik, and maybe Lynch.



"These emails, CBS News’ Andres Triay reports, are not duplicates of emails found on Secretary Clinton’s private server. At this point, however, it remains to be seen whether these emails are significant to the FBI’s investigation into Clinton." (emphasis added)

At the very least, they were not disclosed.

mike allen

The feeling is mutual Colonel to you and to your fellow Soldiers.



You notice Hilary did not ask her 20+ year staffer Huma to release the emails.

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