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02 November 2016


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Sylvia Demarest

The book "The King Of Oil", revealed the existence of a secret pipeline supplying Israel with Iranian oil.



It seems there is a Clintonworld cabal ensconced at high levels in both the FBI and DOJ. We have learned about McCabe and Kadzik. We know about AG Lynch meeting Bill on the tarmac. We also know that Martin Indyk and all the ziocons are preparing the staffing lists for the Borg Queen's national security team. We also know Citi executives along with Podesta put together Obama's administration. IMO, we're just scratching the surface of the depth of corruption.

It would seem that few FBI officials with some integrity are fighting back to the best of their ability, while likely jeopardizing their careers. We know the Clintons are vindictive.

I don't know much about Podesta but he seems to be a significant player in Clintonworld having been Bill's chief of staff and then heading Obama's transition team and now the pivotal figure in the Borg Queen's campaign. He seems well connected with Wall St, the DC "think tank" propaganda machine, key media mouthpieces, and the ziocon complex. Is he the real power behind the scenes? Is he and his network the one we should focus on if the Borg Queen becomes POTUS?

The exposure of his emails show the sinister side of DC and I feel ever more certain that the leaks emanated from DC and not the Russian boogeyman.



"in both the FBI and DOJ." I don't see it as yet in the FBI. pl

Timbre Sick o' More

Was it mere coincidence that Clinton pardoned Al Schwimmer on the same day? Al was handling much of the arms traffic to Iran and Rich was trading in much of the oil used to pay for the arms. Those deals are pretty murky, at least in my murky mind...anyone know? Don't steer me to the Larouchies, please, I was nearly mugged by them a few days before the 1980 election and I hold a grudge...well, they may have had a point, steer that way (Right, Left?) if you must.



McCabe is #2 at the FBI and apparently supervised Hillary's private email server investigation and made the recommendation to Comey to not indict over the objections of several investigators.

It seems there is something going on at the FBI and I'm hoping someone will spill more beans so the public can learn about the attempts to game the investigation. Reading Podesta's emails does not engender confidence in the system.


Timbre sick o' More

What do the Larouch people have to do with this? pl


It's interesting that a long unused FBI twitter account announced the release of Mark Rich pardon investigation docs so close before the election. Was someone trying to embarrass Comey?


Colonel, thanks for this post. I would add that Mark Rich - and later on Trafigura - controlled a good part of critical mining resources in Romania

robt willmann

Here is the information released by the FBI on its website. The first 64 pages probably refer to the Clinton Foundation, and are useless, because of redactions. Starting on page 65 are pages about the Marc Rich situation which have a lot of redactions, but you can see a little more. The pdf file that can be downloaded can be read by the Adobe Acrobat Reader program, but does not appear to display with the Apple Mac Previewer--




I love it that HRC asked Comey to release what he has. Follow the dirty money and the characters involved.

Why are so many oligarchs, royal families, and special-interest groups giving money to the Clinton Foundation?



seems James Comey was involved with this also.

"...investigation was finished and was replaced by James Comey, who was critical of Clinton's pardons and of then-Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder's pardon recommendation.."


Timbre Sick o' More

The Executive Intelligence Review is or was a Larouche publication, I think, and some of the earliest reporting that I discovered while looking into the background of US and Israeli involvement in arms trafficking in the first Persian Gulf War was from that outfit. I suppose Robert Dreyfus was their main ME preporter back then. I like his recent work, but he wrote some pretty nutty stuff in the 1970s, like for instance, the theory that the Grateful Dead arranged for the assassination of King Feisal. Come to think of it, I'm not sure if it was the GD T-shirt or the Carter sticker that set them off on me outside the Post Office that day.

Apologies for not providing a link, but I haven't mastered this device yet. I truly appreciate this website, by the way. The perspectives provided by you and your correspondents are so valuable.

robt willmann

Another article about the Marc Rich pardon with some degree of detail is here--




I had dealings with some of Rich's people in West Africa a good few years ago. I wasn't happy to be working with them and I'd tried to prevent the deal going ahead in the first place but I was shut out. They wanted to rely on local paramilitaries for security, which was against our policy at the time and made me nervous. I was well aware of their reputation prior to this anyway and told my superiors that we shouldn't associate ourselves with them. But the deal went ahead and I was put in charge of making things happen on the ground. Once I got on site, things went steadily downhill and our relationship with them quickly went sour.

What can I say about them? Fine to talk to but no scruples whatsoever. They told me about their exploits in Russia at the time and even I was taken aback by some of what they told me. They dropped some well known names in relation to their business over there (not Putin's, I should say).

These guys don't have souls. They reminded me of the retired South African mercs you meet in Angola.


I posted on one of the earlier threads regarding the emails that there is more to this.

Someone in the FBI is mobilizing Anonymous to react to this document dump.

In recent weeks, somebody using the pseudonym "FBIanon" has been posting to 4chan - favored hangout of types who tie themselves to Anonymous - claiming to be an FBI insider. Some of the predictions they made have proved to be startlingly prescient.

On October 30th, an official FBI Twitter account, that had been dormant for a year, posted a series of links to the FBI Vault online records system. The series of links form a cipher.

The links include a 'shout-out' to 4chan. They refer to a humorous 'fan-fiction' meme postulating that DJT is a time-traveller (I know, but bear with me). The meme plays on the real world links between Nikola Tesla and DJT's uncle, the MIT professor John Trump, as well as Trump's uncanny ability to predict the future (Wiener, for example). It's believed that these links are effectively an authentication of FBIanon to 4chan/Anonymous i.e. not an endorsement of the time-traveller meme but simply a way of saying "Hey, Anonymous, it's me: FBIanon."

There are many other cryptic clues contained within the links. One of the most obvious is that the penultimate link refers to a document concerning firearms and the executive order that relates to it. However, that executive order, on further investigation, refers to smoking in the workplace i.e. this is a 'smoking gun'. The last tweet posted, which immediately follows the smoking gun, is the link to documents concerning the Clinton Foundation and the pardoning of Marc Rich. (FBIanon had pleaded with Anonymous to avoid being distracted by upcoming events and focus specifically on the Clinton Foundation.)

4chan and Reddit are now alive with people trying to decrypt the cipher and find the 'smoking gun' contained within the released documents. They are coordinating a series of FOIA requests to the FBI, which processes a daily quota through its online application portal.

The documents I'm referring to are the very same documents Col. Lang is referring to, above, that are causing disquiet within the Clinton campaign today. The link posted by the FBI says that they are only the "initial release"...

A lot more detail has been uncovered in the various threads currently being updated on 4chan and reddit. Kadzic was Rich's lawyer when WJC pardoned him. Comey was involved in the rubber-stamping, as was Eric Holder. It's not clear whether or not this is the smoking gun referred to or whether there is more to come.

I know how far-fetched this might seem to some, but it can be in no doubt that someone within the FBI is attempting to recruit Anonymous as a 'stay behind' taskforce, to work on disemminating these documents, and more via FOIA requests. Anons have long known that alphabet agencies lurked within their communities but never before have the two cooperated in this way. It seems that some faction within the FBI is 'crowd-sourcing' the investigation to get around those who're trying to tie their hands.

No one appears to have been able to shut them down yet...



What proof is there of such a pipeline? Sounds ridiculous


It is impossible to believe that people such as these -- Rich , Chagoury Group and others of the worldwide rouges gallery would "donate" the vast sums to the Clinton Foundation(s) and all their various election pals and demand nothing in return.

Who can believe that?

Sylvia Demarest

As my previous post noted: The book “The King of Oil” by Daniel Ammann revealed the existence of a secret pipeline supplying Iranian oil to Israel. The pipeline was completed in 1969 and ran from Eilat to Askelon on the Mediterranean sea. The Shah held secret meetings with Golda Meir beginning in 1965 and endorsed the project after the closure of the Suez Canal during the 6 day war disrupted Iranian oil sales and convinced the Shah that Iran needed an alternative route to deliver Iranian oil to the Mediterranean. Israel bought part of the oil the rest was available for sale. This is where Rich came in, he was the one who marketed the Iranian oil that passed through the pipeline. This allowed Rich to become the first independent oil trader and made him an instant success. He later negotiated the right to sell more Iranian oil. Iran had been secretly selling oil to Israel since the mid 1950’s. When asked the Shah always replied, "Iran does not sell oil to Israel."

Does anyone remember during the Lewinsky scandal when it was revealed that Bill Clinton had told Lewinsky he thought the White House phones were tapped? That would be by Israel. An Isreali company had some kind of contract that basically allowed access to any land line--I guess, even in the White House! Blackmail is a well known Mossad technique. No telling what Israel had on Clinton.

I appreciate the Colonel helping me put all this in context.



Gilbert Chourgny was a Rich associate who used HRC to keep Boko Haram in Nigeria off of the list of terrorist groups. Private mercenaries too?



Thank you, thank you!!


Miletus, I'm a little confused - if 'FBIanon' really works for the fibbers and has these 'smoking gun' documents why would he bother making the 4channers jump thru a bunch of hoops in order to come to a(possibly wrong)conclusion? Why bother with the cipher? Why not just anonymously stick the whole shebang onto the internet? (maybe get anon and 4chan to help spread the info)
It just seems needlessly complicated and confusing.


So Mark Rich's former attorney is now an assistant attorney general of the United States and is investigating Hilary Clinton's email server?

“Qui Pro Domina Justitia Sequitur. The motto refers to the Attorney General “who prosecutes on behalf of Lady Justice.” - from wikipedia

"I'm with her" takes on an all new meaning. So much for "justice for all".




This is certainly very interesting. The Podesta e-mails prove that there is a high level (revolving door) cabal that uses their connections to make deals with the understanding they will get contracts or well-paying jobs as benefits. Most involve looting irredeemable taxpayers and the deregulation of multi-national corporations. I am not surprised that Citibank selected Barrack Obama’s Cabinet.

Somebody does not want Hillary Clinton to be President. For good reason. Only a sociopath would call her top aid for 20 years, Huma Abedin, “one of my staffers”. This all seems to be payback for grudges held since Bill Clinton was President. What is truly frightening is that the Democrats blame Russia. 38 million and then 60 million people were killed due to similar insane perceptions and vanity that escalated into World Wars.


Would they mean a "figurative" pipeline similar to the Hillary Clinton's weapon's pipeline from the slain dictator Qaddafi to Turkish Al Qaeda / DAESH?

I thought, the Haifa refinery was being supplied by Iranian oil prior the 1979 Revolution. Thus it needed to be supplied with that type of oil, if they wanted to avoid the costs associated with conversion of the cracking towers.

Jay M

The TIP line used to transport oil from Iran to Israel. Not exactly a secret though and supposedly shut down.

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