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04 November 2016


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Technically yes, a U.S. Attorney from a specific District could obtain an indictment, assuming there is jurisdiction (some legal connection to the District). Indictments are issued via the Grand Jury process and can be obtained relatively easily by a competent U.S. Attorney.

I think the chances of a USAO acting rogue without the approval of Main Justice are low, but also not impossible given the reported near mutiny by the FBI New York office. It probably really depends what has been found on the laptop. My guess is that it would have to be pretty significant for the FBI Director to send the letter to Congress in the first place. I doubt the letter would have been sent without some good intel on what existed on it.


Oops, Faux News told another lie and the alt-right jumped on it and to conclusions.





This level of near fainting is hilarious considering how many baseless claims about Trump the media ran with.

Argue you all you want to, but something is indeed brewing, my friend.


I would say even more disturbing at present is the establishment GOP’s reaction to the imminent prospect of four more years of a Democrat in the White House. There is madness in the air.


'Fainting'? They flat out lied like some of us said. At least as an honorable man you could acknowledge that. Assuming you are honorable.

As for what is brewing we'll see Tuesday.



This should make you feel better, a "restraining order" against Trump.



Tell me more about how the media didn't run with unverifiable claims that Trump sexually assaulted a bunch of women. Go on. All ears.

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