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04 November 2016


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NPR did have the first story, I believe, this morning on their broadcast. Did not see anything about it on any MSM channel, net or tv. They did not identify which party the fraud was benefiting.


With all due respect the coal industry is dead and it has nothing to do with HC. It's chemistry - simple as that.

I agree we should not let those people go without care. It's all of our's obligation to help those in distress.


I am a living example of a Life that was saved and nurtured because of Government provided Health Care. In 1946 when I was 2 years old, I got polio. It was a time before the vaccine and polio was ravaging the nation. I spent 10 months in an Iron Lung and for the next 14 years, I went through 23 operations and a total of almost 3000 days in the hospital with the surgeries and physical therapy to overcome the ravages Polio did to my body.

The state of Minnesota, built and funded the entire cost, including the doctors and nurses, of the Gillette State Hospital for Crippled Children in St. Paul where I spent most of my childhood. In today’s world, the costs of such care would have run into the millions. My father was a bus driver and my mother was, what was called in those days, a homemaker. My larger family of relatives had arrived from Europe penniless and my parents had very little money with 4 kids and a bus driver’s salary. The largest charity at the time was the March of Dimes and they decided that helping me and my family would have been too big a drain on their resources.

Without the free medical care I would have died at age 2. Without the State of Minnesota providing the facilities and health care for free, I would have not led an almost normal life. While physically I was limited my brain was not. I was able to rise to become Senior Vice President of Prudential responsible for subsidiaries with $11 billion in revenues and 27,000 employees.

As a result of government funded health care I was able to lead a productive life. Do I object to paying high taxes – not really, it’s kind of paying it forward. It is important to remember that had I lived without Minnesota’s health care help, my life would have been a net drain on society. However, because of their help I was not only productive, but was able to contribute a couple million in taxes over my working life.


Voter registration fraud is a far cry from vote fraud. Virginia has voter ID, after all, and that's not going to prevent anybody from submitting fake registrations.

To actually get away with it at any scale, even without the voter ID, you have to imagine somebody registering non-registered non-felon voters with accurate social security numbers at enough different real addresses -- do you know what the registrar might be doing to cross check the name, felony record, social, and address? -- to pass the registrar's smell test while still allowing your nefarious crew to intercept their registrations in the mail, and then their mail-in ballots too, or are you foolishly carting around town physically showing up to cast multiple votes under different stolen identities? And now you've got a crew risking criminal conspiracy charges on top of their individual felonies for voter registration fraud, and in all likelihood a member of said conspiracy will be lazy like this guy or all those ACORN workers filling in forms with Disney characters or mix up a name and a social and once they get caught up on that how much pressure would it take to make them squeal?

In any case it's a really strange non-sequitur to question the integrity of elections with a story that's actually about the integrity of elections being protected.

But sure, vote fraud itself does actually happen, we know since its caught and prosecuted, because getting away with it is difficult: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-nation/wp/2016/10/29/trump-supporter-charged-with-voting-twice-in-iowa/

And you can you really complain that the story is going untold when major national dailies cover them in detail, like your Virginian? https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/public-safety/former-alexandria-resident-charged-with-voter-registration-fraud/2016/10/28/1799319a-9d1c-11e6-9980-50913d68eacb_story.html


SOMEBODY elected Mcauliffe.
The people probably voted for Obama- per union instruction.


Colonel, Similar situation in Kentucky, although I think they have recently expanded
medicaid. It'll be interesting to see what Georgia does in January when the General
Assembly convenes as many rural hospitals have closed.

A downside to expanded Medicaid is many doctors won't accept it & the recipients
end up continuing to use the emergency rooms for basic care.

Personally I object to eligibility being based solely on annual income with no account of net worth.There has already been a lawsuit somewhere out west. I don't know the results...This seems to effect more women, who
under expanded Medicaid would be kicked off Medicare & put on Medicaid & then upon
death their entire estate would be seized if the individual state chooses to do so.
The only exceptions are if a surviving spouse still lives in the house &/or a disabled child. Please note I'm not talking about long term care. The Obamacare
crazies once again displayed their natural inclination to "give" with one hand
& take with the other. Dems imo tend to govern by groups without regard to individuals or their circumstances.


Col. -- If someone is on the voting rolls (even fraudulently as in your example), but does not vote...there is no voter fraud. That is why people who are dead (and have not yet been removed from the rolls) do not necessarily indicate voter fraud. A vote has to cast by someone who should not be voting before any fraud charges can be brought.

I've worked the polls in CA and have never run across a situation I considered fraud...lots of people think they should be able to vote but are not on the precinct roll and are allowed to vote provisionally. Each of those ballots must be verified individually for eligibility...they can take some time. First they cast the vote then it is verified but there is no guarantee their vote will be counted. They have to call in a week or so to find out.

The think I dislike the most about all of the "voter fraud" charges is that the assumption is that people are dishonest and what to commit fraud when they vote. Voting is a right of citizenship and fraud has proven to be rare. False registration is one thing...actually casting the vote is another.

You are so right about the defenseless who are shafted out of spite and ideology by their representatives. Is there anything more despicable than using someone's poverty and ignorance to further grind them down in order to score ideological points and stay in office. This has been done for both parties and is always wrong.


your blog so you an say what you want - coal mining died 20 yrs ago look up the employmnt numbers. this was long after Clinton blurted out the truth that no matter what is done coal mining jobs will keep declining.


The fraudulent voter registration forms look more like a hustle of the organization than the State. The organization is by law not allowed to screen the forms; that is left up to the State. The hustler filled out the bogus forms and got paid his $15/hr. The organization forwarded the cards to the State. When the State bounced them the organization realized they had a problem. ACORN was shut down after a similar scam in 2008. Their mistake was paying a piece rate for registration forms.

People who want to get actual fraudulent votes are slicker than that, as the Project Veritas videos show.

Old Microbiologist

As a former Virginian,but one who spent 20 years working as a ski patroller for the Southern Region of the NSPS, I spent a lot of time working in all of the mountain resorts of Virginia, West Virginia, and North Carolina. Working at resorts you become acquainted with a lot of hard working people who are residents of the depressed mountain regions. At the same time you see a lot of governmental types who volunteer their services as ski patrollers and many are in senior positions in government or simply policemen, firemen, paramedics, and a lot of military types like myself. Sprinkled in are Deputy Directirs of agencies, Assist. secretaries, judges, and all working more or less harmoniously. We even had a smattering of intelligence community types, who were always easy to identify as they have a complete lack of a sense of humor. Strange but in my observations very true they just can't get jokes at all.

Anyway, From my experiences I was able to see very clearly there are two completely different regions in Virginia. There is Northern Virginia and the Virginia Beach regions which are basically identical with Washington DC being Clinton land and the rest of Virginia which is more or less Trump land to use an oversimplification. One big and key difference is regarding the Civil War. Being a native Californian and learning US history there I was a bit suprised at the fundamental differences between the 2 groups. One long crappy rainy day sitting up at the top shack waiting for a ski rotation to patrol the hill, I asked some friends (locals to the mountains) about what they felt about the Civial War. They looked confused at me and then asked me " Do you mean the War of Northern Agression?" I think that encapsulates the difference in a single incident and clarified for me that I was definitely not in California any more.

Having gone to Cornell for my doctorate but. Moonlighting at the County Medical center, I saw a very similar situation in New York. I think basically there are 2 different New York's, the city and all the rest of the state except Ithaca. Sadly, like in Virginia the population numbers make all the difference in an election such as this. The cities and suburban areas are predominant and overpower the hard working people living in the rest of the state usually at their disadvantage.



"the assumption is that people are dishonest" It is true that I expect the worst of people and am pleased when people behave well. I suppose that this is what has been called a "professional deformation." pl


GCP and Rakesh Wahi

If you look at the post again you will see that I sad "LIKE HC." I stand by that. pl



I am continuously impressed with the variety and number of things you have done in life. As for your fellow Virginian skiers, they were surprised by your remarks because the WBS is seldom discussed in Virginia. The general silence on the subject covers a hurt that lies close to the bone. pl


PA et al

Yes, the local election officials caught this fellow but his impending trial on felony charges has done much to focus attention on the possibility of actual vote fraud. BTW, my wife was an election judge for ten years and in that time is aware of only one successful vote fraud. this occurred because of the inattention of an election official. OTOH she tells me that people frequently try to vote in precincts not their own. pl

mistah charley, ph.d.

Voter fraud: This is attempted registration of imaginary voters, not voting by imaginary voters, and as the Commonwealth's Attorney pointed out, no fraudulent votes were actually cast. The fellow was defrauding his employer by turning in these fake registrations, and once he submitted these registration forms the organization he was working for was required to turn them into the board of elections - they are not allowed to filter them (which one might want to do for quality control, as in this case, but which one might also want to do for partisan reasons, which is why it is illegal for the organization to be selective.)

Coal country: I lived in southwestern Virginia, in a county abutting Kentucky and west of all of West Virginia, for four years, during the presidency of Bush the Elder, before the Clintons had any influence beyond Arkansas. The local newspaper was the Coalfield Progress. Never really prosperous, the area was already in economic decline when I was there - not because of ecological concerns, but because technological changes had changed the structure of employment - surface mining requires big machines, but few people. People who stay there are attached to their families, their ancestral way of life and the natural beauty of their homeland - all very understandable - but the jobs aren't there.


mistah charly Ph. D.

Yeah, I see it now. The dumb bastards should move somewhere else, anywhere else. pl

 bit strange

"allowed to vote provisionally. Each of those ballots must be verified individually for eligibility."

I find this a bit strange, how can you hold a vote "provisionally" and have it verified for eligibility separately later without compromising the anonymity of voting?


bit strange (jld)

The alternative is to disallow a challenged ballot. pl



You mean when the Obama administration had the EPA issue new environmental regulations known as " Final Carbon Pollution Standards for New, Modified and Reconstructed Power Plants" it was really just clarifying "chemistry"? That's sure some science the politicians have there.


Many of the "Okies" did.



Obamacare is not government provided medical care it is a requirement to have insurance.



Yes. They made southern California a different place than it had been. Many of the mountain people have moved from SW Virginia as well, and the rest of us are poorer for their going. pl


When I applied for a new library card the clerk in the library insisted on signing me up for voter registration even when I told him I was already registered. At no time did he ask if I were a citizen and did no more than look at my state drivers license to verify the address.


Mistah Charley,

"the jobs aren't there"

They aren't in Baltimore or East St. Louis or Ferguson either yet those people stay all the same. Of course we know which lives matter, but that's a political decision for our elected officials and not a moral one.



Which state? pl

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