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05 November 2016


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A bit too late to start WWWIII before tuesday, so what's next?
The most worrying is that that kind of idiot truly believe the "official" propaganda.


When did Gen Petraeus become a policymaker? Did I miss the election or something?

You really have to wonder what he was thinking about when he made these unfortunate remarks which place him firmly at the extreme end of the foreign policy spectrum.

And wasn't it Petraeus who led the charge with Hillary for that other great military triumph in Libya?

Where, I wonder, are the military leaders who ascribe to a more restrained and rational approach to foreign policy? Have they all retired already or have they been muzzled by the neocon powerbrokers who seem to have infected every part of the decision-making apparatus?

One thing is certain, if Petraeus and his ilk are advising the Queen Mother (Hillary) then we're all goners for sure.


It seems that not only will we face a potential WWII by engaging in Syria but apparently some of the neocon Navy brass want to take on Iran at the same time:


Petraeus first somewhat important job in Iraq was to build the Iraqi policy. He mightily screwed up and everything fell apart afte a few month. It had to be restarted from zero by the folks cleaning up after him. But he has been promoted ever since. Incompetence wins!

He knows nothing about Syria. Just consider this nonsense: "The vast majority of Sunni Arabs ... will never submit to Damascus rule, so long as Bashar Assad is in power."

Fact: The vast majority of Sunni Arabs support Damascus rule, so long as Bashar Assad is in power.

The guy is a lunatic known-nothing.



He is a "perfumed prince" in Hackworth's phrase. He is a Byzantine court general. pl


The man is a raving lunatic. He can best serve America by saving the "appropriate firmness" for his mistress.

The Beaver

They must have passed the words the Neocon retired Generals and the israelis:


Bad bad Shi'a :( and some journos are even talking about how bad the PMU are in Iraq - yep Shi'a militia trained by those bad Iranians w/o realising that Hashd or PMU consists of Sunnis, Shi'a, Christians, Assyrians and other minorities

Timothy Hagios

Claim A: Damascus is too weak to reassert control over the country.
Claim B: We must arm the rebels with advanced weaponry and attack the Syrian Army on their behalf, lest Damascus reassert control over the country.

To me, the scariest thing is just how many people do not understand that A and B are contradictory statements.


And to top it off, he wants to proliferate MANPADs. Does he understand or comprehend what we have been doing the past couple decades in limiting MANPADs? He is either incompetent or nuts. Or both.

The Beaver


you may be interested : Jack Murphy

richard rogers

Petraeus comes across as completely incompetent in this book on the surge in Afghanistan:


The author fully dissects the silliness of Petraeus' COIN plan in Helmand and Kandahar.

A good book all around.


Harper; Thanks.

General (Ret) David Petraeus as much as anyone reflects the thinking and planning that led to the current mini world war ongoing in Syria and Iraq. That he has not slunk into obscurity after his misdemeanor slap on the wrist tells us more than anything what to expect in a Clinton Administration. But, first we must get through election day unscathed. Hopefully the NBC’s report on a Russian cyber-attack was just fearmongering. We shall see if we wake up on the November 9th with electricity, the internet and Donald Trump as President elect.

The Middle East wars will escalate unless the Western elite accepts that Wall Street’s hegemony is over. We live in a multi-polar world. The USA will be very lucky if remains united. The rift between the deplorables and coastal cosmopolitans is about to erupt into violence. In the 2016 election, we are witnessing the dirt that each side throws at the other. To survive this, the restoration of sovereign democracy and the rule of law is required.

Babak Makkinejad

Yes, but those perfumed generals were also quite destructive to the Byzantine State on many occasions; poor counsel, intrigue etc.


The man is certifiable...



yes. I am familiar with the history of the Byzantine Empire. pl

Babak Makkinejad

On Bad Shia:

Foreign Country President: We could use US assistance to build a rail road from Ebeyond to Incourt.

US Ambassador: That could be arranged. But could Your Excellency please tell me if there are any Shia Muslims in your country?

Foreign Country President (puzzled): Shia Muslims? Who are they? In fact, we have no Muslims in our country.

US Ambassador: Ah, but that is too bad. Sorry we cannot help you with that road.

Foreign Country President (puzzled even more): But why?

US Ambassador: Well, Your Excellency, if you had Shia Muslims, we could give you money, training, equipment to fight them. We would hire the Chinese to build that railroad under Global War on Terrorism.

Foreign Country President: Why Chinese?

US Ambassador: Well, we exported all of our industries so that we can wage this war - among them, rail-road building.

Foreign Country President: OK, then where do I get some Shia Muslims?

US Ambassador: You have to contact the Iranians; they are all Shia Muslims.

Foreign Country President: Can you please take the trouble of putting me in touch with someone Iranians that could help in this matter?

US Ambassador: Sorry Your Excellency. That request exceeds what my government has authorized me to do.

Foreign Country President: But then we are stuck. We cannot get help if we do not have any Shia Muslims.

US Ambassador: You might contact the Chinese Ambassador, his government has good relations with Iranians and I am certain he could help. Especially once you let it be known that we would be hiring them to build that railroad.

Foreign Country President: I think we will take your advice; thank you very much.

US Ambassador: Not at all Your Excellency, America is always ready to help.


There is no money in anti-war, anti R2P, "commonsense" FP.

The Borgist NeoCon's on the other hand have no shortage of job opportunities at Lobbying Firms, Think Tanks, PMC's, US Media Conglomerates, and Corporate Board positions, no matter how many wars they have lost.

If being wrong mattered, David Brooks et. Al wouldn't have had jobs for the last 30 years.


meanwhile, in Eastern Europe the things are getting peachy. The oh-so-sensitive Anti-Defamation League and the Lobby at large see nothing wrong in the celebration of the famous Nazi-collaborator Bandera in the "liberated" Ukraine and the rise of antisemitism there: "The Social-Nationalist party chose as its logo an amended version of the Wolfsangel, a symbol used by many SS divisions on the Eastern front during the war who in 2004 a celebration of the OUN-UPA, stated in 2004, that ‘’they fought against the Muscovite, Germans, Jews and other scum who wanted to take away our Ukrainian state.’’
What the US "deciders" have been thinking while enabling this near the Russian borders?

Chris Chuba

He is ignoring the fact that northern Syria is harboring the largest known concentration of Al Qaeda in the world and that the rebels we are supporting have been joined at the hip with them since their successful conquest of the Idlib province in 2015. This was before the Russian intervention so no one can play the 'Russians forced the rebel's hand' card.

For him or any senior level, policy, wannabe maker to suggest a plan for Syria and not address the Sunni, Jihadist dominated aspect to this rebel faction is inexcusable. I thought we declared war against Al Qaeda, so for anyone to suggest a policy that would give them material aid must be breaking some of the various laws and resolutions associated with that action. Maybe someone, possibly even the Russians, should start suing the State Dept. (the Borg) for these violations. At the very least it would force them to publicly defend the indefensible rather than hide behind a compliant media.


They are well aware that Claim A is untrue.

Claim B derives from what they know to be true: more arms and military support is needed to overthrow the Syrian government, which is supported by the majority of the population.

So the contradiction you identify derives from the lie. They are aware of the lie, but they hope you won't notice, or if you do, they trust your opinion is isolated and irrelevant.


Did the four-star lunatic ask himself one important question? Like "what happens if Russians don't stop and keep flying"? The whole notion of creating no-fly zone in Syria is based on a flimsy presumption that Russians are cowards. What if they are not? Then obviously America will have to back down and will end up looking even more foolish than it is now.


Why would ADL be nervous? Jews own Ukraine. All of the oligarchs, President, Premier-Minister are Jewish. Crosses and swastikas are a redirection - they are there to simply keep peasants preoccupied with a completely inconsequential stuff, while the country is being robbed blind.


Vast majority live under Damascus rule and the people seems to be moving to it. It is a bit to nebulous to say they like it but the same can be said about the US and Clinton or Trump


After blowing up the Syrian Airforce. That makes no sense.


This is the guy that invited the Kagans (Fred and his wife Kimberly) to Afghanistan for a year to study the Afghan war and "advise" him. They had access to all information including classified intelligence reports.


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