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14 November 2016


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I've always liked Ifill and was wondering why she was absent from the elections coverage. I guess I know why. Never realized she was so gravely ill.

Rest in Peace.

Keith Harbaugh

"the forces that placed Judy Woodruff there"

Feel like expanding a bit on what those might be :-) ?


keith harbaugh

No. you get the idea. pl


Gwen with her red backdrop was my favorite news show. I'm going to miss her.

The Beaver

I was wondering also where she was last Tuesday. Looks like she has been sick for quite a while but did manage to put a good face when she was on the set.

SAC Brat

I liked a few years ago when Ms. Ifill moderated a presidential debate, I believe Gore versus Bush. At the end of the debate I thought Ms. Ifill was who should have been elected. She definitely was as thoughtful as she could be in a broadcast format.

Your appearance across from her led me here, trying to figure out what you were thinking and seeing.


Gwen Ifill was special, and she stood out from her peers. I trusted her in her reporting, something that was always in depth and more honest than most.

Swamp Yankee

I was very saddened to see this news. I always appreciated Ifill's dignity and professionalism. Glad to hear she was as decent in person as she seemed on television and the radio. Requiescat in Pace.


This recounting of yours hit me. You are a thoughtful classy guy.


The wife and I were pretty stunned and saddened by the news. Tonight's PBS news was a tribute to her. A great lady and a great reporter she was.


Wonderful vignette, Pat. Thanks.

May she rest in peace.

Edward Amame

Her passing was a sad surprise. The tribute on the show last night was very good, reflecting just how good at her job she was.

Nancy K

She was the best. She will be missed.


We news junkies have lost a great friend. Classy lady and top-flight journalist.

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