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21 November 2016


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alba etie

Col Lang
Was there any Big Foot /Sasquatch sitings ?


Alba Etie

Yes. General (Ret.) Jack Keane was seen out in Trumpland. pl



Any thoughts about Gen. Mattis at Defense?

Jeff D

Any thoughts about Trump meeting with Tulsi Gabbard today? Rumors are she being considered for top position. SecDef or SecState.



IMO Mattis should be SECDEF. Tulsi Gabbard is one of my favorite people on the scene. SECSTATE would be fine with me. pl


Dear Colonel,

Having just spent a week off driving the california coast with almost no cell phone coverage, I recommend easing into the bubble worlds again slowly.

David Habakkuk

Tulsi Gabbard as Secretary of State.

I can think of few things that would do more to recreate confidence in the United States among thinking people: indeed, to help it recover something of the – very great – moral authority that, throughout the Cold War, was one of its greatest assets.

But, as the old musical comedy song had it, ‘If I am dreaming, let me not be woken.’

The Twisted Genius

Tulsi Gabbard at SecState would be a true out of the box choice by Trump. It would bewilder all, left and right. It would also give Gabbard national experience and standing. I think she has a bright future in national leadership. She could be the first female President some day.



She would be an inspired choice. I like the image of a "human Lister bag" for our new head of CIA. I suspect he will torture them first, just for practice. pl

different clue

Colonel Lang,

Thank you for coming back earlier than we thought you would. But I hope you have gotten some genuine rest over the few days away.


Here is Tulsi Gabbard's statment on her meeting with Trump:


different clue

The choice of Gabbard somewhere important in government, if she decides to accept, would also signal to the Clintonites that they are not automatically regarded any more as the "leadership" of the Democratic Party. It might hearten the Bernies to intensify their efforts over the next two or three decades to purge and bern the Clintonites from out of the party and from out of public life.


TTG et al
musing on Lister Bags I have known - In the dim past they used to put blocks of ice in them and a carton of table salt. At Ft. Benning in the summer it was so hot you couldn't taste the salt in the water. pl


Thank you TTG I fully agree, IMO she is Better and younger than Bernie


Colonel hope so and god bless her but what about the Boooo.......rg

The Twisted Genius


I remember those Lister bags at Bragg and Benning. Seeing one of those was like seeing an angel in that heat. I also remember eating salt tablets like candy. The human Lister bag thing came from one of my NCOs at the 25th Division RECONDO School. Some quartermaster battalion NCO was supervising a detail setting up the GP mediums for an upcoming class. He was huge and the buttons on his fatigues were straining against his bulk. SFC Clayton turned to me and said, "Look at that sorry son of a bitch. He looks like a human Lister bag. It's embarrassing." Then he walked up to him and chewed him out in private.


Gabbard's statement about her meeting with Trump:

Gabbard says: "We discussed my bill to end our country’s illegal war to overthrow the Syrian government..."

Best I can tell, this is HR 4108, introduced 11/19/2015:


The bill was sent to the House Intelligence, Foreign Affairs and Armed Services committees, and has been languishing since (for an year).

Why has Congress so abdicated its responsibilities?


Enjoyed this fine persons' every word and reasonings, regardless, good of Trump to at least invite her to hear her side.


Is not only the Clintons is the DLC that controls the Democratic Party for last 25 years.


Trump/Gabbard 2020 on the American party ticket!



We were still using Lister Bags in Benning in 2002 and yes, they were a sight for sore eyes.



Welcome back. Alternative news made the front page of the Washington Post. Now that the election is over, the real conflict begins over messaging. The media is portraying anything outside the corporate realm as fake. The Post stated today as a fact that the Syrian government was responsible for the 2013 Sarin gas attack. Yet, Representative Gabbard’s visit with Donald Trump indicates that the actual facts on the ground in Syria that you present here are also the viewpoint of the new administration. This is great but it could explain their difficulty in finding qualified candidates. Apparently, there are very few in the establishment who have not drunk the neo-liberal-con Kool-Aid. Those who didn't, like you were retired.



I was not "retired." I was a career SES-4. I resigned because of irreconcilable differences with James Clapper, then Director of DIA, and the USAF intelligence establishment over DoD intelligence organization. pl


Hope you got some sunshine--

I do wonder about a female as Sec of State. A lot of our problems are with people who have no respect for the female outside the house. Is it more important to elevate women or deal with the world.

I don't know.


First, welcome back, Colonel!

If Trump appoints Gabbard to the cabinet, to a position of actual significance, that will make me believe that he really means what he says and intends to carry them out, above and beyond all else.

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