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18 October 2016


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I don't think there was any "try" about it. He did indeed cut Assange's internet access.

You have to watch the Project Veritas video. It's absolutely insane how they're openly admitting to voter fraud.


Sam Peralta


This is crazy. They are going all out to insure Crooked Hillary gets her presidency that she so desperately craves. She may get a civil war instead.

Keith Harbaugh

Just want to repeat a link to a really great Judicial Watch panel discussion (on 2016-09-29) of:
Clinton emails, Clinton Foundation, the FBI/DOJ investigations.
Joe diGenova, in particular, has a really scathing assessment of Director Comey.
Here's the press release on the discussion:
and here's a link to the YouTube video of the 90 minute discussion;
the link is jiggered to start with diGenova's contribution,
but you can manually restart from the beginning (first ten minutes a boring summary by Judicial Watch pres. Tom Fitton):
In diGenova's ten-minute presentation he describes an internal FBI all-but-opposite to that described by Director Comey (again, this was on 2016-09-29).


Is there any substance to reports that many of the FBI's HRC investigators are incensed at the way Comey managed the investigation? If so, I would expect some to testify before congress. I feel extremely sorry for these folks: if they blow the whistle, the law protects them from being fired, but there is no guarantee of another job for them if they feel forced to leave. If they stay employed at the FBI, a Hillary presidency would make their jobs miserable. Effectively, their careers have taken a mean hit. I cannot blame them if many decide they simply do not have the financial means to weather blowing a whistle on Comey's antics.

Edward Amame

The WaPo has a story on the latest Clinton scandal engulfing GOP-land and SST. It reads like the FBI took another look at the email, turned down the State Dept guy's request, and that was the end of it. No pressure exerted and no more calls about it. No evidence links HRC or her staff with any of with this.


Whatever. You guys know she's a super villain, but I'm still tossing in my 2 cents anyway.


The borg is clearly beyond pissed and headed into dark territory regarding Assange. Clearly state on state pressure was exerted, as Reuters and The Guardian report it as Ecuador cutting off his web access. Additionally reports are that he is in declining heath ad UK Borg are interfering with access to medical care.

Security of Signal Intelligence is a very serious matter. I'm curious how central a factor that is versus personal fury and vindictiveness, but that's impossible to determine here.



I really think they are so up their own asses they believe that they will get away with issuing executive orders for gun confiscation.

"Let's get the cops we hate to take the guns from the armed white rurales we also hate! What could go wrong?"


Edward Amame

"No pressure exerted" I see that you have never worked in the interagency. remember I will not vote or give money to DT. pl

Augustin L

Republicans ready to purge millions of minority votes to steal the election for Trump. http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/features/the-gops-stealth-war-against-voters-w435890



Yeah, I'm sure Bezos owned WaPo, who is currently pushing every half baked "oppo" theory, is totally on the up and up here and 100% reliable.

Pretty quiet about those emails, to say nothing of Veritas videos.


Clinton wants to put retirement funds into the hands of Wall Street. Blackstone head may become the Sec. of the Treasury Dept.


This IS outrageous

Old Microbiologist

IMHO, I believe this election was decided back in 2007 and nothing, absolutely nothing except possibly her untimely death, is going to derail her "election". My hypothesis is that when they saw that the over-indulgence in financial instruments and especially uncapitalized derivatives was going to result in a economic collapse and possibly a depression rivaling 1929, and that Blacks (and other minority citizens) would be disproportionately affected, a Black man was moved to the front and she was told to step back with a promise of next time. Now it is her time, the time for a bisexual woman. The Black President kept the riots from happening as no minority voter was going to shake up a Black presidency. Racist comment, perhaps but it is Black racism operating here. It was in a way a brilliant move. Really, for the plutocracy it doesn't matter who is in office as long as they are compliant. Read he awfully boring speeches and you can see how compliant she is. The electorate is now being lied to and cheated completely and there is zilch that can be done to stop it. No amount of evidence is going to sway her supporters. That Debolt INc. is financially controlled by Soros is enough for me to see where this is going to end up. She might win the popular vote by a mere 1% or so and of course capture the Electoral College; or, to assuage Trump supporters, he will win the popular vote by a narrow margin and lose the Electoral College vote in December. Regardless, she will be our next President and reading the Podesto emails there are several references that it is a done deal already. The Cabinet is now being selected and the transition team already in place. Now we just need to wait out the theatrics and the crowning in January. The rest is just show.



Not even biting on your CRT troll script.

You're trying to change the argument from what the guy is LITERALLY SAYING to O Keefe, because it's that damming.

Does being a paid troll let you do well in Taiwan?



This is shameful defeatism. To share a medical analogy this patient is in VTAC secondary to dehydration, arrest you witnessed arrest, and you want to call it after a round of epi.

Chin up cowboy. This ain't over.

Edward Amame

Right, Tyler. You're the guy who provides links to Breitbart which is so undeniably non-partisan. Sad!


Yeah, this ain't time for summer soldiers and sunshine patriots (to borrow a line from Thomas Paine). :-)


There are at least 4 more videos coming out. Save your energy.

Babak Makkinejad

"...Blacks (and other minority citizens) would be disproportionately affected, a Black man was moved to the front and..."

I do not think that there are that many smart people in the world - certainly not in the United States.

If there were, they would have avoided forcing Japan to open herself to Euro-Americans back in 1836 and avoided the mess that followed.

Or avoid the War Between the States.

Or War against Iraq.



Facts are facts, while mendacious sophistry and hair splitting is still mendacious sophistry and hair splitting.

Your article boils down to nervous laughter about conspiracy theory (which keep getting proven!) and arguing over the definition of is.



Your mask is slipping.


What I mentioned earlier


Old Microbiologist

I suffer from a severe sense of reality based on working for the government for over 40 years. Coupled with a natural cynicism and in general pessimism which has always worked to my advantage. In the military I have always planned for the worst possible outcome and generally this is what happens; however, as I am always prepared it works well for me. My staff were always terrified when I forecast some dire outcome which always came true with uncanny accuracy. These were not self-fulfilling prophecies as none were ever in my control. However, I have a strong reputation for predicting outcomes which is very useful as a scientist. I think this is why I am still alive today (I worked for over 20 years with high consequence biothreat agents most with no treatments) and my enemies seem to all have expired over time (not by my hand but Karma is a real bitch). HRC will die a miserable death if I am correct about this. When that will be only time will tell. But she is such a monster she must die some monstrous way as I say it is her Karma.

In this election my earlier cynicism was to assume Trump was actually working for her all the time. I am not yet completely convinced this isn't true or perhaps he has defected from her. But, his declaration of term limits for Congress is a clear throwing down of the gauntlet. This will now mean complete and utter open warfare with Trump (and the deplorables) standing alone against the entire combined efforts of both the Democrats and Republicans plus all the main stream media plus all of the Western leaders. All of these characters stand to lose a great deal should Trump actually win. He is the real, and in every sense of the word, existential threat to the Borg and it's minions. Should he win he will not, nor can not, be suffered to survive long enough to take power. So I fear for his life. The body count around the Clintons, even if it is only half of the currently 78 deaths, is enough that I wouldn't want to issue him any life insurance. Imagine all the sabotage which will occur in government after he wins. It will be shocking. I personally would love to see him win as I believe this is the last chance for mankind. However, the globalists, neo-liberals and neo-cons seem to be a nearly impossible force to be reckoned against. I foresee a mini-revolution in the corridors of power should he win. It could very well cause the downfall of the United States. What we see with the masses of HRC supporters who are the real deplorables (I call them the despicables) out there with attacking Trump supporters burning cars etc. will be multiplied by the millions. It will be a real spectacle.

I hope you are right and it isn't over yet. I have faith in the LA Times poll but am worried about fraud at the Electoral College level.


that's beyond 'UUUGE -- giga? mega? tera?

is this being reported as "news" .... ???

is this the scandal that is supposed to break today?


ps- thanks, cee!!!

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