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04 October 2016


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The Beaver

@ Les

Donald Trump reportedly plans to delegate all Domestic and Foreign Power to his VP, according to one of his sons.


How much trouble a politician accomplishes depends partially on the size of his In Box. A President has numerous responsibilities, and so can only move the needle on a few. A VP basically writes his own schedule; thus has much time for mischief.

VP Cheney set up his own shadow government. It is unclear whether this was ever disbanded completely.

VP Biden was instrumental in helping to overthrow Ukraine, and installed his son Hunter as director of Kholomoisky's oil company Burisma. Remember, it's not technically unconstitutional if it's merely family, not YOU. He was also apparently instrumental in overthrowing the government of Brazil:

Wise Presidents choose VPs with little ambition. Such men can make good "servant leaders" if they come to top power.

Tol Tapen

This is a sad spectacle to see so many hardened people taking the constitutional setting of their homeland seriously.
While the USA is oficially classified as a presidential republic it is a republic from purely formalistic POV only, while its president isn't much more than a frontperson for the ruling oligarchy that controls the USA - the "borg's" core if the language of this blog is appropriated.
The core is more like an octopus brain - it always lacks precision of control as far as the tentacles are concerned. These days, just before the elections, its "neural pathways" are partially jammed and the tentacles (politicians, military commanders, etc. trying to save their arses) seem to have the minds of their own. Hence, we see the establishment acting in a bizzare ways, making akward and contradictory statements but soon enough the collective mind shall be restored - the power grab by the oligarchy, of which there isn't a word written in the US constitution, will be complete.

different clue

If Trump/Pence got elected, I wonder if Trump would delegate an awful lot of power and authority to Pence. Perhaps Pence would be put in charge of "foreign and domestic policy" and Trump would take charge of "making America great again".


Given the lack of definition in the job description, the vice presidency can be pretty much anything the president wants it to be. I would think that an administration where the veep is functioning reasonably happily would be the better for it. Lyndon Johnson was not treated well in the Kennedy Administration (by Kennedy’s people, that is; JFK himself was generally more understanding of LBJ’s sensitivities). This had its negative aftereffects when Johnson got the top spot. (Of course, in turn LBJ couldn’t resist meting out even worse treatment to the unfortunate Humphrey.)

Since Clinton/Gore, there seems to be an assumption that the vice president will be given more to do and have his own sphere. Bush/Cheney went far beyond that, of course. In the Clinton White House there were three loci of power – Clinton, Gore, and Mrs. Clinton – and a similar dynamic can be expected in Clinton II. I understand Kaine was chosen in part because he knows the Clintons well and is unlikely to resent – much - having to compete for the president’s attention and ear with the First Spouse as Gore is said to have done.

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