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30 October 2016


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Thank you. Was wondering about what was refelcred in upper northwest of country.


There is some truth to this statement.


In some areas yes. Other areas - not so much. If the GOP is eventually forced to retrench to the old confederate states (minus Virginia, NC and Texas where there are or shortly will have problems) plus a few small western states then they are in big, big trouble. That isn't enough of an economic base for them to challenge the cities and the coasts. They'll be forced to change.


The young are already changing whether you, I or anyone else likes it or not.

I wasn't speaking of Kirchhoff. It's really a very simple concept. Electromagnetic waves move through space and are modeled as sine waves. Economies move over time in a series of recessions and expansions also modeled as sine waves. The basic complex equations used for wave theory can then be used for both (or anything else that moves as a wave). The variables change but the underlying math stays the same.

Ask yourself why Wall Street and big banks have hired all those physicists over the years? Do you think the CEO's were interested in astrophysics?


I agree with this and have been making this argument for a long time.


@GCP: "The equations that govern the electromagnetic waves that make your computing devices work are the same equations which govern economics."

1. equations don't govern, they describe;
2. economics is not physics;


Isn't this the same argument we heard from Rove around 2000 and particularly by the time of the 2004 election? Something about a permanent GOP majority based on redistricting? Then by 2006 the House was back in the hands of Democrats. Populations shift and move about. 10 years is a long time. Districts that look safe at the beginning of a decade may not be so safe 6 or 8 years later.



That works both ways in re redistricting. IMO the GOP will hold both houses of congress after 2014. pl

Bill H

Sure, certain legislators have secured seats for their lifetime. I recall one Senator was elected even after he was dead and there was some chicanery to let his wife serve his term. In San Diego county we have Duncan Hunter and I will guarantee that a large portion of voters thought they were voting for his father, since he did not use "Jr" on his campaign signs.

I was referring to the White House and the majority in Congressional houses.



Virginia now has Republican leadership in all three major state offices and Rep. control both houses of the legislature. the Republicans have committed suicide in the coming election because of Cucinelli's ethical problems and the absurdity of the Lt. Gov. candidate. These choices virtually insure McAuliffe's election. Without that he would have been defeated for the third time in a state wide election. We have two former governors as US senators. they both were careful to govern from the center when they were in Richmond. Virginians vote for sensible, careful people. Party does not mean much here on a state wide basis. In NC the Republicans control the state legislature. Texas seems pretty obviously red. I think you just like to argue, something I do not appreciate. You claim not to be an economic determinist but your arguments are all based on economics. pl


You missed the joke and responded with something even funnier. What the does a co-located supercomputer do for economic value other than for the managers of the firms micro-trading stocks? How did all those phd's help BP, Transocean and their insurers? That complex sine wave equation math must have told them just how many lawyers and lobbyists to hire to get Obama to bail on his responsibilities to the Republic. Then there was that great sine wave modeling at MF Global, surely Corzine figured out how much to pocket to stay out of jail, or not. That and a hundred others add value to the 'economy'? Certainly if the money is going into ones pocket and one has no responsibility to other members of society.

Those young people - they aren't changing - they are reaching adulthood with different life experiences and frames of reference than the society I came of age in. You are mistaken if they think all the math above is making them rigid liberals who will vote Democratic forever.


Neither of the parties is dedicated to any principle, ideology etc. They just talk that way and the people who don't look or think too much about the details (i.e. 99.9% of the people) don't know it...and quite frankly they don't care.

What they do specialize in is to make themselves to be friends/ally of certain groups and enemies of others. On this dimension, they are "sincere" but only in the relative sense--because one party is so clearly making themselves an enemy of a certain group, the other party can endear itself to them by making token, symbolic concessions, or simply by saying a few nice words (or even by merely not being an enemy.) No, nobody is being "sincere" by going out of their way to support one group or another.

In other words, we are saddled with politicians who talk a lot, do next to nothing, and are skilled only at posing. Yet, we delude ourselves into thinking that "our side" is the savior because "the other side" is the devil--whichever side we happen to be on, based on very flimsy evidence. We think so much of the talk because most of us (the public) see so much of it (thanks to the internets) and we don't know the "real" stuff because most of us wouldn't know what to make of it even if we see it (not that we do...again, thanks to the internets--this would take real experience and knowledge, not a 5 minute search for random junk).

Madison made the point (at the Virginia ratifying convention) that a successful republic, in the end, rests on no set of clever institutions, but the wisdom of the people to ultimately sort out charlatans. This wisdom is increasingly becoming precious....


Really? That seems to contradict your reply to Tyler above.

"We don't compete with immigrant labor because we have embraced it "

What's going to happen to labor rates in Texas when these immigrants return to liberate Mexico? Well if you bring in a few million people born poor elsewhere nothing. Which has essentially been Tyler's point for a couple of years running.


What are the tangible differences between the "country" GOP and the "coastal" Democratic party when it comes to financial & economic policy, foreign policy, federalism and the rule of law in tune with the spirit and intent of our founding ethos?

IMO, what we have seen under both GOP & Democrat Presidents and Congresses is the growing scope and scale of the federal government; interventions in lands they can barely pronounce let alone understand the nuances; continued erosion of the rule of law as the favored classes get a pass.

Federal government "stimulus" as reflected in their debt has grown non-stop for decades. Ominous words such as "sequestration" are bandied about when even the growth rate of this debt accumulation is reduced. Why bother living within their means when the governments debt can be monetized endlessly. Well connected private sector losses become public. Officials routinely lie to Congress and no one cares. The government becomes ever more secretive and now there are good & bad "leaks" with good being what the political establishment wants us to know. Both parties try to outdo each other on who can eviscerate the spirit of the Constitution to keep the ever fearful American people safe from the threat du jour.

The only difference between the parties that I see are on issues that I believe government should not even be involved and those are the litmus test issues of personal choice - Guns, God and Gays. And yes, the unions too!


That's the important question. I think there will be an explosion of one kind or another. Which makes the NSA tracking and the Massachusetts/Boston abandonment of the 4th Amendment even more troubling. I can only imagine which civil servants are already spying on members of Congress, their staffs and likely political opponents in an effort to impose their own political opinions, which superficially at least, appears to be the case with the IRS scandal.


Let me narrow this down because brevity is the soul of wit.

Paragraph 1: "I am surrounded by Europeans and high IQ Asians, not Treyvarious and Juan."

Paragraph 2: "Because some RINO thinks illegal immigration is okay, its automatically okay. Also unproven "coming out of the shadows" bullshit magical thinking."

Paragraph 3: "I'm going to ignore the Democrats who are owned by Wall Street and the CC companies pushing through TARP just as hard as everyone I mentioned, because that is an unconvenient fact that I hate."

Paragrpah 4: "The magical negro messiah can do no wrong. Our fundamentals are sound even though once Bernanke threatened to turn off the free money tap, the financial industry about shit the bed."

Keep on pretending, buddy. I don't know if you're serious or just messing with me by being such a clueless fool.


Based off of what? More of your "math and science" that you hug to your tits like a security blanket? Cruz is doing fine in Texas, you dope.

How is Dixie "landlocked" when its got that thing called the Gulf of Mexico, you fool. Tell me more about how 'popguns' are currently busy stopping the US military in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Your entire persona is that of someone who is a big statist sheep, so its no surprise that you'd sympathize with young thug Saint Trayvon of the Skittles as opposed to someone watching out for his neighbors.

We don't enforce the immigration laws, so of course they're not going to leave. If you started enforcing them, it'd be a different story. You and your idiot liberal friends handwave the difficulties in 'banning' assault rifles, but going into the cities and ripping out illegal aliens is too hard? Yeah, okay champ.

Have YOU ever thought of emigrating? I'm sure Europe with its diverse society free of hate and neoliberal policies would be a haven for you.


I disagree respectfully Optimax. I think the tolerance for immigration wavering, like has characterized Judas McCain his entire career, is going to be done after this. I think its very clear that Jeb Bush is another RINO a la Romney, and the constituents are tired of the Beltway feeding us neoliberal RINOs.


You, your friends and neighbors are clearly doing much better than the average American.

Based on what you said, it looks like you think that you'll be able to keep floating above the apparently permanent disaster zone that many Americans now find themselves living in due to high unemployment, increased job competition, low job creation and increased costs while wages remain stagnant or decrese.

I think if you asked long term Americans making $10 or less in Texas -- of which there are many, as I recall Texas and another state are tied in last place for the highest number of workers making minimum wage -- what they think about immigrants already there and the prospect of having a greatly increased number of new immigrants coming in, they would not "embrace" that idea.

I have long thought that our politicians have been living in a fantasy land since Reagan, but that applies to both parties. Each one clings to a vision of the world that does not match reality. We are stuck with the results of a neverending cascade of bad decisions that feed upon themselves, intertwine and are now in the process of pulling this country down and apart.


Well of course. That's all we heard during last year's Republican primaries, you know that. But come fall Romney didn't campaign as if he were the dedicated, long time very conservative, almost anti-government candidate because he know he wouldn't get enough voters. Any of the other people in the primaries would have run back to the center like he did, if they wanted to win.

I think the far left is pretty powerless. The things you don't like may have started out as far left issues but they won't go far unless they go far closer to the center. Also remember that the elites always think the rest of the country is with them, or well be. Same with the people on the far left and right. They are out there with the fervent few but boy are they convinced that they secretly have a lot of company or that they will, someday.


Where do you see the votes coming from?

More than half the country is liberal or moderate. How can a very conservative candidate have a natural appeal to these folks who are not even conservative?

Also, as we continue to add to the ranks of the needy, even people who may not like the idea of social safety net will be using it.

Given current economic conditions, how many desperate users of government aid are in a position to vote for candidates that will that assistance away or reduce it?


A while ago, you and I exchanged opinions re. H1-B visas.
But, you're not wrong all the time.
This comment here is dead on.
America is being balkanized and cynical scum like Schumer with the connivance of dopes (like Rubio, Graham and the Democrat McCain) are doing their best to push it further.


We need to look at the electoral college map for this discussion.


Pat - If you wanted controversy on your site, you sure got it with this topic. I'd like to make a couple of additional points.

When I say I'm socially liberal and fiscally conservative I mean I have a libertarian streak in me. Frankly, if Gays want to get married it's none of my business and should not be the government's business either. If women want an abortion within a reasonable time period or want morning after pills and access to contraceptives it's no ones business except for the affected woman.

When I say fiscal conservative I mean revenue and expenses should be more in balance. Our national tax base as a percentage of GNP is the lowest since the 1950's yet we can't live anymore within 1950's needs. Our population is too old and the cost of everything to run this country is too great. I'd like to see Federal revenue and expenses balanced out at about 23% of GNP. My Federal, State and Local R.E taxes last year ran 48.68% of gross income. Would my standard of living be hurt if taxes were a few percent more? Absolutely not.

A legitimate question is whether the government is the best vehicle for distributing income. Having sat on the Boards of several charities, I can tell you they are not so great at the distribution game either. As far as Estate Taxes go, I have every dime tied up in trusts for distribution to various charities. I have no intention of spoiling my children's lives by passing on a pot of money when they are all living well established successful lives.

It's obvious that immigration is a hot button with many people here. Because I'm Jewish, I am biased on this issue. I am the keeper of our family history which goes from 1570 in Romania, to Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, and eventually in Aix en Provence, France. All this wandering was to find a place where they could finally feel wanted and thrive.

From the 1920's on my family members started coming to the U.S. illegally. They would board cargo ships in Marseille and when the ship docked in America after a little wait they merely walked down the gangway into this country. By 1943, my entire family aunts, uncles etc were here the same way.

I have a lot of empathy for people who want to find a place where they can thrive in life. You have at least 11 million immigrants in this country without papers. It is not practical to kick them all out. Lets get them above ground into the tax paying economy and on to a path to citizenship. It's no different from my wife's family who had been coming to America from Norway since the early 1800's. They all went to Canada and then walked into Minnesota to meet up with others and nary a proper piece of paper among any of them. They were all rural Norweigians with hardly any education yet they thrived here and contributed to this country.

I think supporting the Senate Bill on immigration makes me more conservative than liberal. Back on topic, rural vs urban political leanings there is plenty of speculation here but Pat put it best - time will tell.


Pat - forgive me for taking one last shot at an issue raised here - socialized medicine or Obamacare. First Obamacare is NOT socialized medicine since it's all delivered via private industry. However, military and VA medical care is socialized medicine because it is arranged and delivered by government. Does anyone here advocate turning those two medical systems to private hospitals, doctors and Insurance companies? Can you imagine a soldier injured during action having to deal with an insurance company about what will and will not be paid for in his/her care?

I personally benefited from socialized medicine practiced in this country during the 1940's and 50's. Along with hundreds of thousands of others, I contracted polio as a 2 year old in 1946. My father was a bus driver and my mother was a homemaker. They did not have two nickels to rub together much less pay for the enormous medical costs I was going to require. No many people had health insurance in those days.

The State built hospitals(in my case Gillette State Hospital for Crippled Children) hired doctors (in my case Dr. John Moe)nurses etc to staff these hospitals. From the Iron Lung through 26 major operations to correct for the ravages of polio and almost 14 years of hospital time I received extraordinary care that in today's world would have cost millions. Most of the innovations in polio care came out of these state hospitals. In 1951 the state paid Dr. Moe a princely sum of $5,500/year. I know because my uncle, an accountant, did his taxes. The other doctors were paid even less because he was head of the Ortho department. All of my medical care for those 14 years cost my parents zero. Do I think the private medical industry would have done better - no way. I cannot imagine all the fighting my parents would have had to do with an insurance company over the ins and outs of what should or should not be covered.

I know I am taking a personal example beyond where it should be but it is why I am not afraid of universal healthcare like most first world nations have.

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