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30 October 2016


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I would otherwise agree with you, as I assume you're thinking of the 'sandblasting' effect that American culture had on new immigrants would turn Hispanics into conservatives. The problem is that since the original 1965 Cellar Immigration 'Reform', we've continually turned down the intensity of our sandblaster. Instead of immigrants coming here and assimilating to our work ethic and ways of being, they've instead clustered in their enclaves and been kept fed by the hand of government.

It is why I am so opposed to the current immigration treason that the Senate just passed, as it will certainly result in the Balkanization of America within my lifetime, and maybe even yours.

Currently the top twenty countries we take immigrants from are in the Third World, with the first European country coming in at #22 (the UK). If we were taking them in a trickle, we could likely assimilate them, but we're taking them in a flood. Towns in Maine and Minnesota are getting hammered with Somali refugees who bring the Third World with them.

The people running these refugee rackets are of the same mold as the neocons who got us into Iraq, as the neoliberals who want us in Syria: they believe that if you sprinkle some Democracy Pixie Dust on a Salafist or such they'll magically turn into a Ohio Republican/Democrat with a love of Wal-Mart/Trader Joes.

We both know this isn't the case, but what failed overseas in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the MENA sphere has been imported here for decades now. Perhaps if we shut off all immigration except for a trickle for a few generations, we might be able to assimilate the newcomers.

As it is though, the idea that America exists as a country, with beliefs and values and a culture of its own, is foreign to many of those currently pushing the amnesty treason. To them, America is a great pile of spoils for their particular ethnic heritage to loot, or a way to ensure that their bank account stays full.


Nonsense. The coastals ensconce themselves in whitopias away from the diversity they claim to love. The non-coastals get to deal with the diversity that the coastals keep on importing as they hunt for more authentic cuisine and cheaper domestic labor.

The coastals generally don't have to compete with the Pedros and other immigrant labor of the world who will work for five dollars an hour. Tell me how many stock brokers, bankers, and other idiots repsonsible for the recession have to worry about being outsourced by an immigrant from Oaxaca?

You're going to run to math and science? Let's talk about the bell curve of IQ, who the majority of housing repos belonged to per capita, and who commits the most crimes. Or is that math and science just more HATEFACTS that you'd rather ignore?


Will Reks
Your comment is filled with wishful thinking. pl


Kirchhoff's Current Laws govern economics? That's funnier than the Laffer curve ever was. So all those young people will drop their Christian/pro-life/tree-hugging/you-name-it moral values they may hold the instant they show up in NYC (or elsewhere) to make a living? I'm sure they'll make more than 30 pieces of silver, but I wouldn't bet on them dropping their moral beliefs to make a buck. That line was over blown a decade ago, though it sure sold lots of books the the gullible. Lakoff made a bundle off his. The coastal enclaves are not 100% democratic, so it looks like math is having a hard time changing peoples souls.


Them there acres in Wyoming have 2 United States Senators. That's two votes that count more than the millions of votes in Chicago.


Pat - I am not talking about any constitutional amendment, it is not necessary. With each 10 year census, the House districts have to be redrawn to reflect population changes. Since each district represents about 700,000 people as a states population shifts to urban areas there will be more urban districts and representatives.

For example North Carolina metro areas of Charlotte, Raleigh-Durham, Greensboro, Wilmington continue to add population relative to rural North Carolina, the state's House delegation will turn bluer.


"Many Liberal Coasters are socially liberal but fiscal conservatives..." which cities are these mysterious liberals in and which members of congress have they elected? I sure can't name any.


I predict Jeb Bush will be our next president. He will beat Hillary with 3 million contested votes in--Florida.

Many of the pre-2000 Hispanic immigrants are economically successful, conservative, ethnically Spanish and despise the newer, more indigenous immigrants, who are less intelligent and more prone to socialist thinking.

Our country is too big at 350 million people to accomplish any legislation to sustain, let alone advance, the maintenances and construction of an advanced civilization's infrastructure. I would like to see us form smaller governmental regions, giving people more power to decide how to spend the tax dollars now taken at the federal level and accomplishing more than they can at the state level.

Strip away the social politics and there isn't much of a difference between the parties. I'd be happy to see morality left out of politics. for the most part I don't care who marries whatever.


With all due respect the 'coastals' (and I am speaking as one) are far more diverse than the inner portions of the country. I travel through both. Flying as a bird I am directly across the lake from the Johnson Space Center and my 'whitopia' isn't solely white at all. I'm surrounded by everything from Asians to South Americans with a few Russians and other Europeans thrown in. It's a completely different environment than what is in the inner portions of the country.

We don't compete with immigrant labor because we have embraced it (down here even Perry is for it). I know plenty of immigrants who are running their own businesses, buying homes/property and so on. Some of these are very intelligent people who had the misfortune of being born poor in the wrong country. They no more want to be your "Pedros' than I want to be. In fact, truth be known, you disgust them. If you give them a chance by allowing them into the above ground economy they would flourish in the same way that every other immigrant group before them has flourished.

Yes, I will run to math and science. When the red staters saw their 401k/portfolios crumble, mine doubled. When they all sold at 8000 some of us bought and now we're at 15,000. Time to sell while all the red staters are buying. You complain about Democrats, stock brokers, bankers and others but when the Tea Party of the red staters was coming along and Boehner/McConnell were up on Wall Street begging for donations and agreeing to sell you out by promising to filibuster any reform who were you complaining about - Obama? LOL!

The one person who was more responsible for the latest recession than any other was Ronald Reagan. He sweet talked you into believing that 1 + 1 = 3 and you believed him. Don't blame your lack of math skills on coastals, Democrats, bankers, stock brokers, immigrants or anyone else. It's a game that the inner portions of the country can never win as long as they continue with the GOP. They have no one to blame but themselves.

Will Reks

Pat, you never answered the question.

"How do you propose to change the constitution in order to enable the growing numbers in the big cities?"

Why is this necessary and who is demanding this change? No one but the elites in the media we all despise.

ex-PFC Chuck

The big factor in the disillusionment of the Democratic Party base is the fact that, at the federal level, the party no longer advocates for the economic interests of the middle class (except for a very thin veneer at the very top thereof), not to mention the working class. More and more of these folks thus vote with their butts, by sitting on them on election day. That's why the Dems lost the House and their supposedly filibuster-proof majority in the Senate in 2010, and why they'll lose even more seats in both houses in 2014. Dem activists are believe that the high percentage of loons in the GOP gives them an advantage but they fail to see that they're not going to get the turn-outs they need when they try to paper over their sell-out to the big money interests with appeals to identity segments.


Cruz? LOL. He won't even get re-elected in Texas. You folks were all saying the same thing about Perry in 2012. How well did he do? Maybe Cruz can remember three departments instead of Perry's two.

The country isn't going to stay together? Where are you folks going to go? You're landlocked? Are you going to pull out your popguns and take on the federal government or will you be confining your wrath to the coastal elites? Should I start building my rockets and lasers now or can I make it through the summer?

If the Hispanic man had been minding his own business he wouldn't be in this fix now would he? Maybe he should have gone to the store and bought his own Skittles.

Your Republican senators are now treasonous? Do you seriously believe that 10 or 11 million people who went through what they went through to get here are going to up and leave because you say so? Will you be going after them with your popguns also?

Have you ever thought about emigrating? There must be a planet somewhere that isn't fully developed where you would feel right at home.

Bill H

Assuming you are responding to my comment above, I did not say they would vote Republican, nor mean to imply that they would prefer one in the White House. I merely suggest that as enthusiasm wanes they might not vote at all, or might vote third party.

Bill H

I think all of this tends to overlook two factors which join forces to skew what should be logical. First is that both parties govern not according to any overriding set of principles, but strictly in the interest of their own preservation of power. The second is that voters tend to change who they want to be in control not because they think the other party is any better, but simply because they are so thoroughly disgusted with the one presently in power. Maybe I'm just cynical, but I've been witnessing this nonsense for fifty years, and most changes of power have not actually made any sense.


you will come to see, very very soon, if not already...defining "white", both officially and unofficially, will become a damn tricky thing...'and a close run' thing.


I would suggest GCP...this is, dramatically, less about "GOP economic theory" than it is about Neoliberal Theory. And practice.

And there are no bigger supporters of that then the present Dems.


They were thinking, "I'm gonna be president", or a slight variation, 'my republican colleague is going to be President and give me, and members of my family a good job, and a bigger place in history than I have now'.


with all due respect JJ, I think you have it wrong. If the GOP stays with "very conservative", they have a good chance of electing a President. If they swing, or stay, on 'the far Right' as you say, then yes, I think they are doomed to lose elections.


Bill H

I live in the 8th District of Virginia. That means Jim Moran. The Dem. Party here controls the nomination one way or another. The district is heavily Democratic. Moran has lots of seniority and brings home the bacon. There have been many attempts to dethrone him. Not even the Zionist element in the Dem Party has succeeded. Nobody likes him but he will be a congressman until he quits. That has nothing to do with disgust. pl


jonst, abu sinan et al

I agree with jonst that "white" is a sometimes thing and will get more that way. I know quite a few African-American rednecks. pl



I think that it is incorrect to think that population shifts will deny the GOP power. The states are redistricted by the states and they have proven ingenious at constructing illogical districts that nonetheless serve their purposes and "pass muster" with the federal courts. I think that will continue. So long as the states control re-redistricting, power will be divided in the House as the states see fit. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_American
BTW this wiki contains a chart that show that according the the US Census the white population continues to grow in absolute numbers. pl



"are far more diverse than the inner portions of the country." Yes, but that is irrelevant. Louisiana is diverse but unlikely to become a blue state. pl


fred et al

Yes. Wyoming, Idaho, etc. all have two senators. I want to see how the coastals are going to change the Great Compromise. pl


You mean those millions of Mexicans have zero desire to see Mexico rid of men who abuse her and her people; men from the drug gangs, corrupt politicians and greedy oligarchs like Carlos Slim? Those folks really, really just want mom, apple pie and to be citizens of the United States? I think if anyone ever tried to put a campaign together to free Mexico I think he'd find millions of willing recruits.



"Even in a Republic" No. This is a federal republic. France is a republic but an integrated unitary state. We are not. pl

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