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25 October 2016


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If the Republicans lose, it won't be because Republicans lost the minority votes, but because Trump alienated the women, especially the college educated white women who voted for Romney by a fairly comfortable margin. The story about "binders full of women" were much ado about nothing--it did not affect women's votes much if any at all. The kind of issues that Trump has with women and that he keeps making them worse is ensuring that large chunks of women's votes will be lost to the Republicans. Like I was getting at before, I think the data is trumping the theory--earlier, the data said Trump has a serious shot at winning, contradicting the theory, and the data won. Now, the data is saying that a lot of Republican women really hate Trump, and I think the data will beat out the theory again when the dust clears.


"I´ll give you an example. A state of the art (latest model high tech machine yada yada) abdominal MRI in the fanciest Bogotá hospital, paying without any coverage (full up front cost) costs 200 dollars."

By assuming that the price you paid covers all expenses is naive IMHO. The 200 USD you paid very likely not even covered the depreciation of the MRI machine for one day, no helium, no operator, no service of the spectrometer. :-)

However, your arguments in respect to drugs are IMHO correct.

Martin Oline

Babel Fish:
Thank you for the information. I will probably vote today and avoid the rush.

tim s

Taking the Gallup survey of self-identity politlcal views at face value, the moderates are the wild cards. I'd think that many of those self-identifiers base this on the past, consciously or not. I think this election changes things. I'd expect the course of the Dems over the past 8 years (and especially the last year with HC's & the DNC's dirty laundry being exposed for all to potentially see) will push most of these moderates to the more conservative side. I'd expect many to see, as I have, the foolishness of our past thinking and will change course in the present or near future.

I think that this likely Dem victory for the WH will go down as one that will be very costly to them and their apparatus in the long run. I think that the Dem's emphasis on LGBT and BLM issues and support thereof at the expense of the others will push more away than it will bring in as far as minorities go.

It also goes without saying these days that polls to an extent and the MSM articles overall are biased toward the Dems so that getting a full picture of what people are really thinking is not straight-forward.


TTG, the last figures I saw on on the overall cost in medicine due to liability coverage was 10-15%. That was 5+ yrs or so ago. Specialties like OB/Gyn were significanly HIGH!


Erdogan is furious with Russia over the latter's proposal for a federal status for the Syrian Kurds [Rojava]. He thought the Russians understood his red lines. Actually, Assad rejected the plan after the Kurds expressed interest. Was this political theatre or Russia playing two or three steps ahead in the game.

Edward Amame

Sam Peralta

Upper middle-class families don't get O-care subsidies. Those who do qualify for subsidies will see subsidies increasing more than premiums in every state, so most O-care users will find the net amount they pay for health insurance next year won't be much more than it was this year. For many it'll be the same. Shop around and it could be less.

Eric Newhill

ah poor Edward, so eager to believe what you read in Mother Jones. I'm looking at my tables right now. 44% of ACA indiv members have no subsidy and none of the small group members have it (those are the small business members that the hag you worship says she cares so much about). They are going to get killed by the premium increases. They will drop out for the most part.



Some news from the Holy Land:

Farmer Don


This came out of nowhere!

They are getting produced like crazy.

To me they are sending a powerful message.


The rebels have cast the dice in Aleppo.




does the publication of a completed ballot in a state where doing so is a misdemeanor, invalidate the vote? this shit seems designed to confound things.



really good stuff.

The Beaver


Ça brasse in western Aleppo
Jihadists and rebels launched a large-scale offensive west Aleppo with 4VBIEDs ( thus far) and ground force.
Read that "For the 1st time since the start of the conflict, Opposition has captured the symbolic & strategic Dahiyet al-Assad west of Aleppo"

Dante Alighieri

To judge from my last visit to Hungary, this seems to me an extremely rosy-glassed picture of the really desolate Hungarian healthcare system. If you plan to visit in-patient relatives in a hospital, they will ask you to leave flowers at home and instead please, please bring a few rolls of toilet paper, a half-decent meal and a bottle of disinfectant, all of which is sorely lacking in most places. Talking to doctors, their only wish seems to be to get out of this mess and obtain a job somewhere in Western Europe. Nurses show up for work dressed in black instead of white, in protest against unbearable conditions, even though this makes them vulnerable to getting sacked.


That's how Hassan Ridha worded it - picking up on a PR-release by Faylaq ash-Sham, featuring a drone-photo of the district:


Doesn't look too densely packed, however it is a stepping stone to the al-Assad academy, seen in the background (the square area with greenery). Yet, given it's fairly open approaches from NW, W and S it doesn't come as a surprise that it was conceded in the face of a massed attack feat. inghimasiyeen, SVBIED etc. It's an avenue of approach that appears to have been anticipated, too:


First photo there shows Major General Zaid Saleh of the Republican Guard, prominent during the liberation of both Layramoun industrial and Bani Zaid district this summer, also involved with the ops to regain Ramousah. Map on the wall in the background was visualized somewhat more clearly by the user here.
We'll have to wait and see whether this means that the 2nd line of defense is firmly in place and Jaish al-Fatah, Fatah Halab etc. were allowed to lengthen the rope to hang themselves with here.


"Tell me how much illegal immigration those countries have."

Much lower than the USA. However, to explain the huge per cost difference with immigrants would require that 40% of the US population is illigal. :-)


Farmer Don

More mock adds here.


Also the Malheur Refuge occupiers found not guilty in Portland. Surprising the Feds lost this case.


the powerful message is becoming completely muddled. people don't cope well with that.



Did the judge tell the jury they should convict? If he did, this is called "jury nullification." I love it and have led a couple pf jury revolts. pl

Martin Oline

Thank you for recommending Waugh. I read the his novel Decline and Fall and enjoyed it very much. Many authors start their career with an irreverent romp but soon change course to be taken seriously. The Everyman's Library edition I read had a 30 page introduction to his work and life. I look forward to reading more.
Many are familiar with the film "Little Big Man" which is based on a novel by Thomas Berger from 1964. I have read many of Berger's novels and I can honestly say that I wish I had that time back. Little Big Man is excellent, however, and any fan of the Flashman series or the American West would love it, but his other books mostly feature protagonists who have trouble dealing with inanimate objects. I thought that perhaps Little Big Man was derivative of Fraser's work but it turns out the first Flashman book was published five years later in 1969 so Berger gets sole credit.
Readers of detective fiction would appreciate Ross MacDonald's Lew Archer series set in the Californis of the 1950's. Two movies were based on his work; Harper and The Drowning Pool, both starring Paul Newman. The screenwriter, William Goldman, called his work "the finest series of detective novels ever written by an American."
His biographer Tom Nolan said: "By any standard he was remarkable. His first books, patterned on Hammett and Chandler, were at once vivid chronicles of a postwar California and elaborate retellings of Greek and other classic myths. Gradually he swapped the hard-boiled trappings for more subjective themes: personal identity, the family secret, the family scapegoat, the childhood trauma; how men and women need and battle each other, how the buried past rises like a skeleton to confront the present. He brought the tragic drama of Freud and the psychology of Sophocles to detective stories, and his prose flashed with poetic imagery."
I am looking forward to senility, when I can re-read his novels and each will be fresh and new.


I never heard of a Russian proposal concerning Rojava. Can you help me out. A link to somewhere you stumbled across this relevation?

To the extend I understand, the Kurds are not at all a politically "united mass". How could they be considering the larger context?

The Beaver

If this is true and HRC does win :


Bibi, Likud, AIPAC and the Neocons like Kagan will be happy.
Wait for the partition of Syria !!!
Guess Neera Tandem on the transition team must be taking orders and suggestions from those within DC and the thinktanks.

The Beaver

Oh I forgot this little piece also:



Don't assume 11 million illegal aliens.

There's also the not so small fact that anyone in the US who shows up to an emergency room HAS to be seen.

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