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25 October 2016


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Drink up!



We are going to repeal the 19th so hard all your past votes will be invalidated.



You should probably figure out what something means before you go and start using it.



What I understand is the judge allowed the defense to argue that the Feds could not prove the occupiers had "intent" to conspire to impede federal employees from performing their duties. All the other charges hinged on this point. But some on the radio are calling the verdict jury nullification. I'm proud that the citified Portland jury did not buy the Feds weak argument against them thar rural folks. It will be interesting to hear from the jurors.



Here's more on the Malheur Wildlife occupation verdict.

First, the racialists have predictably called the not guilty verdict an outcome of white privilege of white defendants by white jurors. The SJWs care and know nothing about the law and care not how their desired verdicts are achieved.

Second, one of the jurors explains how the prosecutors failed to prove intent and how, at least on his part, sympathy for the defendants played no part in his decision.



As sad as that sounds it makes financial sense. They don't pour tons of money on elderly care. In a sense you have a responsibility to die here when it is your time. The same is true for expensive medications.

Interesting. I can see your point. Almost never seriously needed a doctor. But never, seriously bothered that others that needed it got their treatment at my expense in our system.

Although, I just passed the mid sixties, I still don't. But I know some people who do, some younger then me, some older...

During the last years I was confronted with the issue, e.g. my parents needed treatment, and a friend made me aware of the hurdles elsewhere in Europe, e.g. in GB, and the doctor itself made my mother aware that more and more economical considerations gain ground. Gladly he ignores them. Will later generations of doctors do. They are both approaching their 90ties.

"UTI infections"

If had troubles in this context, I would simply start to drink a lot. Ideally get a herbal medicine from the local pharmacy. No doctors or whatever you describe in this context needed, really.


The terrain of Elysium was more rolling plains here than forest, with bands of trees indicating a water source interspersed between the high pink grass that tickled Sand's nose.

Paris was next to him, nearly laying down to hide himself as they waited for the other scytheclaws and the girls to do their part of the plan. Paris' rai'lith was planted into the loamy soil next to him, the broad head gleaming in the afternoon light.

"You hear that?" Sand asked, the faintest of noises coming to his ear. He strained to listen, and it sounded like many bellows going at once, and behind it was the sound of footfalls.

Paris nodded, and whispered "I feel it too," he said, coming out of the modified prone and taking a sprinter's crouch. As he said that, Sand could now see what they were hearing, with no need to strain either sense. The pack of scytheclaws were driving a herd of large deer towards them, with Salem and Jane functioning as safeties to keep the herd from suddenly splitting off on either side. The boys could hear the warbling of the utahraptors as they called out, with the girls adding their voices when one deer looked like it would make a break for safety.

Sand's hands curled into fists, and he concentrated, causing a red miasma to dance on his skin as he Manifested. Nearby, he could feel Paris do the same, and he would have known the other FOSsils chasing had done so as well, even without the gold and green that sparked off of them.

The herd drew closer, and the two shared a glance before facing forward, and then leaping out of the high grass into the deer. Paris' bulk crashed into two, sending them flying into others and disrupting the herd's well maintained equilibrium. Sand had leapt and hooked his arm around a large buck's neck, and using his momentum flung it behind it him into the other deer.

What followed next was as much science as butchery, as barehanded the FOSsils used their knowledge of anatomy to strike fatal blows, while the scytheclaws with them had the advantage of talons and teeth. It was over in a moment, with the wreckage of the herd laying around them.

Salem looked over at four that had managed to escape, breaking towards one of the groves that Sand had noticed earlier. "I thought we could have gotten them all," she said, turning a wet trail of blood into a smear across her cheek,

"No matter!" exclaimed Sai'mah, throwing her head back to swallow a bit of gore she had ripped off one deer. "Someone will eat them eventually."

It was Izza'mal who ruffled his feathers, and said "Eventually is now," right before the tyrannosaurus burst out of the woodline, startling the rest of the group. The four deer froze as the twenty ton carnivore bore down on them, roaring loudly before using his head as a club to send them flying end over end. Bones were shattered and two died outright, with the others calling out ineffectually as the Old Blood stepped on one, and with a sharp jerking motion ripped it in half. He flung the gibbets into his mouth, and quickly finished off the rest while the group watched.

"That's not Ripper," Jane noted as the tyrannosaurus walked over to them, the ground under their feet trembling. He was younger, without the patina of scarring and thick scales from where Ripper's war harness had rested on them. The scytheclaws spread out as the stranger approached, with the FOSsils resisting every instinct to go for their dreamblades.

The bladejaw stood off at a distance, and inhaled deeply, before she said "Ripper told me you would be out here hunting. I didn't think I'd see you in the flesh."

The tension dropped quickly, with the group approaching the new Old Blood carefully. "How do you..." Paris began.

"You have two mega predators hunting in the same ecosystem, to say nothing of the scytheclaws down there. Its courtesy to tell another Old Blood when you're going to be hunting as well, and to keep an eye out," she said. "You can call me Sourtooth, and I'd hope you're going to share some of that deer you killed."



There's the not so small fact that something like 15 (!) of the people there were fed informants. Whether or not they were actual federal agents of some variety was an issue that the FedGov would not allow broached.

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