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12 October 2016


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Stuart Wood

"Donald and the Deploreables" have a new theme song for his campaign, "Stand By Me" originally sung by Tammy Wynette.

The Beaver

Looks like the attack on the destroyer was not by the Houthis but KSA :




Ft. Clinton does not like the Catholic Church. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/acts-of-faith/wp/2016/10/12/wikileaks-emails-show-clinton-spokeswoman-joking-about-catholics-and-evangelicals/ pl


Other than to create and sustain maximum turmoil and confusion in the middle east, what's the point of U.S. policy, if one can call it that?
Or am I too cynical and there is, in fact, a coherent end to all of this?

Old Microbiologist

What's the opinions on letting ISIS move freely from Mosul to Deir Ezzor and we arranged it? On b's site this is being discussed and could be a big problem if true. Opinions?

The Porkchop Express

Having grown up around Methodists, it's not surprising (including one who went to the same church in Mt. Kisco with the Clinton cabal until they stopped attending). They really, really do not like Catholics. Evangelicals, too. But mostly because they think they're crazy. I know it's anecdotal and entirely based on subjective experience but in 2 northern states and 1 southern state it appeared to be the norm rather than the exception. Maybe not so much doctrinally but definitely socially/culturally.


Two views on how close a war with Russia is:



Sam Peralta

The collusion between DoJ, State Dept, and media with Crooked Hillary is astounding at the level of corruption. Just unbelievable!

Of course the media only care to take down Trump with non-stop attacks. What happens after Crooked Hillary comes into power in a rigged election within a rigged system? Are the Deplorables gonna take this lying down?



It also is beneficial to Israel to keep all players fighting amongst themselves. That's why they are helping Al-Qaeda and ISIS in Syria and against Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Israel couldn't defeat Hezbollah in Lebanon with their high tech military, which was a real shocker to them. So they need mayhem in the region especially where Iran is involved. Hence the irritation with regards to the nuclear deal.

The US seems to be quite willing to assist.


Gunning for grouse near Flagstaff Lake, Maine. Sanity is getting away from election news for hours at a time.


The Clintons are 'supposedly' from Arkansas, eh? (She is Chicago, yes, but their legacy place is Arkansas.) A part of "The South," where anti Catholic sentiment has been traditional. As example, I knew a woman who's family had a cross burned on their front lawn in McComb Mississippi in the late '60s because they were 'out of the closet' Catholics.
From experience, watch out if you tell a hard core Evangelical that Jesus was a Jewish Rabbi.
On another front, does anyone have a reliable guess about the Aleppo Cauldron timetable?


Expect the KSA to finesse this like the Israelis did the Liberty fiasco. "Mistakes were made, etc."


(1) maintain control of an [inherently uncontrollable] external source of energy, which by the Carter Doctrine is falsely seen as existentially necessary. The answer is to establish internal Energy Independence, then tell the Middle East to go climb a tree.

(2) Oded Yinon plan to balkanize all enemies of Israel and turn them into a constant state of civil war, "in order to make Israel safer". The punch-line is we've tried that with Iraq, succeeded fabulously, and it doesn't work.


I cannot find this story anywhere else:

"Negotiations to surrender east Aleppo under way"

"ALEPPO, SYRIA (4:10 P.M.) - Negotiations to surrender the rebel-held east Aleppo pocket have begun between the Syrian Arab Army's High Command and Islamist groups, a local source told Al-Masdar News on Wednesday afternoon.

The two parties are currently negotiating the possible exit of all Islamist groups from east Aleppo, via the contested Bustan Al-Qasir District"


Meanwhile, this is rather a quick turn around:

"Unexpected talks on Syria to take place this weekend, says Moscow

Switzerland meeting suggests US decision to abandon contact with Russia because of airstrikes on Aleppo has been reversed"


24 hours ago Putin was evil incarnate.



The Clinton's are never responsible for their conduct. Now the South is to blame due to some historical guilt? That's sad.



Recalling Dr. Helms’ point- "... political concepts and symbols are selected, reinterpreted and manipulated..."the embracing of Pussy Riot by Clinton is even more telling of her contempt for Christians and people of faith given what those woman did in the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow:

It is certainly contemptuous of Russian cultural memory.


In New Testament days Rabbis were known as Pharisees, Jesus had little good to say about Rabbis. Have to really know the history, as well as Christian and Jewish theology, to fully understand the New Testament.

Considering the current Wikileaks revelations are just the teasers there must be some real gems to come.



You are a wise man. My absentee ballot arrived yesterday. I'll be off-shore on election day, hopefully hooking a couple of kings.


One thing that bothers me is that americans apparently think their politicians have become low level scum. In fact it is easy to spot how regal they are by simply comparing their words and deeds with the words and deeds of noblemen of the past. To give one example, lets make imaginary puissance...

Chorus: Now the Band of Deplorables has reached the gates of Washington. The Establisment House fears America is on the verge of dying from The Great Buffonic Plague, and three corrupted men, I mean three democrat politicians show their contempt for the unwashed creatures.

Duke of Borg-undy

What a wretched and peevish fellow is this king of
Deplorables, to mope with his fat-brained followers so
far out of his knowledge!

Dauphin Hilaire of America

If the Deplorables had any apprehension, they would run away.

Duke of Brooklyn

That they lack; for if their heads had any
intellectual armour, they could never wear such heavy

See? American political dialogue is indeed highbrow stuff of legends. You can let them all politicians and generals speak freely and people will marvel...

Lady Gilberte of Kelley

My lord Patrais, the parade dress that I saw in your tent
to-night, are those medals or badges upon it?

Ganrl Patrais Coinstable of America

Both, my lady.

Dauphin Hilaire of America

Some of them will fall to-morrow, I hope.

Ganrl Patrais Coinstable of America

And yet my chest shall not want.

Dauphin Hilaire of America

That may be, for you bear a many superfluously, and
'twere more honour some were away.

Ganrl Patrais Coinstable of America

Even as your donkey bears your praises; who would
trot as well, were some of your brags dismounted.

Dauphin Hilaire of America

Would I were able to load him with my dessert! Will
it never be day? I will trot to-morrow a mile, and
my way shall be paved with Deplorable faces.

Martin Oline

It explains why Donald Trump complained in the last debate that we shouldn't warn ISIS that we are going to attack them before we do. If they leave BEFORE the attack there is no problem with their advance knowledge. It all makes sense.

Martin Oline

RT also has a story tonight citing "unnamed diplomatic sources" that there is just such an agreement.


An equal opportunity rogering of Trump and Clinton and their respective dysfunctional "parties", er, mafias. Everybody's tails get a good twist.


This reminds me of that scene in a Clint Eastwood movie when, after some loathsome fellow gets killed, one of the other characters remarks to Clint that "He had it coming", only to have Clint respond, "We've all got it coming". True enough, Clint, as Fallen Man, we are all standing in the need of prayer here in Midgard. And to that point, here is a call for mercy from the heart, mind, and pen of Magister Guillaume Dufay, a Burgundian composer of the 15th Century, the Kyrie from his Missa L'Homme Armè:


Forgive me this open thread indulgence, but if you seek balm in Gilead in these troubled days, here is a link to a full performance of this Mass from a different ensemble, and a sublime and worshipful performance it is, too. It is prefaced by the popular tune of the day, L'Homme Armè, upon which it draws for structural materials:


My guiding principle remains Hillary delenda est.

But, it still remains parlous hard to wax enthusiastic about Mr. Trump.

Goodnight, and good luck to all.



I beginning to think any GOP candidate other than Trump could beat HRC and any other Democrat other than HRC could beat Trump.

mike allen

I put in for an elk permit... Hopefully I will get lucky.

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