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07 October 2016


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mike allen

Bill and Jack -

If you ask I am sure you will find that those signs were taken down by the same people that put them up. My cat lady neighbor has not yet taken her Trump signs down. But the family up the street from her, devout evangelicals, took theirs down.

mike allen

Fred -

I hope you would be just as happy to end all fossil fuel & nuclear subsidies which amount to three times more than what renewable energy gets.

I'm 73 and am not planning on being around long enough to get any payback on a solar investment even with the stingy tax credits available from the feds and state. But thanks for the idea, I will extend an offer to my children to help pay installation on their homes. When their electric bills go down drastically, I'll ask them to think of you while they are laughing on the way to the bank.

mike allen

Thanks for the link. Well worth reading!

mike allen

VV -

In all probability it was the Bush family that released the tape. Their intent was revenge on Trump, even if it benefited Hillary.


Since electricity scales down, even small homes can afford $300 for installation, make back $30/year, and become independent.

This is straight out of Yellow Brick World thinking. In my neck of the woods, it costs $50,000 for installation, the energy utilities do not want to buy back the excess capacity from homeowners. (1) They don’t need it. (2) They’d rather produce the solar energy themselves at far less cost.

And then there is the Net Metering Agreement (NMA) that each solar customer who wants to sell his excess capacity back to the grid must sign with the utility to get the bidirectional meter. NMAs are ubiquitous in every utility across the country. They allow the utility to trigger tariffs and other fees in order to offset operational demand. With no advance warnoing, I might add. After all, it’s their grid. They own it. They own the lines, and they have upstream costs to wholesale suppliers of energy that 99.9% don’t even know about. These tariffs and fees can double and triple the cost of solar to an individual customer.

Further, NMAs have no cancellation clause. None of them. Cancellation agreements are non-existent. In my state, the dominant solar supplier purposely does not tell prospective customers about this fact. I know this because my best friend is one of their senior technical managers and he explained it to me. He said the whole industry is such a scam that he would walk out if it weren’t for the medical insurance he gets for his daughter who has a serious medical issue that he couldn’t cover while looking for a new job at his age. He took the job initially because he wanted to do something for the environment. He was a true believer. On top of it, he’s religious and full of ‘do the right thing-ness'. His talks with me now are full of derision and venom. He says that if people knew what he knows they’d never go near solar.

When you sign a NMA--and this is the same nationwide, because my friend and another employee verified it--the NMA is tied to the homeowner. It doesn’t go with the house. Remember, the utility makes the solar customer sign it if he wants to sell his excess juice back to the utility. So if you sell your house, the NMA stays with you and you are legally bound by it for as long as you live, or the house stands. The new owner is not legally required to pay for it. Right now solar customers in some states are getting earned income tax credits to entice them to buy solar. But the moment that disappears, your electricity could cost you the price of a good university education every year.

My friend talks to me about base loads and utility upstream costs that the enviros and activists have no clue about in the generation of commercial energy. It’s dizzying to listen to him, but he needs someone to talk to. His despondency at having being duped takes a big chunk out of him.


perhaps you are overthinking this. seems more theory than praxis of grabbing.

robt willmann

The plot thickens.

The other person with Trump in the explicit talk and bragging about sexual matters that was assumed (at least by Trump) to be private, is Billy Bush. Who is he?

It turns out that he is the son of Jonathan Bush. Who is Jonathan Bush? He is George H.W. Bush's brother. Quite a coincidence--


We know that Bush sr (Geo. H.W.) is against Trump and has said he is going to vote for Hillary. What about his brother Jonathan? Well, he might have been at a fundraiser this year for Hillary Clinton in France, where one of George Bush jr's daughters was, as well as, you might expect, Huma Abedin--



The sex talk was back around 2005. I do not know what NBC's standard procedure was with microphones. But the conversation of 11 years ago was buried in the cold storage of old NBC tapes. Did NBC use its employees to go back through old tapes to find wild talk by Trump, and therefore make a corporate in-kind contribution to Hillary's campaign? Did NBC let Hillary's operatives into its archives to look at all the old Trump tapes, which obviously included footage not on the air, to see if they could find some "dirt" on him? Or did a young member of the Bush family recall a conversation with Trump from the past?

Regardless -- or, irregardless -- of the source and how it was passed to the Clinton campaign, the cat is out of the bag. But Trump regularly hits back, especially when someone else throws the first punch. He released a video statement about the issue--


In the last part of Trumps' statement he says: "Hillary Clinton and her kind have run our country into the ground. I’ve said some foolish things, but there is a big difference between words and actions. Bill Clinton has actually abused women and Hillary has bullied, attacked, shamed and intimidated his victims. We will discuss this more in the coming days. See you at the debate on Sunday."

Stay tuned.


Has anyone else noticed that no one -- no one -- is talking about how we are going to handle the greatly increased population the Census Bureau predicts we will have in 2050?

The Census Bureau says we will go from about 325 million people today to 400 million.

That's a lot of extra people -- on top of a lot of extra people already here that nobody in 1970 thought we'd have. Back then we were talking about Zero Population Growth and stabilizing our population.

In any case, why aren't people who are pushing for lots more people telling us about the new American this growth would create in real and practical terms?

Why support open borders if you are unwilling to discuss the result?

different clue

mike allen,

I remember reading at the time that the women in question had non-coerced sex with the Lefty Rebel-god Assange and later claimed various criminal actions because "the condom broke" and yet Assange kept going . . . or some such thing.

One of the women involved had a history of working for CIA front-groups. The suspicion arose that the two women were part of a CIA-type honeytrap set up for Assange to walk into, and then be accused of.

The Swedish authorities could have "interviewed" Assange outside of Sweden just as well as inside of it. Assange ( and others) suspect that the reason the Swedish authorities wanted/ want Assange physically back in Sweden is so that they can then give him to the US DC FedRegime authorities so that he can be Padillafied and Guantanamized. And of course Assange won't make himself available for that kind of juridical kidnapping and dungeonization.

Even after the Swedish statute of limitations "runs out", Assange should not think he is safe. He will always be subject to the danger of kidnapping for transport across national boundaries ( "extraordianry rendition") for the purposes of Padillafication and Guantanamization. If that can't be achieved, he can always be targeted for outright assassination attempts . . . if he ever steps beyond the protection of an Embassy or a First-World-Quality intelligence-counterintelligence service belonging to a supportive regime.


Hillary Clinton's remarks here are just concrete evidence of the complete detachment of our elites from reality and the rest of us.

There's no First World country that wouldn't be overwhelmed if it made itself available to a billion people.

She cannot believe the whole Western Hemisphere is going to become First World and that therefore there wouldn't be a big stampede to the US and Canada.

I am all for abstract thought and speculation but I don't that's what's going on here: I think she mentions this because she thinks this is theoretically doable and would be a good thing for America.

This is just nuts.

This kind of talk makes me thing we are going to need a second revolution in America.

different clue

Edward Amame,

The brand-name GOP candidate-possibilities all support Free Trade Treason agreements, just like the economic treasonists Clinton and Clinton. The only Republican officeholder I personally know of by name who objects to Free Trade Treason is Senator Sessions of Alabama . . . who would THEREfor Never never NEVER be nominated for Presidential candidate by the pro Free Trade Treason GOP.



you realise this was *talk* about grabbing?

And "grabbing p****" can mean many things, usually it just means being successful. Full stop.

different clue

Bill Wade,

I am not a Trump campaign worker in yours, or anyone's neighborhood. But if I were, here is what I would do.

I would replace all the Trump signs again, right back where the stolen ones were.

And if they got stolen again, I would replace them again.

And if they got stolen aGAIN again, then I would know that the sign stealers have become used to stealing the signs.

So what I would do next would be to harvest a whole bunch of poison ivy leaves, soak off the poison ivy oil from the surface of the leaves, replace the signs yet aGAIN again again . . . and then apply the poison ivy oil to all the relevant touchable surfaces of the signs. And then wait to see who itches.

different clue

Eric Newhill,

It also gives the Trump Campaign an opening to publicize whatever is suspected about Bill Clinton's possible frequent flights on Mr. Epstein's private Pedophile Express jet plane down to Mr. Epstein's private Pedophilia Island in the Caribbean. Is the Trump Campaign smart enough and mean enough to bring this up?


This Trump thing reeks of an ambush set off early. This was supposed to be Machado II with a supine media covering for doddering Hillary, but the Wikileaks thing freaked them out.

The polls will not change, no one will not vote for Trump over this who wasn't going to anyway. I'm amazed at the feckless cowardice of the RNC and others who think war with Russia and a 3rd World horde swarming in is preferable to a man who uses blue talk in private.

Personally I'm so sick of the deceit and hypocrisy of these globalists Trump could go full Sulla and proscribe every one of his enemies and I'd be fine with it.


This is hilarious:
CNN Panel Explodes During Trump Tape Segment: Stop Saying Pussy on Air!!

So surely this is no well coordinated campaign to prevent Trump from speaking about his policies tomorrow .......



As far as I know Trump didn't engage in sodomy in the Oval Office or defend a child rapist so your pearl clutching is absolutely hilarious.

different clue

I do not know a lot about Electoral College Engineering. I know that one of the candidates must reach or exceed a certain thresh-hold number of Electoral Votes in order to be declared Elected.

Is there a way to hold at least Clinton ( and ideally both) candidates below that Electoral Thresh-hold number? Could some small states of Libertarian tinge ( New Mexico? New Hampshire?) be saturated with Libertarian effort to get Johnson awarded the EVs of those two states? Could some other small states ( Vermont-at-least, maybe others) be saturated with Green Party efforts to get their EVs awarded to Stein? Could the Leaderships of the Green Party and the Libertarian Party get together to see which states might be Greenable and which states might be Libertarianizable?
And both jointly help eachother get the more supported Third Party Candidate EV-elected in his/her respectively more support-leaning states?

A first step to blunting and turning aside this Borg Charge To Power might be to get the election thrown into the House of Representatives by denying each candidate the Magic EV Number.


Yes, men DO think about sex 25 hours a day.
And any man who has not at least witnessed, much less participated, in talk like this has been living in a cave.


Sweden has some of the flakiest, most blatantly political, and least credible laws on rape and sexual abuse in the world. If there is any jurisdiction to select for a kangaroo court on such matters, it is Sweden. Not that their laws actually make women safer; they're too politically correct to focus on the actual perps.


only one more peep more on that topic.
is at the top of the heap that's because we suck the lifeblood out of all the others you list. Especially the cradle of European philosophy, everybody around here knows.


1) IEEE's the top EE trade mag. The actual paper had two main conclusions: (1) converting over to alternative energy is not going to stop the increase of CO2 nor global warming, and thus THE CO2 PROBLEM is "not going to work"; (2) alternative energy (at $0.065/kWh local, assuming 25-yr lifetime) is not going to be cheaper than coal production (at $0.04-$0.06/kWh remote, not including distribution) and therefore no sane entrepreneur would build a solar plant instead of a coal plant "because it would be unprofitable".

The Register goes off on a tangent, but it's actually trying to make the point that net energy production seems negative. This was true up until 2014. We're now net positive. That is, even today, even when you count in the energies required for excavation, fabrication, transportation, and installation, the energy generated still comes out ahead. Today. After thin-film low-weight solar comes online, plus massive economies of scale in distribution, it goes up. Double the lifetime to 50 years, and you half the price right away.

Your numbers point out half a billion panels will cost $140B at current prices, half of which will be for labor (jobs). Since the economy needs a stimulus package anyway, and since we've been willing to print $3T for banks, this is literally a drop in the bucket. Unfortunately they will only power 8.8M homes. It's a good first effort but will need 10x more after it's shaken out.

Your sources assume rare-earth materials, current technologies, and scarcity. If solar cells switch over to stable organic materials, the rare-earth requirement would go away. I can't speak to scarcity nor how often new mines are discovered when demand goes up.

None of these efforts calculate the knock-on strategic effect of going energy-independent. If America gave up having to own the Middle East, $6T/decade in unneeded war spending would free up a peace dividend of $60,000 for each of 100K households. That's a huge chunk of change.

Solar cells are very doable in massive quantities even when using current technology, assuming raw materials supplies hold up. Although they do not solve the CO2 problem, the need for job stimulus and strategic energy independence, coupled with a 10% ROI (which admittedly is less than the ~12% ROI of building a new coal generator on your roof), makes this a substantial policy direction.


Mr. MRW stated "A solar park or wind farm cannot power one aluminum foundry, not one." The categorical negative seems inaccurate. Please happily feel free to provide your own BOE SWAG.



I completely agree with you that the current political/economic structure, in America, is totally hosed when it comes to home solar. Big Power got there first, and has literally bought Inspectors General in a few states. A revolution is needed for this portion to become feasible in America.


ummm, "Russian jets bomb kindergartens"? How about "Russian jets rock the Kaaba"?

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