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07 October 2016


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Allen Thomson

> Their timing was well done. pl

Well played indeed. The KGB term "active measures" (активные мероприятия) comes to mind. I imagine Putin appreciates this on a technical level, though it probably runs counter to his own purposes.



the idiots in Iowa have 6 GW of wind turbines

All paid for with government subsidies. A great way to get rich these days with no financial risk. No wonder Warren Buffett has bought up as many utilities as he can. Elon Musk isn’t a financial genius. He’s just another immigrant who figured out how to take advantage of the US government contract business and with an initial investment from his software business earnings and great bank loans has a sure thing.


Elaine, I apologize for the obtuseness of others of my gender who missed the sarcasm in your post.


He didn’t say that Nancy K. He didn’t mention being rich. He said that stars can get away with it because they’re stars.


I agree, Cee.


Neither have I, and I despise it. However, that kind of talk - if not behavior - is common among quite a few men. Also, I suspect Trump's comment that Bill Clinton said worse to him on the golf course is probably true.

It's really sad that a Presidential campaign has descended to this. The decline of civilization may be partly to blame, but also the fact that more of our lives are recorded than ever before.


Trump should just stand up and say: "Hey, that's how boys talk, all boys. Just ask Bill Clinton."



abuser = POTUS vs. 20 something intern?

sounds about right.
do that in corp world??? bye bye/


Thanks for the highly appropriate context.


“I don’t know anything about what [WikiLeaks] is talking about, and I don’t recall any joke. It would have been a joke had it been said, but I don’t recall that,” Mrs. Clintonsaid of a report published Sunday by the website TruePundit.

The website claimed, citing “State Department sources,” that Mrs. Clinton said “Can’t we just drone this guy?” in November 2010 as WikiLeaks was preparing to release 250,000 secret U.S. cables.

Mrs. Clinton’s campaign manager was asked about the report Monday with a local Fox affiliate in Washington, D.C., but he too sidestepped the question and blamed it all on politics.

“I’m reticent to comment on anything that the Wikileaks people have said. They’ve made a lot of accusations in the past,” Robby Mook said, Mediaite reported.


Sounds like the former SOS alzhemiers.
She really can't recall much of the past.

Bad trait for a POTUS, right Ronald?


Long haul, but the vast majority of the country is red , only the large cities hold the blue cohort.

As they crumble, Chi-town, Detroit, you name it what will the old city dwellers vote for???
dont't know, but it may be something diff from where they ran from.


I do not know why we are even discussing an 11 year old tape? This is just bull-sheet-rock! The imperial hubris of the likes of Paul Ryan and his bunch.

We have more deadly matters at hand.


Very nice!

The nbrs don't add up.
Maybe in a Hillery utopia when we are all living in the power footprint of Haiti.

for goodness sake, it burns.


Just listened to the whole thing through and through. Harmless.

Martin Oline


If you will...

A ton of aluminum measures about 27" square. 100 tons of aluminum a month would be less than 4 batches a day every day. I have never worked in a foundry, but I'll bet the furnace are larger than 1 square yard.



I have never seen anything like this. The establishment has one candidate, Hillary Clinton and one ideology; the free movement of goods, capital, services and people. All stops are being pulled out to make sure she is the next President. Probably due to old age and the restart of the Cold War with Russia; but, this sure looks like the final seizure of power by the oligarchs and their top 10% technocrat servants. For the Deplorables all that is left is whimpering. With the end of democracy, communication and hope; the rise of a separatist American Taliban in the middle America is inevitable. Disaster capitalism and the stockpiling of wealth is splintering the world apart.

Nancy K

It isn't the talk, it is the grabbing. One is annoying the other assault. Do you really not get that. To then cast blame somewhere else but teacher Billy does it too, sounds like a 10 year old boy, not a 70 year old man running for president.


Well, I just read Trump's Wikipedia page, and according to it, Trump was a democrat in 2005 when these statements were made.

mike allen

Babak -

I respect your opinions. I cannot answer your question, but am sure you were asking it with tongue-in-cheek, as my grandmother would say.

Although I do suspect that there are many examples of psychological coercion that although norally wrong would never pass the bar as being unlawful.

Nobody, no matter whether guilty or sinful, deserves to be maimed or butchered.


If Trump........

Would electors not vote the way the pop vote went??

Why not , this carnival needs another tent.


"An aluminum foundry requires roughly 600 kWh/ton of aluminum."

I am assuming you are talking about an aluminum 'smelter' Having worked in the business for 25 years, your numbers looked wildly off the mark.

"According to Alcoa, the world’s largest producer of aluminium, the best smelters use about 13 kilowatt hours (46.8 megajoules) of electrical energy to produce one kilogram of aluminium; the worldwide average is closer to 15 kWh/kg (54 MJ/kg)."


Which converts to 15000KWH/tonne (average). (1 Metric tonne = 1000kg.)

Perhaps you have ignored both the energy required to produce the carbon anode, which is consumed in the chemical reaction taking place in the Hall-Heroult process, and real-world efficiency?

mike allen

johnA -

Assange's apparent paranoia re assassination by the US State Department relates back to an email by Anne Marie Slaughter. He published it in wikileaks. In that email Slaughter proposes "legal & nonlegal strategies re wikileaks".

Now I can already hear Babak laughing about the term 'nonlegal'. But in fact it is my Merriam Webster dictionary and I assume in many online dictionaries. It does not mean 'illegal' such as assassination. It is as simple as doing PR or public relations instead of the 'legal' strategy of going to a court of law.

I do not believe Assange is paranoid. What he does is spread the lie that he is wanted dead or alive by the nasty Americans in order to solicit large dollar donations, sympathy, and groupies.

mike allen

Jack & Kooshy -

Partisan has nothing to do with it. If Hillary loses the election to Trump, then Assange will be a dead man walking. But probably not until Trump gets finished waterboarding him.

mike allen


Then why are Red State governors flocking to wind and solar? You may believe the hype from the oil and coal barons. Apparently georgia and texas and rizona and others do not.

mike allen


We subsidize oil. Why not solar and wind too? Or are subsidies only allowed for what Rush Limbaugh considers "politically correct" industries like oil?

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