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07 October 2016


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Assange has always been willing to go to Sweden provided that they guarantee that he won't be sent on to the USA. The Swedes refuse to give this guarantee.

Ever since Olaf Palme copped it, Sweden has been firmly Borged. Carl Bildt is a fairly typical specimen of their establishment.

I don't blame Assange for not wanting to do 50 years in a US supermax.

The rape charges against him are probably total BS, btw.


I can't see the Canadians going for this. Whenever I'm in Vancouver they seem to complain a lot about the (AFAICS) well behaved Chinese influx.

Brexit showed what happens with free movement between countries with very dissimilar GDP. We might have hit Peak Liberal in that issue.

mike allen

Different clue -

I cannot say I agree with your comments. But you gotta like the choice of words. "Padillafication" "Guantanamization" "dungeonization" Is that from you or from Wikileaks?


I miss the days when could write up, not down.

What part of "last gasp", "failed system" and "the State irrelevent" did you not understand?


"don't think it's fair to call Trump a buffoon. He get's that more Third World immigration will be used by Hillary.."

The two things aren't in opposition, unfortunately, both are true.

I follow US politics but from a distance. Was it really not possible for the GOP to find another candidate that advocated a sane foreign policy and tough enforcement of immigration laws?

Why didn't Pence stand? Why did they go for a crazy roll of the dice on Trump?


You cannot produce Al from raw materials (alumina) in an induction furnace.


"Or are subsidies only allowed for what Rush Limbaugh considers "politically correct" industries like oil?"

Do you even know what you’re talking about?
The Surprising Reason That Oil Subsidies Persist: Even Liberals Love Them

Martin Oline

Mr. Clue:
I had the same problem with my home made Jim Webb sign in Des Moines. After the second time it was trashed I wrapped Poison Ivy around the base and no one fooled with it after that. Maybe it was too obvious?


He didn't wear a condom when he claimed he did. That is defined as rape in Sweden. I'm not sure if that is also the case in the US.



Sane foreign policy == no money to campaign > not elected


So I left out the word “industrial” for the foundry, like the ones that supply our necessary industries. Not your uncle’s scrap metal business.


You may believe the hype from the oil and coal barons.

I don’t believe anything one way or the other, from anybody. I look at available physical resources and who owns them, something I’ve been watching since 2007. jack Lifton is a highly, highly respected rare earths expert. Travels to every site producing them in the world; advises major manufacturers using them from China, Japan to here at home. Science exploration teams put him on their studies because his knowledge is so vast.

And who said being a Red State Governor gave you any heads-up on smarts?

Jonathan House MD

Born in Greenwich Village, and still living in his home town, Robert Deniro calls Trump a "bozo" - not that different from 'buffoon' - quotes Colin Powell and also uses some other words.


Babak Makkinejad

I agree, women do not understand lust, when it runs like a flame in a man...

Babak Makkinejad

Yup; they do not even have bail in Sweden; Islamic Iran does.

Babak Makkinejad

That is why he lives in the Ecuadorian Embassy; living in the lap of luxury - women running to him all the time, etc.?



If solar cells switch over to stable organic materials, the rare-earth requirement would go away.

If. If. If. Lifton doesn’t assume. Lifton reports that the US military, GE, Japanese car manufacturers, and other countries are scrambling to find a replacement. But as he explains in that video I link to above (I think, I’ve lost my place), new processes go through multi-year quality control procedures before they can go online officially. It takes a decade. Lifton’s point is that we are dumping millions of tons of precious technology metals and rare earths in the landfills and not recycling them. 85% of all steel and lead in the US comes from recycling, but we don’t do that for 1/2 ton electric car batteries or all our electronics that contain phase-four fabricated rare earths and technology metals that we could recover immediately.

OK, I found it. Lifton: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRdHJsypbgg Watch it. It’s interesting and only lasts 18 minutes.

Lifton talks about the Tesla. Lifton says that we don’t produce enough lithium, cobalt (there’s now a real worldwide drought), and spherical graphite to produce ”even a fraction of the the cars Mr. Musk tells us he’s going to be making in 2018.”

Maybe I’m just too practical. I don’t jump up and down at coulda-shoulda-woulda worlds. I go digging for the processes and facts. Name the steps. Show me you have the resources and show me they’re secure. I find statements like this suspicious: "even when you count in the energies required for excavation, fabrication, transportation, and installation, the energy generated still comes out ahead.” Not even Germany believes that anymore and they’re green motorheads. They’re using brown coal.

Babak Makkinejad

Differences in GDP is a minor item, in my opinion; culture is much more significant.


Big Power got there first

In my state, solar got there first. And the solar company told customers that the utility would automatically buy their excess electricity at retail prices. But people didn't realize that if you didn't sign that NMA and just stay off the grid, disconnect from it, you need batteries to collect the solar energy.

My friend said the average rooftop solar array alone cannot power your AC or a frig. You either need utility grid backup, or batteries. AC drains a whole battery in 1.5 hours. So you need to buy 5-6 batteries at a minimum to cover the hottest part of the day in the desert areas that mike allen touts. Each battery costs $5,000.


An industrial aluminum foundry does at least 6,000 tons a year. Who knows what Alcoa does. Using the calculations at your link that would make it around 300 Mwh a month. (500 tons a month). The largest solar farm in the world, Topaz, is currently doing 40.


Hmmm. I'm making money off of the solar on my house and have been for many years. Why is that do you suppose? All the coworkers and friends I know who have solar are experiencing the same (and have been for years).

Maybe it's specific to your state?


Yeah, we subsidize everything--nuclear, oil, coal, etc. Even crops that make fuel. I know it's an easy negative talking point for those against solar and wind to harp on how "government subsidizes" it, so therefore it's not a valid choice. But, really, there isn't anything out there that isn't subsidized, so that argument falls flat.


Now at rock bottom, even Tic Tac dumps Trump:

"Tic Tac released a statement denouncing Donald Trump after a video leaked in which the Republican nominee said he used the candy to freshen his breath before forcing himself on women he found attractive."

Sorry, for this comedy intrusion, but it is "breathless"!


Don't be perfect be the enemy of good.

Renewables don't solve the CO2 problem but it is a start.

No sane entrepreneur is going to build a coal plant as the risk that it will be unprofitable is to high. A gas plant is much cheaper and while the fuel costs are (very likely) higher you don't have to deal with the uncertainty of what the gas price is as you only sell electricity if it is more than the price of the gas you burn.

Phil Cattar

Mike,Follow the money.....................Ive lived in all of the states you mentioned.I have a strong hunch the above Red States are flocking to it because there is serious money to be made for some of the states elite.

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