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07 October 2016


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Sorry, MRW, I often "don't look back".


1st debate? Want me to surrender? OK, I'll check



You are quite right. The level of puritan hypocrisy in this business is appalling. My conclusion about p---y gate is entirely a political one and I think Trump cannot survive this master stroke on the part of Ft. Brooklyn. Their timing was well done. pl

Old Microbiologist

I suggest you do better fact checking before you post something this lame. The rape was because consensual sex in Sweden requires a condom, even among spouses. Not wearing one without permission of your partner is statuatiry rape. He wore one the first intercourse but not the second. She came back for more after that so rape is a strange thing to be accused of. The same thing happened with the second woman. Assange then after being notified by the police, reported to the police and was let go, given permission to travel, and he departed the country. Only later, under US pressure, was the charge reinstated by a replacement prosecutor. By then, in fear of his life as the US has capital punishment for treason (a hard case to make as he is an Australian) so he has sanctuary in the a Ecuadorian embassy a place HRC dreams of hitting with a drone. The US, Sweden nor the UK have said he will not be extraditied to the US for other unspecified crimes. In the US a secret court met to indict him and it remains secret what it is all about.


Ezra Levant isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to appropriate analogies. D-Day plans do not equate to the US public’s right to know what the government is doing in its name and behind its back.


Not looking for an answer, but you keep asking me the same question whenever the issue comes up and I finally decided to address it.


A short introduction to life:

ALL MEN have at times talked this way "boy to boy". It's called bragging.

Old Microbiologist

More details here. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/world/us/Sex-accusers-boasted-about-their-conquest-of-WikiLeaks-founder-Julian-Assange/articleshow/7068149.cms?referral=PM



I refuse to be distracted by the crude comments that Trump made. I'm concerned about what is coming out from Wikileaks as Col Lang pointed out. I do think that we owe a debt to those displaced by our illegal wars but make them whole where they LIVED. I agree with Barbara Jordan in that regard. No more more economic immigrants and no open borders.
HRC says one thing in public and another thing in private.
I hope Trump focuses on that tomorrow. He can also mention that she supports slashing Social Security and that those in the financial industry should write the regulations! WTF?!
But noooo, we're talking about what many powerful men try to do and what many women accept as normal to get ahead!
I don't care about Clinton's oral office either, unless Trump makes the accusation that Monica was a Mossad honeytrap.
Enough of this silliness! We're being played!
Btw, did you folks know that the US is painting our F/A18's to match the paint schemes as the Russian jet? What is the worst that can happen with THAT?



If this idea worked as well in reality as it does in college classrooms this would have happened long ago. The Europeans have been saying they could do the same thing with solar electric fields in the deserts of North Africa for years. Here's one of many examples:

It appears more Americans want to invest in things like legal Colorado gold than in the magic of solar electrification. Otherwise investors wouldn't need massive tax subsidies to install all those solar energy cells.



I'm a woman & if knowing a man ... felt lust for females other than his spouse . . .

Then you don’t know male anatomy.


Thanks for bringing in the NC coverage.

When I saw the trash talk report this morning I spun the wheel of Borgmedia outlets and went to the Guardian to witness their artwork. The presentation was duly apocalyptic, final. But if they'd wanted it to have that effect, the story would have had to air the day before the election. Yes, what a shmuck, but what are the norms out there? Further, if Trump could bear to say "God, I can't believe what a shmuck I can be sometimes, I apologize" >>> +1, and on we go.



As a taxpayer I'd be happy to end all the solar subsidies since you are implying they aren't needed. I humbly suggest that you put your money where your keyboard is. With enough like minded investors this will happen in no time.


Well, the idiots in Iowa have 6 GW of wind turbines and just approved building a thousand more of them.

> and my nephews

No doubt.

Nancy K

It isn't Trump saying the word pussy that is upsetting, it was his belief he had the right to grab any women's pussy because he was rich. That isn't just being crude it is also sexual assault. I agree that Republican and Democratic politicians reaction to the word is political.


LOL, if a man ever tell you that he hasn't lusted for a woman who isn't his wife, then there is a 99.99% probability that he is trying to get into your chastity belt.

mike allen

old micro -

Blaming the victim is an old but effective defense of rape. If his case is that solid then he should go back to Sweden and fight in court. He has millions $ so lawyers are not an issue.

There is no secret indictment by the US. We are not asking to extradite him, only Sweden is. Yet the conspiracy borg seems to think that the US wants him dead. Strange, as it is only a couple of Canadians that said he should be killed. But there are many other countries that wish him ill: Brazil, Argentina, Israel, KSA, and many many others. So I would guess if he is offed it will be blamed on Uncle Sugar? Ok, no biggie, we have big shoulders and can stand being lied about.


Here is Trump tape

Normal boy's club talk - pretty harmless. I've had WAY harsher talk in the U.S., at home and elsewhere.

What is the fuzz about it?

Trump should just stand up and say: "Hey, that's how boys talk, all boys. Just ask Bill Clinton."


Babak Makkinejad

Milan Kundra, in "Book of Laughter and Forgetting", related an analogous incident whereby the Communist Government in Czechoslovakia recorded a private conversation between 2 deposed former Prague Spring government leaders and broadcast it on national radio in order to discredit that entire Prague Spring movement.


Voting has begun and it would be nearly impossible to effectively replace Trump. Electoral-vote.com had something on this today, and a great link to a more detailed discussion: http://prawfsblawg.blogs.com/prawfsblawg/2016/10/gop-repudiation-of-trump-before-118-if-so-then-what.html


Nope. Certainly never bragged about my ability to sexually assault women and get away with it because of my status.


not necessarily. remember WJC's approval numbers in 1998-9? This time the Clintons are in the glass house.


Babak Makkinejad

"unlawful coercion"?

Then, pray do tell me, what would be meant by "Lawful Coercion" under legal codes of Sweden?

Or is it another fatuity like "Innocent Civilians", to be distinguished from "Guilty/Sinful Civilians" who, clearly, would be deserving of being maimed or otherwise butchered.


you know about power, prestige, and celebrity groupies, right?

Babak Makkinejad

I think she is almost certainly ignorant of the security situation in the Western Hemisphere.

Excepting Cuba, Costa Rica, Canada, and Chile, public security has been declining rather rapidly everywhere in the Western Hemisphere. Places in Montevideo (as an example) in which one did not use to lock doors are not sporting iron bars on all windows 2 or 3 stories high.

Open borders in the Western hemisphere means that the few places that Law and Order still prevail to a greater extend would be overwhelmed by the Continental Riff-Raff; think about an ocean of criminality from the Arctic Circle to Tierra del Fuego.


Then listen to one of the world’s acknowledged rare earth experts explain it to you: Jack Lifton.

The main thing about electricity is that it's fungible; it scales trivially
Naive. Every solar farm requires a backup energy plan equal to the output of the solar farm because the solar output is limited by the hours of sun, clouds, storage capacity, land use, and distance to grid. These are not trivial.

Currently, the largest solar farm in the world is Topaz in California--just went online. And currently generating 40 megawatts. When it’s full operational, it’s supposed to produce 550 megawatts, enough to generate enough electricity to run only 160,000 average homes. That’s it. (The population of CA exceeds 35 million.) It has 9 million solar panels spread over 9.5 square miles. It cost $2.5 billion. (Do the rough math for Hillary’s half a billion solar panels.)

In 2007, Google threw all its resources behind a project to beat, best, and conquer the renewables problem. Scientists from Stanford (all religious about the environment) had carte blanche to solve this problem. They quit in 2011, and in November 2014 decided to publish their findings. No respectable science or environmental journal would publish their paper. They finally published in the IEEE journal, the journal for electrical engineers. Not one major newspaper covered their findings. Only one British computer publication would. The headline:

Renewable energy 'simply WON'T WORK': Top Google engineers
Windmills, solar, tidal - all a 'false hope', say Stanford PhDs


Their conclusion:
Even if one were to electrify all of transport, industry, heating and so on, so much renewable generation and balancing/storage equipment would be needed to power it that astronomical new requirements for steel, concrete, copper, glass, carbon fibre, neodymium, shipping and haulage etc etc would appear. All these things are made using mammoth amounts of energy: far from achieving massive energy savings, which most plans for a renewables future rely on implicitly, we would wind up needing far more energy, which would mean even more vast renewables farms - and even more materials and energy to make and maintain them and so on. The scale of the building would be like nothing ever attempted by the human race.

Your argument and computations don’t show the common sense and detail of a lowly army supply/logistics clerk. You left out availability of resources, sources, political considerations, transportation of those resources, interruption of supply lines, etc etc….all exogenous necessities and constraints.

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