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07 October 2016


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Absolutely concur that Trump is a buffoon- however dumping him is a ship that left the quay a long time ago. It is way past too late to legally and logistically change. Over half a million people have already voted and all the ballots have been printed.


The last I saw "Stratfor e-mails released on 29 February 2012 revealed that a sealed indictment has been issued by a secret grand jury in Alexandria, Virginia, for Julian Assange. The email is dated 26 January 2011. This means that there has likely been a sealed extradition order for over a year, which will be activated (unsealed) against Assange in Sweden, Australia and the UK when the US Government gives the order."

Sweden will not give assurance of no extradition.
Of they are interested in rape charges , this would be easy.


Hillary recently said about Assange, "Can't we just drone him?".


Colonel, IMO and perhaps yours (from what I understood) this election is over, to my dismay, although I knew the outcome from the get go. I live with 4 females (no not that islamic privilege) wife of 37 years, daughter and two felines, except for me and the felines, no one wants to even hear the name Trump anymore in this household. IMO females everywhere are offended, and no, regular male bathroom talk will change their anger. As you said, the timing of leak was perfect, the turkey is fully cooked, I expect a few more of incrementally time bombs like this to come between now and election. I can live with anything Clintons can do to make more mess in this world except, I pray and hope, they stay away playing with nukes.

mike allen

johnA -

I can find no such claim from StratFor about "sealed indictment" emails other than what has been claimed by Assange and his clique.




[Sorry. clicked post too fast.]

hottest part of the day is i assume when the sun is shining. Why would you need batteries than?

Air conditioning.


Maybe it's specific to your state?

Or specific to states with either extreme summers or extreme winters. I know people in CA who are happy as hell with their solar setups.


We have almost 95,000,000 adults NOT in the workforce and the rest of the people that are working are paying for their benefits when they don't work. Tell me why we need to import workers who take the jobs of American citizens?


Well, one good thing about him is that he says he WILL stop smoking pot if he wins the election!


They "steal" British jobs and unlike in France, Holland, Sweden etc. the speak the language so they don't only steal the shit jobs but also the "work is oke but pay is to low" jobs. (retail, dumb office work etc) which hurts much more. That is the reason for Brexit and also why Scotland didn't vote for it as the English they speak in Scotland isn't exactly Standard English


Trump won the nomination because he received more votes than the other candidates. In Trump's case, many more votes - it was a decisive win. Pence is a dull man who only looks good (to some) because he is running with Trump.

The problem for the Republicans is that Trump is strongly supported by the party base and he repels most everyone else. But he isn't some sort of male succubus on the GOP. Trump is the GOP. They cannot dump him now even if it was possible, which it isn't, and if they tried the base would not have it (ask Paul Ryan, who got a taste of Trumpista pushback the other day).


Carter only "committed adultery many times in his heart"...


different clue

mike allen,

I made up the words Padillafication, Guantanamization and dungeonization. I made them up all by myself. I have fun with the language that way and offer the words if I think that other people might find them useful and worth using here and there, now and again.
The process is kind of like what the old time Madison Avenue people used to call: " Let's throw some jello at the top of the flagpole and see who salutes what sticks."

And I'm not the only one. George Orwell once wrote an essay about how we should invent new words for new things or concepts. And in our own day, Bart Simpson invented the word "embiggen", and when told that "embiggen" isn't a word, was supported by Lisa Simpson who pointed out that "embiggen" is a perfectly cromulent word.

different clue


No, by this time I can't remember where I read them at all.

different clue


Trump won the nomination fair and square through the primaries. A better question might well be: why was the whole brand-name establishment Republican field so utterly awful that Trump struck so many people as the best and most plausible choice?

And at least the Trump nomination set me free to vote for Not Clinton in the election. If the R Party had nominated one of its brand name figures, I would have had to vote for Clinton in a spirit of festering bitterness.

different clue

Martin Online,

If no one fooled with it after that, then the poison ivy worked. Your method is kinder and gentler than my method would be. You actually prevented further theft. I was more focused on "getting even" and seeing "who diddit".

Keith Harbaugh

Might be worthwhile to give the link to the 2014-11-18 article "What It Would Really Take to Reverse Climate Change" in the IEEE Spectrum by Ross Koningstein and David Fork:
(that link is in the UK article MRW cited, but a more direct link seems worthwhile).
The money quote:
"To reverse climate change, our society requires something beyond today’s renewable energy technologies."
And yes, it really seems a crime against humanity that the media "elite" doesn't publicize their findings.

Keith Harbaugh

Let me add a postscript to my earlier comment:
It seems to me the urgent need is to pump as much money into research into generating electricity by fusion power as that research can reasonably absorb.
Sure, I know that some people have investigated that and said it is an impossible challenge.
But I somehow doubt that there is really no way to contain the astronomically high levels of temperature and pressure required for fusion to take place.
As much as we need a clean energy source,
why is so much money going into (UGH!) health care research,
and so little into fusion research in particular, and energy research in general?
The world has gotten by since its beginnings without a cure for cancer,
and we have no reason to believe it cannot continue without that cure.
But global warming is truly going to destroy the environment for our descendants, if any.
Why is Biden pushing his "moon shot" for cancer, but not a "moon shot" for energy?
And so on.


certainly, let's not let actors get involved in politics.


actors are citizens. their vacuity is what makes them good actors.


Sorry, should have chosen this link:


linked it now. Does not perfectly link to the commission but at least the larger context.

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