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07 October 2016


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ex-PFC Chuck

Yves Smith had a nuanced comment on a thread yesterday about this this issue. Hee's an excerpt:

"So yes, this comes off as as rich, famous guy bragging he can get tail. And a lot of men, even supposedly well-housetrained men, talk like this (I can name names but will spare you).

"I saw plenty of men on Wall Street who made good appearances, as in I am sure you would give them your Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval regarding how they spoke about women, but were very adept at exploiting the power imbalance and getting women to sleep with them (getting them to drink too much when they are on the road helps a great deal)."

For readers not familiar with that blog "Yves Smith" is the nom de plume of Susan Webber, the host of the Naked Capitalism.


There was another comment in the same thread pertaining to Hilary's history as an enabler of sexual predatiion:




There's no way Trump can be dumped by the GOP. I'm sure in many counties ballots have already been printed. In any case it is to be expected that the media are hyperventilating on his lewd comments. This is all part and parcel of the continuous media assault on Trump. IMO, this election will be determined by which side can turn out their supporters. I think since any Trump voter is labeled Les Déplorable, many are keeping their voting intention to themselves. It is quite possible that we have a Brexit like turnout where polls got it wrong as working class Tories and Labor voted to exit the EU.


Oh! It seems Assange has hurt your partisan feelings. Hypocrisy is coming on thick and fast.

mike allen

Half a billion solar panels is not ludicrous. It is easily doable requiring only the will to do it.

A lowly 5kW residential solar array typically uses about 20 solar panels. If you consider only those 5kW systems that suggests 25 million homes (500M divided by 20 solar panels). That is only about one third of the single family homes in the US.

And that does not count the many homes that have a larger system; i.e. my daughter's neighbor in Seattle uses 8kW. And it does not count multi-unit apartments or businesses or municipalities that need hundreds of solar panels. Nor does it count the tens of thousands of solar panels already installed in arrays by power companies and the hundreds of thousands of solar panels being installed on military bases.



Did you vote for known philanderer Bill Clinton?

Now, you must know that if your yardstick is any man who feels lust for women other than his spouse then you would likely never vote for any man.

mike allen


18 November 2010, Swedish Director of Public Prosecution ordered the detention of Julian Assange on suspicion of rape, three cases of sexual molestation and unlawful coercion.

mike allen


Evidence? Ask the Swedes about evidence. They are the ones who ordered his arrest.


Tom Flanagan, senior advisor to former Canadian PM Harper in 2010 on a CBC broadcast said "I think Assange should be assassinated, actually," when asked to expand upon his answer, added that he "wouldn't be unhappy" if Assange "disappeared."

Also in 2010, Canadian author and columnist Ezra Levant wrote in his column: "Why is Assange still alive? Why is he being treated as a journalist or political activist? If someone had published the intimate details of the D-Day plans during the Second World War, he would never have been seen again."


Re Trump -- My wife, who favors Hillary despite (or because of) my reality-based bantering, listened to the Trump/Billy Bush tape and was not offended at all. We all knew he's a pig, and boys will be boys, she said. I suspect the incident will fail to move the needle one way or the other.


irony? if not,

how many cats hast thou?


[OT! LeaNder, I answered your last question on The 1st Debate post at 30 September 2016 at 06:11 AM two days later.]


Women trash talk something wicked.

Wonder if HRC ever made Lorena Bobbitt jokes.


More likely, it sounds like, the reason you dislike him is because of his beef with Clintons. I don't know if he abused women or not, but the reason I like him, is because he brings out the truth that Borgs try to hide, which could be the truth you dislike. And besides no matter how luxury that embassy is, it's still a jail since he cannot leave at will.

mike allen

Amir - " I am sure you can not guaranty that he would not be tortured a la Guantanamo,..."

I guaranty it!


The faux chivalry of a Reince Priebus or Paul Ryan doesn’t impress me either. If all these govvie Sir Galahads really gave a damn about women, women would have equal pay.

If you're going to respect women, you start with their money. I don’t see Paul Ryan ever suggesting a way to help single mothers who work for minimum wage. (Or helping young families stave off the distress and hopelessness that working two jobs with a four-month old infant can beset new parents.)


Yes, like colonel said from the get go, he is a buffoon. But I think in this case, like most Americans, he miss calculated on how nasty slick Willy can be, no doubt Willy is the one who is pulling the strings behind the stage, and IMO has done him in, IMO no longer and no matter how much more of hilly billy emails Assange pulls out.

A Vet

Correct me if I am wrong, but aren't open borders a big part of the whole libertarian program?

Edward Amame

GOP "leadership backs exactly Hillary's policies?" Since when? David Frum spells out exactly what the party leadership favors:

"Repeal Obamacare; end the Medicare guarantee for people under age 55; offer big tax cuts to corporations and the richest taxpayers; pass constitutional amendments to stop abortion and same-sex marriage; back immigration reform that increases the flow of low-wage labor into the economy; take no action on climate change or other environmental concerns..."

None of those policies (except perhaps to a degree on immigration) are favored by Clinton.


A vet
Yes, and that is a problem for me. pl


Or LBJ holding cabinet meetings in the john while he was taking a dump.

(OT. I remember cowboy bars with a lidless john at the end of the bar to keep the piss off the furniture and walls.)

Nancy K

Trump was not a frat boy or a hormonal teenager, although he acts like one. He was a 60 year old man, the father of 4 children and had recently married his third wife.

Tom Cafferty

Not an apologist for Trump or Bush...but it't interesting that W Bush responded "Pussy" when reporter Howard Fink's asked what non politics subjects he and his dad talked about during 1988 campaign. Nothing came of it. The messenger can decide how and what to tell. Corporate media wants Trump for some ratings but will play it so he loses. The Borg always wins.



"felt lust for females other than his spouse" The purity of womanhood heard from. It is refreshing. How does this play out given the conduct of Hilary's spouse and his ongoing popularity with women?



After thinking it over and talking to SWMBO I realize that you are correct. There is no way to replace him. I think the GOP best course of action would be to renounce him as the party candidate and switch all support and resources to support of congressional candidates. pl


An aluminum foundry requires roughly 600 kWh/ton of aluminum. Standard 100W solar panels (roughly 2'x3.5') are approaching $100 but good ones can easily be gotten for $150@ off Amazon. Assume 5 hrs a day of good sunlight, that's 500 Wh/day/panel. Let's shoot for a 100-ton/month foundry, assume a 30-day month. Requiring 60MWh/month. One panel gives 15kWh/month, assuming no rain.

The main thing about electricity is that it's fungible; it scales trivially; and there is both a liquid market and a growing demand for it. You can simply buy as many panels as you need. Just keep turning the crank.

Then a field of 4,000 panels would be able to power your foundry for as long as you're going to live. This would cost $600,000 for the panels, maybe another $600,000 for the installation. Throw in another $300K for converter boxes and cabling. We'll put our panels 40 x 100 if laid flat on the foundry roof that's 80' x 350', roughly the size of one football field. So that's $1.5M for power. The building is going to be a larger expense than the power, roughly $2.5M, depending. So we're looking at $4M to start a foundry that can do 100 tons / month.

L.A. pays $0.21/kWh but other places might be $0.10. Our 60MWh/month foundry would cost $6,000 or $12,600 a month for power to run, if we bought electricity on the open market, depending on where we live. That's ~$70K to $150K/year.

Looking at our original install cost of $1.5M, this gives a 10% payback per year on our investment, or 5% if electricity is amazingly cheap.

Lifetime of solar panels is rated at 25 yrs, but they really are a "rock that gives electricity", no moving parts, and ones from the 70's are still working. Barring terrorism, hurricanes, tornadoes, or vandalism, they last longer than asphalt roads, i.e. pretty much indefinitely for practical purposes.

States are about to collapse from exploding pension funds which were supposed to give 5% but are now yielding 1%.

U.S. population, and electricity demand, is still expanding at about 3%/year.

Washington can solve the state bankruptcy problem by having the states create massive solar fields that power the country, and its electric cars, returning up to 10% on investment. The states can sell bonds which are backed by the income from the power provided by state-owned power companies. And the states can open it up by setting up a market for private entrepreneurs, who can make 10% on the dollar, if pricing is kept fair. Since electricity scales down, even small homes can afford $300 for installation, make back $30/year, and become independent.

Energy independence will also save $6T a decade blown in needless wars for energy-rich Middle-East far-right theocracies. Energy independence is critical for the grand-strategic power of America.

Eric Newhill

DC, It's a stupid attack on Trump for a couple reasons. 1) It makes his opponents (and the media arm of the Borg) look like giant ninnies going all apoplectic over locker room banter and that causes the deplorables to dig in even deeper. 2) It opens the door for reminders about Bill Clinton - was he a good President? Why is Hillary still married to him if such behavior is so awful and, more importantly, unforgivable?

Agree. The needle might make a temporary shift, but then goes back to baseline.

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