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07 October 2016


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An aluminum foundry only melts its aluminium when the price of electricity is really low. That is at night so number of solar cells is not important as the sun doesn't shine at night. A smelter makes aluminum from raw materials but that uses a lot of energy. 600 Kwh/ton sounds way to low for me


hottest part of the day is i assume when the sun is shining. Why would you need batteries than?


that's an interesting issue in itself: Olaf Palme "copping it"


Difference between British and Polish culture isn't particular large. especially because most Polish speak English so it is much more likely that it is GDP and not culture.



"got mine" heard loud and clear.

Tol Tapen

Here is a suggestion that seems reasonable if any pretense of "democracy" is to be maintained - introduce the "against" vote or some minimal percentage for a runner-up to (dis)qualify for the post.


In reply to Babak Makkinejad 08 October 2016 at 10:25 PM

"they do not even have bail in Sweden"

Yes they do. There is no right to bail in Swedish jurisprudence granting it is wholly discretionary.

Tol Tapen

Dear Elaine, your post is the best thing that is written in this entire blog. It provoked such an intense pissing contest among the male participants that exposed them all as utter fools who believe that their electoral votes matter and the USA is a great democratic country and not a deeply oligarchical system that poisons American people's minds like a venomous parasite.

There is another post somewhere in this blog that is related to the prospect of HC becoming the next American president. It expresses the feeling of "...no hope but no fear" probably in relation to the fact that the US President is a mere front person for the ruling oligarchy and it wouldn't be up to HC to spark the nuclear war. But I would be very scared. This oligarchy is quite capable of experimenting on the American people - they now have science and militarized police at their disposal. Call me paranoid but I think that the nuclear war is not the worst thing that can happen to the Americans - how about a little doze of chemical lobotomy for a starters. USAF can be the testing institution.

This "Brave New World" is... unbelievable, isn't it?


After a few tickled giggles reading the responses to my response to kooshy's opener
on this thread I actually reflected on my voting history: once voted for a woman in a mayoral race & other than that one lone vote I've always voted for men, not because of their gender but because I thought they were the best qualified.

Totally open borders IMO would require a true police state apparatus to avoid anarchy; The uber rich would no doubt benefit & the bottom 99% would struggle like rats chasing crumbs. I think the result would ultimately resemble feudalism, i.e. capitalism for the elite & repression further down the economic ladder.


OM, to the extend I recall, his Swedish lawyer claimed that the two women may not have been too fond of the idea he had sex with both women in a period of 4 days. Australian media reported extensively at the time. One women was involved in hiring him for some type of event and offered him her flat, the other was a fan that managed to draw his attention, some kind of groupie, if I may put it like that.

He had tried to get a living and working visa and the registration as journalist in Sweden at the time. Larger networks, see below. Which was denied slightly after the first attempt at proceedings, if I recall correctly ... The woman managed to get another judge to take a second look based on Swedish law. Pending.

For the record I am not an Assange fan, nor do I consider him my enemy. If I was the latter I would have read the revelations of a German Wikipedia "insider" published, I forget when precisely.


One of the women involved had a history of working for CIA front-groups.

I vaguely recall the rumors. You recall where you picked that up?

There were a lot of stories floating around at the time.

Bryn P

Yes, Trump may be a buffoon and a crude locker room jock, but in my estimation the worse obscenity was Clinton's crowing over the death of Gadaffi who was anally raped.


The Olaf Palme's assassination and Carl Bildt special involvement in actives seem to have inspired some of the best Swedish thrillers. Consider me a fan. The former event no doubt had a somewhat traumatic effect.

Admittedly I somewhat assume that some matters Carl Bildt was involved in, inspired some of the best Swedish thrillers:

e.g. via the in the English Wikipedia version not linked "Swedish submarine incidents"




Toi Tapan

Ever been to the US? It is a long way from West Australia. pl

ex-PFC Chuck

Yesterday Raul Ilargi Meijer, who blogs at The Automatic Earth and who I believe is a citizen of The Netherlands, had a powerful post arguing that globalization has peaked because the non-elite people in countries throughout the industrialized world have realized that it is hurting them more than it is helping. Hence the rise of the likes of Trump, Le Pen, de Grillo, Alt Fur Deutschland, Brexit, Corbyn, etc. An excerpt:

"There‘s not a thing wrong with protecting your control of your own water and food and shelter, and these are indeed things that should never be traded or negotiated in global markets.

"So claiming that ‘do no harm’ equals NOT protecting your basics is nothing but a self-serving and dangerous kind of baloney coming your way courtesy of those people whose sociopathic plush seats and plusher bank accounts depend on your ongoing personal loss of control over what you need to survive.

"It’s what any ‘body’ does that has reached the limits of its growth: it starts feeding on its host. Be it a cancerous tumor, the Roman Empire or our present perennial-growth driven economic models, they’re all the same same thing because they are fueled by the same -thoughtless- principle."

And he further argues that the elites remain clueless and think that the problem can be solved by doubling down what hasn't worked. The unwinding ain't going to be pretty, he argues, because the no one on the scene, including the afore-mentioned sentinels, have a coherent plan for how to go about it.



WTF??? this is a link to some guy who works in the movie industry.

Lo, it is written:

Actors who speak with the tongues of men and of angels, without writers become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal.


Hmm, interesting:
chemical lobotomy



or felt lust for females other than his spouse

Are you serious? Did the recent revelations tell you anything about Trump you didn't know before?

Personally I found this passage by his communication partner the most amusing part of his exchange:

Sheesh, your girl is hot as shit. In the purple. Whoa! Yes! Whoa! Yes, the Donald has scored.

Admittedly somewhat assuming that's what the whole talk aims at.


There is no doubt he is wanted by U.S. auths.

As to the dead or alive , you will need to consult Mr Obama and his drone papers for that.

There are many who would wish him detained.
Perhaps a Webster dive on that "new age" term is needed.

Babak Makkinejad

Yes, that is what I thought too but, evidently, the English people did not find them so congenial to have in UK - specially after 2008.


A few recordings of HRC's wealthy gay supporters' "Turkish Bath Talk" would put this pussy thing in perspective.

Babak Makkinejad

We will need to see the result of the experiment that Germany is performing; they are trying to switch to all-renewables/all-green.

I expect them to fail miserably and then to fineness that failure - but - I could be wrong.

Babak Makkinejad

"another immigrant who figured out how to take advantage of the US government contract business "

How very true...but seldom mentioned in polite company lest the red necks get encouraged.

Babak Makkinejad

And that battery lasts no more than 15 years...all the while with performance degradation.

Babak Makkinejad

Thank you for correcting me, the distinction had escaped me.

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