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07 October 2016


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Just watched the news on DT’ new scandal, just god knows how much more stuff they have on him and in what increments they will pull them out, he can forget getting any women vote. AMF I don’t think Hillary needs to campaign anymore, she can just sit home an wait for chief justice to come and swear her in.

mike allen

Assange, like Trump, is an abuser of women. He refuses to face charges of rape and sexual assault that were brought against him in Sweden. So he hides in the Ecuadorean Embassy. Unfortunately the Swedish statute of limitations will run out in 2020, so he'll go scot free with only eight years living in luxury behind embassy walls. May he spend the rest of his miserable life running and hiding from his imaginary fear of American extradition.

And what is his beef with Clinton? It was a Canadian who called for his assassination, and Sarah Palin had some choice words for him too.


Love the blog and Syria analysis.
With all due reapect, don't think it's fair to call Trump a buffoon. He get's that more Third World immigration will be used by Hillary, etc. to end free speech, free entwrprise, freedom of association, etc. Scary but true. Nothing else matters as much.


Back in the day, Capital was fixed in place, ( took months to ship spece at great risk, from point A to point B, letters of credit reduced the risk, but not the time),

Labour was pretty much fixed in place,

Resources were pretty much fixed in place.

The Adam Smith model of "Capitalism" pretty much worked.

These days, with just a click, ( If I had them), I could transfer billions of dollars around the Globe in just seconds. I can buy steel and aluminium from China, marble from Italy, and have it here in weeks.

The only thing that remains "fixed" in place, is Labour.

"Open Borders" is the last gasp of Capitalism to attempt to fix a system that no longer functions and has rendered many of the concepts of the National State, irrelevant.


What is the point of our elites if they want to reduce us all to some dissolved, multicultural morass? Where our highest "value" is rhetoric about 'human rights' instead of spiritual organic communities? They want to turn qualitative man into quantitative units that bureaucrats and oligarchs can add up on their calculators.


I know I might be in a minority here, but I would have respected Clinton more if she had stayed true to the sentiments reflected in this quote, instead of pandering to the lowest common denominator of her base. I think freer trade and more open immigration (at least removing the quota on work visas) would be steps in the right direction.

FWIW, I went to a Gary Johnson rally here in Denver on Monday, and he made the case for more open immigration and freer trade very powerfully. They were some of the topics he seemed most passionate about. I know not all readers of this site agree with that, but his positions on trade and immigration are some of what attracts me most to voting for Johnson.

To me Clinton's sin here is hypocrisy--abandoning what could've been a principled stance for cynical political expedience.





I forgot to say that I agree with you, the GOP should either dump Trump, or if they can't, they should bail out for at least this election. At least my fellow Mormon GOPers have shown some backbone by unendorsing him. I'm not holding my breath for a mass exodus to the former GOP governors though. That would require more spine than I think the GOP has.



Good points, and the cultural conception of capital has also distinctly varied historically:

in South and East Asia (among other places) capital and wealth have historically been understood as mere token symbols signifying deeper relationships of substance, and thought to increase in value when circulating (karmic give and you shall receive model), whereas the Western concept seems to have always enshrined capital in the stagnant lender's interest accounts (trillions in Caymans etc doing "nothing"). I.e., the token signifier is given more legitimacy than that which it is intended to signify.


Bill Clinton is an abuser of women, Assange is not. I hope some day he will go free, but I am not so sure.


Mormon and morality are not two terms that go together. It is rather obvious what motivates the Mormon GOPers.

Yet another non issue no one cares about that the special interests will seek to exploit, with little success.

jim jordan

Trump is no gentleman. However JFKs and Clinton`s physical treatment of women in the White House was beyond the pale. Remember too LBJ used to expose himself regularly during cabinet meetings. Carter, the only man of virtue to become president, was a dud.


I'm a woman & if knowing a man has trashed talked about the anatomy of
females &/or felt lust for females other than his spouse I'd be hard pressed
to give serious consideration to ever voting for a male candidate.


"Open Borders" is the last gasp of Capitalism..."??? "The only thing that remains "fixed" in place is Labour.'??? What are you advocating? Open
Borders could more easily be the battle cry of totalitarianism. Don't
let the Masters of the Universe get inside your head.


The GOP hasn't won a normal election since Shrub senior. Shrub junior got in by fiddling the votes in Florida. '04 was a wartime election. Won't be long until the democrat coalition of the fringe tip Texas and Arizona permanently blue. Indeed, in many states, the only thing keeping them part of #RedNationRising is extremely proficient gerrymandering and voting rules that deter vibrancy. Trump is the last hope of the GOP. Unless he forges a new majority by unifying the interests of the white middle class GOP voters and the white democrat voting working class, while preventing the dems from importing upgrades to their electorate; you're on your way to becoming a regional party for good.



She’s a classifiable idiot. She pledged to have "more than half a billion solar panels installed nationwide by the end of her first term in office [2021]. Clinton also called for a major increase in other renewable-energy sources, saying she wants every U.S. home to be powered by clean energy within a decade, reports Reuters. “I want more wind, more solar, more advanced biofuels, more energy efficiency,” she said at a weekend rally in Iowa. “And I’ve got to tell you, people who argue against this are just not paying attention.”

Neither is she. She doesn’t know how anything works. The economy. The federal accounting system. Doesn’t do her homework when it comes to foreign affairs. She was head of State and didn’t know that Ukraine gave the legal and constitutional right to Crimea to decide by referendum whether it wanted to be a part of Ukraine or Russia when it wrote its Constitution in 1992; Crimea exercised that constitutional referendum right in March 2014. Russia subsequently voted overnight on accepting Crimea as part of Russia; Russia didn’t “invade” Crimea. So she backs going to war with Russia. You need 1.25 to 1.5 gallons of fossil fuel to create one gallon of biofuels. A solar park or wind farm cannot power one aluminum foundry, not one. Wind turbines are made of aluminum. It takes 40 tons of extracted ore to create the 2.5 kilos of magnets for one wind turbine—ONE—and the USA doesn’t manufacture rare earths anymore, because her hayseed husband killed the industry and the US global supremacy in manufacturing when it was asking for help in 1994. China now controls 97% of it. It would take over a decade to recreate the extraction, separation, and production vertical market processes necessary to produce that capability. And those processes aren’t jack. They are highly complicated and the scientists who knew how to do it are gone.

How would Florida have handled its power outage these days if it were running on solar and wind turbines in a CAT 2—> 5 hurricane?

As for Trump? Clinton finds his words “horrific” and rendering him unsuitable to be president, but she didn’t find her husband’s actions the same or worse? I remember how she demeaned, stalked, and destroyed the reputations of those women using the considerable power of her First Lady office. His frat boy braggadocio is, sure, objectionable, but stop clutching the pearls. I’ve heard worse from drunk frat boys, and my nephews. Every parent of rambunctious hormonal teenager boys has. It’s interesting that Mormon men are so offended. They ought to clean up the big secret scourge of St. George, UT before getting all self-righteous: beating their women black and blue because they’re not getting enough sex. (She puts the church and kids first.) The local bankers will even talk freely about it. You can walk through any big grocery store there and watch the women buying groceries with dark glasses on, and their bruises showing underneath. So spare me the Scarlet O’Hara act.


He refuses to face charges of rape and sexual assault that were brought against him in Sweden.

Has he been indicted?


Mike, I would like to object in this case. What's your evidence that he sexually assaulted two women in Sweden? What do you know about the Swedish law and the "rumor" that at least one of them thanked him for the wonderful night via email? If one only knew the future, one sure could avoid that.

I am pretty fascinated by how many men nowadays are worried about women's rights.

And what is his beef with Clinton? It was a Canadian who called for his assassination, and Sarah Palin had some choice words for him too.


David Lentini

Trump is a buffoon and the GOP should find a way to dump him.

No argument about Trump, but let's not forget that most of the party's leadership backs exactly Hillary's policies, except perhaps for the green qualification (and I'm sure that would be the first thing to anyway).

David Lentini

The élites want to rule. They see the world as a Fabian struggle for supremacy of the "fittest", which to them really means those who are achieving God-like omniscience and omnipotence (don't laugh, this is big talk in Silicon Valley). In short, they see themselves as striding over world where everyone other human being is indistinguishable from an insect.

Bill Wade

We'll know more tomorrow after the 2nd debate. Trump has apologized for his remarks of 10 or so years ago, he probably shouldn't have and should have brushed them off as "just stupid guy talk".

When Hillary mentioned half a billion solar panels, that was just plain ludicrous BS. To me, both her and Kaine are a couple of loud mouthed petty people, with neither fit to be President.

In my neighborhood there were about 40 or so Trump/Pence signs up in yards, not a single Clinton sign to be seen. Those signs are now gone, all stolen in the dark hours. It appears some entity is determined to stop Trump. Based on this alone, due to my contrary nature, I'll vote for Trump if he's still running by election day.


There are no charges but allegations!
The prosecutor has refused to read him his rights.
The Swedish government has refused to guaranty that he will not be delivered to the hand of Obama's Injustice Department for unrelated charges by a third country that are not even crimes under Swedish law. I am sure you can not guaranty that he would not be tortured a la Guantanamo, be mistreated like Manning, nor not receive adequate medical treatment when "suffering a heart attack" (wink wink, imaging this would happen in the Dictatorship of Putin or the Mullahs) in the prison like Jeffrey Sterling.

Basically The Oh So Liberal Sweden, has condemned this man to imprisonment in an Embassy without any conviction. This is in line with their Nobel Committee giving a Pre-emptive Nobel Peace Prize to President Hopey Changey Obomby.

The Swedish prosecutor has done so many ludicrous shenanigans that a Charlie Chaplin movie would look like a tragedy in comparison. Assange's crime is "ejaculation with a torn condom, during the act, without the permission of the women who willingly went to bed with him".

Trampling the law by the maker of the laws, has it's consequences too. There will be no collaboration with Obamites or for that matter whomever copies him in the future.

Bill Herschel

In the case of Lewinsky, she flashed her thong at him. She went out in the rain to get wet.

A woman I know was in an elevator in a New York hotel and the door opened at a floor that wasn't hers. Clinton was standing there with his entourage. She said he was incredibly good looking in person. Magnetic. I don't think he had to grope women to get them into bed with him.

Is he an abuser? Define abuse.


Perhaps the GOP should dump Trump and throw its weight behind Gary Johnson - he seems more electable that any of the Republican candidates who lost to Trump in the primaries.

Edward Amame

“People of faith are voting on issues like who will protect unborn life, defund Planned Parenthood, defend religious liberty and oppose the Iran nuclear deal. A ten-year-old tape of a private conversation with a talk show host ranks low on their hierarchy of concerns.” -- Ralph Reed

No GOP pols have un-endorsed him either. Trump's name will remain on the ballot.



There is a concerted effort to derail Trump and coronate the Borg Queen. This faux outrage over his locker room trash talk is so hypocritical. I don't know about all these holier than thou media pundits but I've heard worse when guys get together.

I am not surprised that there are thieves stealing Trump yard signs in your neighborhood. I'm sure that's not gonna increase their support for the Borg Queen.

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