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28 October 2016


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Edward Amame

Would he be "my president" for you? pl


And swung the election!


[oh hell. was not going to repost this postecript but BW @5:04 PM mentioned Clinton News Network so]

....or perhaps the abovementioned possible compromise candidate could be a previously elected nominee: why is this "news"


ex-PFC Chuck

This, via Zero Hedge: "New Clinton Emails Emerged As Part Of Probe Into Anthony Weiner's Electronic Devices: NYT"

And while you're on the subject, this too:


Anthony Weiner. Sexting with a minor. Not sure why it's the FBI's jurisdiction.

Edward Amame

Seamus Padraig

Actually, in July Comey called it an investigation that no reasonable prosecutor would have charged.

Edward Amame

Col Lang

Bush II was, through gritted teeth, but he was. I'm not gonna have a hissy fit and call for grabbing my musket or whatever if it's DT.


Let the investigations start! Comey statement today only means that he wants to head off Ryan on the email issue and not interfere with a potential criminal investigation. We'll see how long Comey can drag this out before the House starts dragging Clinton officials before the television cameras.

Meanwhile, Ryan has many other things to investigate.

These investigations will make the Clinton42 investigations pale in comparison.

Quite simply, Hillary will not be able to govern without Ryan's approval on issues big and small.


But, but....Trump said "pussy."


She may, in fact, be schlonged (as coined by Trump) by a dirty Weiner. Would be a fitting end for her.

SAC Brat

Early voting also helps in tweaking the results with the electronic voting machines.


You guys lack imagination, which surprises me when faith calls for vivid imagination. So get with it! Here's a start...
This canard will run less than a week and prove empty. But powerful in distracting voter attention from real issues.
"More theater, please!" roar the masses. Hillary's tactical craft has everyone flummoxed ... what a weak candidate.


Here is my reason for voting for republican nominee this election, not the emails.

Trump’s election will be the biggest "F—ck You" in human history




Hmm, yes who to believe? Your lying eyes or a bunch of polls that oversample D+30?

Choices, choice.



He took sufficient steps so that if he committed suicide by shooting himself in the back of the head ten times, he'd be able to get the truth out there.



That sounds like a lot of "Nothing to see here! Everything is fine!" spin.



Just saying, the HRC campaign seems to be taking it as a reopening:


The Twisted Genius

Henry J.,

Did you read the article? I see nothing wrong with this. Kaine and others have maintained that Obama has been conducting military operations against IS without authority. He claims that using the existing AUMFs as justification is a farce. He has convinced Clinton that she should ask Congress for specific authority to continue such operations.

This should be done. If Congress had a decent set of stones among the lot of them, they would take this opportunity to rescind every other AUMF and vote on a new AUMF (declaring war is a pipe dream) targeting IS with the desired end state clearly spelled out. Congress should do this no matter who wins the election.



Your squirming is delicious over here. Keep it up. I'm sure Alicia Machado and the rest of the HRC fabulists accusing Trump was totally organic tho and fine with you.

Its not that you're ignorant that I don't like you, it's your blatant hypocrisy that makes you so offputting.

Martin Oline


Tomorrow's Post Headline: Weiner Probe Hurts Clinton!



They probably realize their polling psyops has failed and pushing polls with D+30 oversamples didn't work, so now they're hedging bets.


Bravo! Now pardon me while I continue clutching my sides with laughter.

Edward Amame


So you you still don't know what oversampling is. But nevermind. Maybe you can tell me which of those (what 50+) polling orgs listed at RCP oversampled?


So, if on November 9th Comey announced that the FBI had reopened an investigation into Hillary's emails on October 28th but didn't want to make it public until after the election, you would be ok with that?

Edward Amame


No it means that Comey would rather endure Dem howls of outrage pre-election than GOP howls of outrage post-.

It's not clear at all that Ryan will continue (or wants to continue) as Speaker since Breitbart and right-wing radio has announced jihad on him.

As for the rest, you're correct, the GOP will be hell-bent on wasting more taxpayer $$$ re-investigating HRC and sinking the institution even further in the polls than it already is.

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