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28 October 2016


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Tyler, Beaver,

FBI Director Comey didn't mention anything about Huma's emails back in July. Here's the transcripts of her deposition by Judicial Watch (from July):

Really fun reading, like "Q Okay. And during your tenure at the State Department, were you aware of your obligation not to delete federal records or destroy federal records?" Lots of lawyerly objections followed by, well everyone should just read page 108 on. I liked this from 115:
"Q Okay. And when you were at the State Department, did you know that your e-mails relating
to State Department business on your Clintonemail.com account were also subject to FOIA?
MS. WOLVERTON: Objection. Calls for a legal conclusion.
MR. BRILLE: Same objection.
A I -- yes."

How can any of this have been unknown to the FBI - or the Clintons or any of those involved? Why weren't the press all over this in July? There's far more to this we've been told so far. I wonder just how many groups hacked into those servers and just what they know?


@Beaver, I spoke to my Congressman's office after the news broke. I was told that "reopen" was the word.

diffeent clue

Edward Amame,

I think Comey was made to understand that in this case " the reasonable is political, and the political is reasonable." In other words: I wonder if
somebody put
a horse's head
in Comey's bed.

That whole speech was Comey's way of saying: " Forget it, Jake.
Its Clintontown."

diffeent clue

Seamus Padraig,

Also know as Mister Huma Abedin.

diffeent clue

Old Microbiologist,

Who will pardon Comey? Well, Obama might if Obama is told that some of his expected after-office millions of job-well-done dollars depend on pardoning Comey.

diffeent clue


Why weren't the press all over this? Because the press work for the same upper class that the Clintons work for.


because Weiner was until this year married to Huma Abedin probably the closest advisor to HRC.
Weiner has had a string of sex scandals and if anyone knows how to kill a scandal it is HRC. So Weiner's mail may contain requests for assistance with mention of some HRC dirt that he gathered from Abedin.



We both know what the MSM in the tank for your Big Grandma is calling "oversampling, not a big deal!" is actually a big deal. You wouldn't sound so shrill and womanly otherwise when these things pop up.



We both know you'd faint dead away if your soft hands ever touched a firearm. It's all good tho.


Once again, an untamed weiner causes Hillary problems.


Well Director Comey's letter certainly did exactly as intended which is a notification to Congress. Looking at news reports ( what do they know) it certainly identifies a computer owned and utilized by the Weiner family that had 1,000 plus e-mails not seen before, a computer that was not seen before and a yahoo e-mail account not investigated before. These e-mails seem to have correspondence by the three musketeers (Huma, Cheryl and Hillary) plus Anthony's dalliances with Children. They put people in jail for what he has done then they think about the legal process but not Anthony. Wonder why. My supposition is Anthony is trying to cut a deal with the Justice Department and what does he have to barter with-yup- the whole enchilada is about come out cause a child molester associated with the three musketeers is freaked out about doing time and he will talk till the cows come home.
Go Donaldo!


Through a coincidence, the Federal Bureau of Investigation obtained evidence that prompted them to re-open their investigation into Hillary Clinton's unauthorized use of a private email server while she was Secretary of State. The details of what was a genuine coincidence are such an incredible example of poetic justice as to be eerie.

And just like that, the blindfolded woman holding the Scales stepped into American politics.


The Chinese suddenly melted away from Scarborough Shoal, and just like that Filipino fishermen were able, after four years, to return to their fishing haunts in the area. It turned out that Duterte's about-face with the American government saved Chinese face, allowing Xi to pull back from Scarborough Shoal.

And just like that, the crisis in the South China Sea, which could have led to an American war with China that pulled in several countries, was staved off.


The U.S. government somehow provided evidence to the Russians that they'd finally embarked on serious efforts to separate 'moderate' rebel groups in Aleppo from terrorist ones, prompting Putin to order a delay of bombing in East Aleppo.

And just like that, an international crisis that was careening toward war between the U.S. and Russia was staved off.


In a stunning triumph for justice and the principles on which America was founded, a jury acquitted Ammon Bundy and his co-defendants of all charges, even those supported by hard evidence, after Bundy detailed for the jury the principles that prompted his armed stand against the U.S. federal government.

And just like that, the crumbling faith of millions of Americans in their fellow citizens was shored.


All in all, I'd say this was a week when the Forces of the Universe finally returned from lunch.


Lmbo the Borg media is pretty mad.


Calling it now, folks: Trump was already going to win this thing, but when he wins in a Nixon/Reagan landslide, the Borg is going to squeal about how "the FBI elected Trump" and therefore no one is under any obligation to work with him whatsoever.

Related: My wife just showed me several FB posts from some of her friends who just got their Obamacare bill. All are women who you think would be Hillary voters. All are voting for Trump because of this.

Its good that Edward Amame won't touch his musket, because the day after the election is going to be a rough one for him.


In this video, it looks like a bunch of violent left wing thugs are assaulting an old homeless woman who is guarding DJT's star from further defacement.

However Edward Amame would let us know, it is actually the old homeless woman (likely a racist. Don't let the skin fool you!) who is attacking the spirited leftists by throwing her body into their hands and feet.



Edward, I only see what I see around where I live, but given what I've seen I'm willing to wager $20 that Trump will win and he'll win big.


She's under a Federal criminal investigation AGAIN. Too much has been leaked to the public to turn a blind eye or grease a palm. The Feds just got embarrassed over their phony Bundy case and now need to prove that they can close on a real case.

But if it brings a corrupt official to justice, it's not a waste of taxpayer money.

The rumor with Ryan is that the Clinton Campaign has promised him to consider a family member of his a spot on the possible SCOTUS nominee list.

With Weiner, is the FBI involved because of the age and location of the child he was sexting - (along with who he is and married to - and who she works for)? If overseas, Interpol could be involved.

11 days left with more wikileaks emails coming and Kim Dotcom's promised birthday present for Hillary.

one rip-snortin' hell of an election.


In some sense, the most astonishing thing is the way HRC has been non-handling the whole affair, as attested by this quote by her campaign manager about the email gate from a WaPo article.

“Nope,” Mook replied early the next day. “We brought up the existence of emails in [research] this summer but were told that everything was taken care of.”

The problem that I have with both HRC and Trump throughout this campaign has been their incompetence soaked in wishful thinking. While Trump has been acting like a political amateur, HRC has been usually able to put up a pretense of acting professionally like a serious politician, only to leave observers exasperated by not thinking things through. The whole point of having professional campaigners do opposition research on yourself is so that you can be prepared when bad things show up and your weakness is exposed--or, understanding how wrong your own beliefs about yourself are potentially, from some perspectives. Sometimes, your beliefs are wrong and unexpected things happen, after all--not just in campaigns, but in policymaking. For all show of professionalism, HRC is no better than Trump in contingency preparation.

I don't think this will hugely affect the actual campaign: the only group that can change the election outcome in meaningful manner are college educated whites, especially the youngish ones and women, and, after all the Trump gaffes, I don't see enough of them moving at this late stage in the campaign, to flip the outcome, although things may get a bit closer. The real trouble, as I see it, is that we are seeing more signs of the kind of bureaucratic obstructionism combined with unprofessionalism that we will see from the HRC administration, the kind of things that my acquaintances involved in the original Hillarycare debacle saw. I don't agree with a lot of HRC's policy positions, some from the left, some from the right. But more than anything, I wish the next occupant of the White House would be able to run a tight ship without making unnecessary mess, and things like this are reminders that HRC is sloppy as heck, Brezhnev-like.

robt willmann


For purposes of a federal investigation about "sexting", there are these.

Sexual exploitation of children--


Certain activities relating to material involving the sexual exploitation of minors--


They talk about whoever violates, or attempts or conspires to violate....

The definitions section is important--


Section 2256(2)(A)(iii): the definition of "sexually explicit conduct" includes masturbation.

Babak Makkinejad

Completely off topic, but can "Aéreo" be rendered in Arabic alphabet?

I think not - but I thought I ask.

Ishmael Zechariah

Col. Lang, SST;
In addition to the Clinton e-mails, the MSM is also going ballistic over the Bundy acquittals. I wonder what the coming days will bring to the USA.
Ishmael Zechariah


Except that 2 experienced prosecutors (one a former AG and Federal judge) said that it would have relatively straight forward to prosecute.
Comey got pressured - probably that fat little Clintonista, Lynch - and folded (if he EVER intended to bring a case) like a cheap suit.
This latest kerfluffle looks like Comey hedging his bets - trying to rescue his "legacy" and all that.
In any case he looks like a not-very-clever political weasel and the FBI looks plainly inept.


Put the presidential poll aside and look at this wapo article from July. 56% not happy of FBI's first decision.




What if Weiner has pictures of naked Hillary on his phone? Hope they're never made public.


I don't think much will come of this. Hillary Clinton didn't want to follow the protocols on government email. And she was obviously incompetent at record keeping. But there is no meat here: what terrible things of great import to the state do the Republicans think will be revealed in any of these new emails?

What ought to be the biggest black mark upon her is the flaming mess in Libya, and the worsening of the US's relations in Asia. Or how about the zombie state of the economy? It mystifies me why the Republicans get hung up on cover-ups or conspiracies. H. Clinton's public record of service has numerous facets to attack. Bernie Sanders, for example, nearly KOed her by highlighting her public policy flaws. And Donald Trump has nothing to lose attacking her like Bernie did. He isn't wedded to same borgist positions as was Cruz or Rubio. All this proves that the incompetent businessman Donald is also a totally incompetent campaigner.

The Virginian

It seems that Huma Abedin is being prepped to take a / the fall.

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