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11 October 2016


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Remember when GW Bush said that 'states that finance terrorism will be treated the same as the terrorists?'

I guess that doesn't apply to Riyadh, the epicenter of global fanatical jihadism.

And, let me get this straight: The Clinton Foundation still gets money from these homicidal maniacs that is funneled into US elections???

Man oh man, what a loony world we live in.

alba etie

I am writing in Bernie Sanders on my national ballot ( sigh ... )

different clue

alba etie,

Given the fact that Sanders has not/ will not file any paperwork pursuant to running as a write-me-in, I will be voting for something Not Clinton that is on the ballot.

Trump is distasteful, but if preventing a Clinton victory is important enough to be worth enduring the pain of a TrumPence Administration for 4 or 8 years, then I will vote for TrumPence and be ready to take the pain.


Considering Bernie made a deal with the devil, I must ask why not just go ahead and vote for Hillary?


After seeing this at No Quarter this morning I have been wondering if key Clinton Foundation funders who benefited from a "linked" action by HRC as SOS are effectively in a position (at least before the election) to effectively blackmail her by threatening to go public about the contribution linkage.

I suppose at some level, the same leverage would persist if she is elected?

Sam Peralta

The hypocrisy and hysteria is running at full throttle. With Hillary we have certainty of more of the same. More wars, more coddling the Gulfies, use of governmental powers to benefit the big donors, etc, etc. We'll also be back to the drama of the 90s with Bill & Hill back in the WH. The Deplorables will not tuck their tails and go home.

If Trump despite all the odds comes across the finish line ahead, we'll have another kind of domestic war.

Either way we should be prepared for more vitriolic battles at home. Great for all our adversaries.

The Beaver


You will love this one:

"I would like to see more successful business people run for office."
-Hillary Clinton, in a paid speech at a Goldman Sachs summit

29th October 2013








From the leaks it is clear that mid-level experts, more or less, have a grasp of reality.

The Gulf Monarchies support for the Syrian Islamist rebels and the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton’s quid pro quo support for a No Fly Zone over Syria isn’t the only issue.

Life expectancy of poor whites Americans is falling. The Sackler family which that owns Purdue Pharma that makes oxytocin is worth 14 billion dollars and has ties to the Clinton campaign and family foundation. The last time a similar decline in life expectancy occurred was in Russia in the 1990’s during Boris Yeltsin’s rule when the Harvard boys privatized its economy. Hillary Clinton earned 21 million dollars making speeches to Wall Street oligarchs and staff. Follow the money. The looting of America continues.

I will vote for Jill Stine because I cannot vote for the other three. Perhaps a new FDR will arise who restores the rule of law; otherwise, the escalating world war or a third American revolt will splinter everything apart.


[sorry for repost.] Would Pence make a better president than Clinton?


Bernie Sanders job was to lure another generation of suckers into the warmongering Democratic party.

All I can say is, Mission accomplished.

Bravo, Bernie ya rotten sellout!


Perhaps when voters understand the machinations behind the economic policies followed by Obama's Administration they'll be a little less inclined to vote for Mrs Clinton: a taster of scenes of "the man behind the curtain":


rakesh wahi

this is beyond insanity- clinton foundation does not benefit clintons at all, if a criminal wants to fund HIV treatment why would a charitable foundation not accept it. This foundation has open books - look them up, th last I checked UN accepts Saudi money so does UNICEF


I was thinking the other day about that old anti-war saying: what if they called a war and no-one turned up? It seems that many in the West, certainly the ones awake and tuned in, support the role Russia is playing in the world. I was also considering the role I would play if WWIII broke out, and how long it would take them to black bag me. Now I understand that the next war is unlikely to feature mass infantry, more nukes than knives. But if they did institute the draft, how many would resist, or even if they don't how many would work against their governments? Many will follow Goering's call to fall in and shun the peacemaker, but many including myself won't.

How much do you think this potential fifth column plays into the Empire's decision to date not to go to war? Or more broadly, what if no-one turned up to their little war? When you look around at the terminal apathy that has gripped the West, could this also work against them trying to whip us up for war? Has the boy cried false flag tried it too many times? Drones and nukes might reduce the need for mass armies, but I can't see how anyone can win fighting abroad and at home at the same time.

Funny to think our fat, lazy asses might actually save us.



I was thinking today of how much the Zombie paradigm fits the populous now. pl


rakesh wahi

Are you really this naïve? There are a million ways to benefit without taking any money from the foundations. What's your thing? The Assange stuff are forgeries? pl


What alternate universe of delusion do you live in? Maybe you can share what you're smoking.


The Clintons came out of the White House "dead broke" in their own words. They're worth an estimated $200M+ now. Do the damn math.


Colonel et les autres francophones: what do you think of this claim that Europe, following the 73 oil embargo agreed to allow a parallel Muslim workforce in Europe?
Alain Wagner: la stratégie d'islamisation de l'Europe par le monde musulman

I am not familar with M. Wagner.


I thought this was important enough to break into the conversation about Clinton, etc. From John Batchelor's conversation night of Oct 11 with Russia expert Steve Cohen, it looks to the Kremlin as if a flailing American Borg is quite determined to bully Russia over the ledge.

If Mr Obama is just bluffing his way out the door, he seems to have overlooked that the Russians see his actions as an existential threat, as Steve makes clear.

So if I read the conversation correctly, the chance of a mistake or accident in Syria or Ukraine touching off war, which could easily lead to a nuclear exchange, gets better by the hour.

In that case the horror for Americans would be that the US mainstream media have no intention of informing the American public about this critical turn of events in US-Russia relations, other than portraying Putin as Saddam Hussein and deserving the same fate.



It's not so much that life expectancy is "in decline" but that healthcare in the US is completely f**ked up:


Dear Host, I wonder if this is part of the fascination with Zombie stories recently. I know when I watch an episode of Walking Dead, I spend another hour going over the apocalyptic survival questions the show raises. You can't lie to your sub-conscious, it sees and hears all. People know all this can't last in their heart-of-hearts; even this city-slicker has taken up learning to grow vegetables. As you say, at the moment we are the zombies stumbling mindlessly towards oblivion. But afterwards the few who remain will become human again. If our future goes nuclear, well the last of us will turn out the lights. But if the apocalypse is just our economy collapsing and us slipping back to the simple life, what a blessing that would be. To be human again.


IIRC a condo and a Maserati?
Quite cheap.


Yes makes me think of my Xgen son who is as big as a house. Not lazy at all but big. If a bomb went off i would want to be behind him. Thanks for all i read here over the years. Bob.

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