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17 October 2016


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Edward Amame

I watched for almost a minute before I had to turn it off. They're like fingernails on a blackboard, only worse.


RT's bank has just decided not to do business with RT. They have to move their account to a different bank. Banks do that all the time with businesses that cost them more money than they earn from the account. It's completely different from "freezing" accounts which locks in the money. RT's report is accurate, Drudge's headline is not. Typical of many of Drudge's headlines.


Edward Amame

Yes, of course, they are saying things that you don't want to know or hear. pl

Edward Amame

Col Lang

Not at all, I wasn't even really listening. Their act is just really bad showbiz. Honestly, I could care less what either thinks about anything.



You missed the good part at 5:00 where Mark Halprin comments that the paid speeches to Goldman Sachs "Seems to confirm the suspicions that people have of how the Clinton enterprise operates"


Yes, of course.

Taking any bets on the next London bank???

Link to the bit about the money lost part?



"Paid speeches to Goldman Sachs"
"Qatar wants to give Bill Clinton $1 million as a birthday present."
and Mark Halprin:
"Seems to confirm the suspicions that people have of how the Clinton enterprise operates"

"Intervene in Syria"

I wonder where else she wants America to intervene?


Edward Amame

what abut everyone else around the table; Mark Halperin, Richard Haas, Sam Stein, little Donny, and the guy who saved GM? pl


Cutting Assange's internet communications...could that be the much ballyhooed cyberattack on Russia? If so, what a joke!

Edward Amame

Col Lang

Sorry, I couldn't get past the two insufferable stars at the open.

Babak Makkinejad

Mark Halprin is a neocon, need one say more?

Babak Makkinejad

I thought Obama saved GM.


Now that the speeches are published by Wikileaks, HC should "release" them today and claim now that she has released her speeches, Trump should keep his promise and release his tax returns.

Old Microbiologist

Its not just in the U.K. it happened to me earlier this year when Bank of America closed all of our accounts without notice. We were customers for over 28 years and had a ton of cash as we had just sold all three of our houses we owned in the US. They are not required to provide any reasons for closing accounts and amazingly rude when contacted. You would have thought we were terrorists. It was a great deal of money but we were able to open an account at a friendly non-profit military based credit union as I am a retired officer and we recovered all of it, somewhat painfully. Our crimes? My wife is a dual Russian-American citizen also retired from the US federal government but we chose to retire to Hungary, a country which is defying the globalists. This is now happening a lot in the US to many dual citizens. I would write my Congressman but expatriate Americans have no representation in Congress. That also explains some of the extremely onerous laws against ex-patriates including FATCA. We cannot complain to anyone in government about this. There are a lot of retired military who retired overseas so this is a fairly large group now affected by these laws. It will not get better with Clinton.

Edward Amame


Yup. I did. I missed it. But I do agree with what HRC said in the leaked emails about how "attention deficit disordered political punditry is."



Steven Rattner. pl



I can’t watch cable news; but, watching the link it popped out how severely Russian American relations have deteriorated in the last three years. Then YouTube suddenly jumped to Andrea Mitchell talking about Russian cyberattacks. This is frightening. They are literally talking about the lights going out across the world. It would start WWIII.

Pushing fear is all that the establishment has left.


Absolutely amazing and we're not even into the 20th of October. So far we have:

- The Clintons are owned lock, stock and barrel by the Gulfies and the Bankers.
- The media is in full collusion with the Clintons, the DNC, and the entire Left-Communist-Tolitarian Axis.
- The DNC cooked up a scheme to instigate assaults and chaos at Trump rallies.
- HRC's van has a med bay set up inside it.
- Assange's internet connection has been cut off.

Every single Alex Jones tin foil hat conspiracy theory turns out to be TRUE, and then we have idiots like Correct the Record paid troll (DNC Hasbara) Origin coming around bleating on about "tax returns!" L M B O

Look folks, here is the thing. Trump might not be the perfect candidate for people, but he is the perfect candidate for the times to blast through this globalist attempt to shackle the world to the mastery of a few sad fools.

The truth is though that the genie is out of the bottle: Trump is as much id as he is avatar for the Irredemable Deplorables such as myself. There will be no "we must unite behind the President" nonsense from Trump, just like there will be no concession by Hillary when Trump wins. For whatever faults Trump has, he has blasted apart this overripe, rotten fruit called the United States.

I don't know what happens next, but business as usual is over with no matter who wins. My prayer of thanks is: Thank you Lord, that when such times are upon us I am young and strong and in the summer of my years.



You've noted on many an occasion to separate information from the source. But when what you suspect is proven that media is a giant IO, how should one process information from sources that are known for misleading and misinformation?

I am having a good chuckle at the hypocrisy of the Democrat partisans. IMO, they no longer have much credibility as their faux outrage when Dubya propagandized us to war in Iraq was breathtaking. That outrage was conspicuous by its absence as Obama and the Borg Queen created anarchy in Libya and Syria began their alliance with al Qaeda along with the Saudi and Gulf monarchs.


And now we have evidence of the collusion between the media and the Borg Queen's campaign. We truly are in the Pravda era in the US.


Who you kidding? Amazing the level of IO required by the Borg Queen to put away as flawed a candidate as Trump. The Deplorables ain't going away.



My niece married a Swiss man. When they got to Lausanne to set themselves up, she found no bank willing to open an account as she was a US citizen. This will happen more and more as we become a pariah nation due to our we're above the law hubris. But of course that's how our political elite feel about the law here at home.


who isn't pushing fear, thriving on fear or acting out of fear?


If there is a ruse to abandon Mosul and transfer the forces to Deir al-Zor, we'll soon know. If Mosul falls quickly, not only will this be exposed, but it would be a nice bookend to how it fell in the first place. I was worried for a split second that this could result in the loss of the Syrian garrison in Deir al-Zor. But then I imagined the Russo-Syrian operations room watching these columns snaking across the open desert via satellite, then zooming in via shadowing drones, then the flashes of light and smoke; problem solved. I am not across the terrain, but I believe the bridges are down over the Euphrates (didn't the US smash some more recently?) No heavy weapons, or realistically any vehicle, would survive the trek from Mosul to Deir al-Zor, nor would any concentration of infantry.

Deir al-Zor is the key to the future Western protectorate of Syriraq, I can't see it falling quietly.



"Pushing fear is all that the establishment has left." I see this too.

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." - Mahatma Gandhi

Almost there.

Farmer Don


View from the peanut gallery.

It seems that there are two large groups of people who previously had little interaction are now both in effect working great guns for trump.
The first are the ones one would expect. The people in "Fly over America" who have seen things go down hill for then for the past decade, and see the Democrats only providing more of the same.
The second group seems to be young informed people, who just HATE Hillary. They are overwhelming all of Hillary's forces on Twitter. They are doing investigative reporting, such as the girl who found the twitter posts on asking how to modify Hillary's emails.
They are putting up sharp cutting videos on the internet that are far more effective than the traditional TV ads. They are going over all the leaked documents and putting out informed comment.
Again they are no great fans of Trump, but they despise Hillary.

I imagine the first group as the oldies at the family BBQ who are in one group drinking and bitching, and the second group are their kids sitting off to the side with their Smart phones and Tablets immersed in the internet.

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