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18 October 2016


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Perhaps wasn't the best idea to import the Algerian War to Metropolitan France.

Babak Makkinejad

Patrick Bahzad:

In this interview, Hollande states that France has 'a problem with Islam'.



"German Chancellor Angela Merkel was also told by security experts last October that middle class citizens in Germany were becoming 'radicalised' because of her open borders migrant policy."

She knew this a year ago and still let in millions of people who don't want to be Western?


"Why would Calvar's concern not be equally applicable to the US?"

Mostly perhaps because of this difference (figures from Wikipedia, so far from authoritative, but probably indicative a least):

Muslims as a percentage of the population

France - 7%

US - 0.8%

The crisis of identity in France is surely not helped either by their ongoing de facto subordination to Germany in the anti-national EU project. That's likely to be more directly translated into patriotic insecurity than the economic and other pressures experienced by Americans as a result of the globalist policies imposed by their elites.

Though if the US is to have a civil war, from here (admittedly some distance away) it looks as though race might be a more likely trigger than religion or immigrant culture, as a result of the race-baiting of the likes of Black Live Matter and those who encourage them in their blaming of all life's problems on the majority race, and inciting of the black minority towards resentment and violence.


Some germane words:

"[S]ocieties can be defined along two axes – their degree of ease with themselves, and with the West. By the latter, I mean specifically the Idea of the West: acceptance of the scientific method; rule of law; economic rationalism; and liberalism. An important semantic point is that these should not be conflated with “Western countries” (the US, the UK, France, etc); though they have, by most measures, internalized the Idea of the West to a far greater extent than most other cultures, they cannot ever reach unity with it because they are, at root, organic, human societies, whereas the Idea of the West is an absolute."


We're reaching a point where the Enlightenment ideals can no longer be reconciled with how life is actually lived.

With the developing situation all around the 'West' of a rising New Right, the crisis of neoliberalism and immigration can be catalysts toward instating a new order that fundamentally reorients modernity. The atomized individualism must be abandoned in favour of common good for *traditionally defined* communities, the democratic disposition for classical aristocratic values, and technology from a tool of self-indulgence and environmental destruction to backing up the species on another planet.



You've got the wrong end of the stick. The potential insurgents are the Trumpistas. pl

Babak Makkinejad

Even if they wanted to be Western, they would not know how. Are the Turks in Germany Western now? I think not.

I miss CP, wherever he might be, he could shed more light on this.

Babak Makkinejad

No it is higher in France; Rouhani was told closer to 15% - they just keep it quiet in France.


http://www.eurocanadian.ca/2014/10/the-africanization-of-france-2014.html and it's increasing


Sweden - this formerly boring, well run country with an annoying propensity for moral superiority is nearing the breaking point. Local militias or neighborhood watches are emerging, with Gotland as the most famous recent example: a wheelchair bound woman was gang raped by 5-6 immigrants, who were released after a few days. A substantial crowd gathered outside the police station to protest, and later walked to the immigrants hostel: overall peaceful (it is Sweden). The establishment cracked down hard: police reinforcements were rushed to Gotland, and there was universal media condemnation against these racist neonazis. The feminist party and the left party held a demonstration against racism (and about men's attitudes to women). The local police homepage have received a firestorm of negative comments, many are of course deleted. One man who found three of the rapists and yelled at them had his home and car searched by police (on narcotics charges). A few days earlier some "very Swedish" looking men beat up an immigrant in Visby: this was a rare exception to the police rule of not releasing visual characteristics of perps, EVEN WHEN ASKING FOR PEOPLE TO BE ON THE LOOKOUT (!). Sweden's most open and public message forum Flashback (now based in USA following Swedish authorities crack down) had several DOS attacks since the Gotland event.
Soros supported leftist activist groups Expo is logging people with "racist" views; organizers of local militias have received death threats.
A journalist on the largest daily Expressen suggested that all racists or Swedendemocrats are "brown rats" and should be killed by poison.
Elsewhere cars burn daily in the suburbs, including in very small towns, who have been "enriched", the country now has 52 no go zones.
Earlier this week displaying the ISIS flag was deemed "not hate speech" and it is thus legal to display it (unlike the swastika). The motivation by the judge was that ISIS hate was so broad and not against any ethnicity in particular.
Earlier this week a public discussion was initiated how to "receive" returning ISIS "Swedes", drivers licence support, job support and apartment support was suggested. People's reaction on Twitter is WTF...
In all these matters it is hard to say how widespread the mutinous spirit is ( I am in the US). Media is tightly controlled and any opinion other than "let's welcome more bearded children than Merkel's Germany" is deemed racist and xenophobic.
In all this I find myself moving quickly on the political spectrum and am starting to consider Tyler a softie leftist...
Some links



I moved my family to Carteret, France for a year. That's in Normandy. The boys went to French schools and were little Frenchmen when they returned in July. It was an attempt to see about immigrating there. In the end, I didn't have the stones. Either way, great experience and a couple of the boys ask when we are going back. I have fond memories of the hospitality, even if it took some time.

As for the desplorables. I commiserate with them. However, I don't see the infrastructure in place to mount any sort of disobedience. There are no organizations, currently, that would countenance any direct action. American legion? VFW? Religious? I would answer in the negative. Gun rights groups? Again, currently, none of these would jeopardize their positions. Pressure can be applied to all of their hierarchies to toe the line. If anyone were to step outside the bounds of propriety then the legal jurisdiction would come down hard.

Take NY and it's Safe Act. That was directly targeted at the Deplorables. Compliance was 5%, yet no direct action. With that said, there have been few cases of the state coming after the ones they don't like. However , the troopers have not gotten their act together with cross referencing their database with the sales records from the FFLs. It seems inertia is in play. Until an event where an AR is used. Then, we shall see.

There is a long way to go before the American Legion types stop standing for the national anthem. When that happens, perhaps there will be a sea for the fish to swim in. In the mean time, Lone actors will be made examples of and find that their lawlessness has little traction on the populations that would be their natural constituency.

It's not that I can't see it happening, it's just I don't see the current mindset in place for any organized continent wide disobedience.




"they would not know how" I think we agree there. The whole point of all the expansion of US universities and the attendant influx of foreign citizens was for them to get educated here and take those democratic ideals back home with them to create their own versions of liberal utopian societies. That has failed utterly.



No offense meant but you sound like a city boy to me. You greatly underestimate the ferocity of American country people and their ability to organize themselves. "American Legion?" you must be joking. pl

Babak Makkinejad

The foreigners paid good money to attend US universities. And those that went back could not take the Platonic Academy with them.



OPSEC is a hell of a thing.


None taken! All good. I live about a 5 minute walk from the legion post in a small village in upstate.

I agree with your trend line, just don't see the "infrastructure". Yet. I can see it in the future. For instance, when the gannet papers published the list of west Chester concealed permit holders addresses and some country people then published the journalists addresses.

The borgists assume that their actions will not change the future calculations of people.

thanks for the great topics and thoughtful posts you and the crew put up. Found you guys about a year ago when I was in London for the rugby World Cup.



the less "infrastructure" the better. pl



we both know that US government programs paid for a lot of these educations. pl


Not sure how insightful the analysis at gatestone is as to the real pressures on Hollande and why he acted in Syria rather than at home. (To be fair, didn't he put troops on guard nationwide, and is not the state of emergency still in effect?)

Notice that Hollande chose to act ib Syria, where yes, IS can be hunted, but where intervention also works to overthrow the Assad regime AND thereby do the bidding of the Saudis, Gulfies, and their Salafist ilk.

My guess is those SOBs simply have Hollande and everyone else over the old oil barrel as usual. Mention is made of risk of civil war. No doubt. But imagine the troubles which might emerge from Riyadh & co should they see muslims subjected to violence en masse. Remember the oil embargo?

That's not to say I don't have sympathy for the pov expressed, I do. But he doesn't seem to see the whole picture or magnitude of the peril. Very high stakes game.

Comparison with the US? Damn good question. If attacks followed on the heels of 911, in succession? Fuhgeddaboudit. Time does heal though. But another series of San Bernadino incidents? If so I believe the Colonel's caution is well taken. This is a very violent place. Remember, France has gone through numerous horrors lately, and in the context of European migration crisis, and incidents in Germany. God forbid the US was in a truly similar situation.

Swamp Yankee

As far as "infrastructure" goes, I'm not sure about the American Legion, but I would propose to the Committee this: that during the American Revolution, the resolves of Town Meetings and the House of Burgesses, the deliberations of County Conventions, and other expression of local civil government were critical to the quick organization of the revolt against British imperial power. Compared with, say, the Spanish colonial empire, the British colonies had a great degree of self-government. This, of course, ironically laid the groundwork for our successful Revolution. Those institutions haven't gone away. Town Meeting Day in March remains one of my favorite civic holidays. People outside the Borgist media-metropolitan islands are fiercely attached to their home places and are in many regards self-organized already for the necessities of everyday existence.


swamp yankee
More like ten man cells that Tyler or TTG might lead. I am too old.pl



"Time does heal though" It is refreshing how much racial healing we've had in the Obama years. Why just yesterday my black coworkers were saying kind things about white cops not being out to get black folks and all those people in prison really did get fair trials.

"God forbid the US was in a truly similar situation." Hilary is for open borders and gun confiscation. It won't take long one way or another.

Swamp Yankee

I defer to your (and Tyler and TTG's) expertise in that regard. My only point would be that you don't have to look for the American Legion to find political organs of local resistance.

The part I don't have a clear grasp on is the relation between these ten man cells and local governments, especially in regions with sympathetic populations.

But I'm out of my area of expertise, so I'll shut up and listen. Thanks to all.


All... I took a five hour drive through the backroads of SE Minnesota today to check out the fall colors and see how the harvest is coming along. My excursion took in parts of three counties; 60 years ago there were 6,000 to 8,000 farms per county, today it's well under 1,000, and they're huge, well-managed, and technically sophisticated operations run by families I know or know of - I grew up on one. It used to be pretty evenly split between Eisenhower style Republicans and Humphrey Democrats, and judging by yard signs for state house races it still is. But today I didn't see one sign for Hillary and I saw quite a few for Trump, some of them in the yards of people I know from decades of DFL (Democratic Farmer Laborites) politicking.

That's surprising.

These folks come from families that worshiped FDR, and hoped somebody like Walter Ruther would come organize the farmers; they'd of soon put up pictures of a child molester as signs for Nixon or either Bush.

A friend has been traveling a diagonal line from southwestern Minnesota to Duluth several times in recent weeks and she too reported plenty of Trump/Pence signage, some of it very large welcoming you on either side of the main drag through those prairie towns.

If the weather is nice, I'm taking a two day meander through western and northern Wisconsin soon to pick up some slabs of lake trout for the winter freezer. I'm betting there'll be plenty of Trump signage decorating the byways.


I would add that where I live we have a village government, a town government, and a county government. The decentralization is still a function of both tradition and the means of communication when this area was colonized 225 years ago. So, yes I see that structure. There are even some bright spots here in upstate as it pertains to the Safe Act. A number of sheriffs flat out told the governor that they wouldn't enforce the Act. So, there is pushback. The troopers I know have all, in private, expressed their dissatisfaction with this law.

I would assume that there are dossiers on each of those sheriffs. I would also assume that leaders of scope and the rifle clubs who crossed cuomo also have files. Two sides can make lists though. Social networks will be important.

I assume that disobedience will be like bankruptcy. It's a long time in building, but arrives all at once.

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