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07 October 2016


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FB Ali


The general thrust of your argument is, I think, quite valid - whether the two events took place or not (as OIFVet says in his reply).

The extent of the hysteria enveloping the US, especially Washington, is well described by Moon of Alabama today on Kerry's claim of the Aleppo hospital bombing. Frankly, I am aghast that things can descend to this level.

When policy-makers become that delusional, anything can happen!

Outrage Beyond

re: Third, how do the US and other Western powers hide the supposed casualties?

"Training accidents" is a typical cover story for classified activities.

Babak Makkinejad

John Wayne as well as many members of the film crew also died of cancers as they were also exposed to residual radiation.


In the late 1980s I worked a case involving people in SW Minnesota who were succumbing to thyroid and bone cancers. A cloud of fallout from those '57 tests settled over that area. The first hint that something was seriously amiss was that trees suddenly lost their leaves in the middle of summer.


An area 200~300 miles NE of Thunder Bay, Ontario is benefiting from climate change. That used to be small grain ag up there, but now corn is successfully grown. Land prices are a fraction of U.S. Not much going on up there otherwise, but a subsistence life is certainly possible.

Nick Smith

"The Israelis now realize that the Russians have already shot down a couple of their aircraft"

Curious what you mean by this? Maybe I am completely unaware

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