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03 October 2016


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Very watchable summary of many main points in 3 min. Warning: contains execution at around 2:40.





false rubble pictures @ 10%; etc. TLDR




there was a lot more research a couple years ago about people who had been kidnapped & held for ransom, including a young boy, showing up as bodies in several different places in White Helmet shots showing "victims of gas attacks".


Go to moonofalabama.org. b has been tracking this for a year with links, photos, and articles written by independent third-parties. These will allow you to determine the veracity for yourself.


Max vitriolically damned defenders of the Syrian people when it was convenient for him - for years.

Max now writes a piece (most from material Vanessa Beeley and others already published over the last year: http://21stcenturywire.com/2016/06/21/who-are-the-syria-white-helmets/) against a regime-change-in-Syria PR company. He now gets hit on Twitter and elsewhere by regime changers just as he hit them before.

He kicks back:
/ Max Blumenthal @MaxBlumenthal

The ultimate purpose of the doxxing, threats, shaming and mockery is suppressing an actual debate on the consequences of regime change/

That is exactly what he himself did when he condemned AlAkhbar and various writers against regime change. This over several years and in vitriolic, personally insulting forms.

Now: Zero acknowledgement, zero apology, zero admitting that he was(?) on the wrong side.

A shameless hypocrite. I have zero respect for that self-serving idiot.


And > $70 for White Helmets.

Does anyone believe most of their photos and videos are NOT staged and produced for money?



The profit margins on this type of operation must be enormous. How much does it cost to produce such videos and then launder them through eager media channels. Eerily reminiscent of the Rendon Group in the lead up to the mushroom cloud campaign. How does one win such contracts?



My understanding is that the Russian-led coalition will do their best to defend against US missile and air attacks.

Regarding US attacks with missiles and unmanned aircraft I would expect Russia (and Syria) to target the missiles and drones and claim credit for it. Regarding US attacks with manned jets I would expect that something murky happens. I guess they will be targeted with top-notch air defense weapons like S-300/S-400 or their Iranian copies, but Russia and Syria would not claim credit for it. I would expect instead that some militia like "Palestianian" Liwa al Quds and Iraqi Nujaba would claim credit for targeting and shooting down US manned jets. It would place the US in an awkward position when seeking revenge. Would the US once again declare war on Baghdad, and if so, how would that end?

But the immediate reaction on the battlefield would surely not be the only reaction from the Russian-led coalition in Syria. From Russia I would expect that they put more weapons into Syria, likely including advanced ground to ground missiles and anti-ship missiles to threaten counter attacks on locations from where US jets started their bombing runs.

And then I would also think about off-theater reactions. Perhaps Iraqi militias say the US declared war on them and attack US troops in Iraq - and perhaps even in the GCC. Other indirect military reactions against the US could also happen in places like Afghanistan, Yemen, and Libya. And for sure, I wouldn't expect any Russian or Chinese help in getting the DPRKs nuke programm curbed after an intentional US strike on Syrian government forces.

So, by striking Syrian government troops a bit, the US may get more tensions and war in a whole lot of places in the region and world wide than it begged for.


Thank you. To put this in perspective, Brad Pitt makes about $20M a movie, and a major Hollywood blockbuster with thousands of people working on it will cost around $60M to produce and $40M to roll out. Not just someone but several layers of someones are skimming bigtime.



Here is a link to an article on 21st century wire re the White Helmets; they also have a "Who are the White Helmets?" link to all their WH articles down the page:



The author, Vanessa Beeley, has many reports there on them and other topics regarding the Syrian war. Currently she has a 2 part one from her recent visit to Aleppo.

ex-PFC Chuck

Yes, yes. Another good choice would be a newly elected President Hilary Clinton. After all, there's a precedent.


British journalist Vanessa Beeley, after spending the summer doing investigative work in Syria, exposes the White Helmets: https://youtu.be/8oGTkhPJKz8

Her disgust with how they are being lauded in the western media speaks volumes.


b's blog (Moon of Alabama) has considerable material debunking the White Helmets, probably including what is known about who funds them.


A brave statement from a brave woman about the fraud of White Helmet:

Excerpt: "My name is Vanessa Beeley. I am an independent investigative journalist, writer and photographer. I have recently returned from a four week stay in Syria from 24 July until 26th August.... My conclusion, after my eighteen-month long analysis and research into this organisation is that they are a US and UK Foreign Office construct, funded and equipped by nations that have a proven vested interest in their stated policy of regime change in Syria & a clear geopolitical agenda in the region."

Three points among 16:
"1: The White Helmets receive funding from UK ($65m via UK Foreign Office), US (US State Dept via USAID $ 23m), Holland ($ 4.5m), Germany ($ 7.87m) and Japan (undisclosed sum from the Intl Cooperation Agency), Denmark (undisclosed sum) - via the Mayday Rescue “foundation” that was set up by the British ex-military trainer of the White Helmets in order to transfer funding to the White Helmets...
7: Various other White Helmet operatives have posted videos of the torture and execution of Syrian Arab Army prisoners to their social media pages with celebratory comments...
8: The leader of the White Helmets, Raed Saleh, was deported from Dulles Airport in the US, April 2016. No real explanation was ever given for this decision. Mark Toner of the US State Department fielded questions from media but did (i) admit to funding the group with $ 23m and (ii) suggest that Raed Saleh might have “extremist connections”...."

Who are those idiots that have been nurturing the Nusra/ISIS/Al Qaeda monsters on the US taxpayers' dime?



IMO that is a little harsh. My wife thinks that statement on my part is amusing since I am often harsh. In his defense I would point out that he has taken a hell of a beating from Zionists over their treatment of Palestinians. pl


Two drinking buddies.

The Beaver

@ b

Thanks for this. I doubted myself yesterday morning when I read his piece and the hits he was taking on on Twitter. I thought that the cold medicine was playing tricks to my grey matter and was surprised to see that most of his content came from Beeley's piece. His back and forth with WH's apologist McNeill is enjoyable to follow.


eP, in all fairness, we should, no matter who or what decided on matters, and maybe why, admit that the offer of change may have been ill-defined and last but not least that he carried what we call Altlasten=old loads, or the consequences of old approaches. And notice, I am not in the least trying to justify him.



I have come to the conclusion that folks want the other party in a debate to suddenly throw up their hands, admit they are wrong, and bow their head in an act of contrition.

When an opposing party accepts one of the tenets of an argument, and opposes the rest, they become "a hypocrite".

Changing your mind just means that you changed your mind. It doesn't require an extended mea culpa. You just start to act and speak using the new set of understandings.

For the most part we are expressing opinions, not facts. Only a few of are privy to the whole grab bag of data needed to be "right". Juvenile thinking paints someone with an evolving world view as "hypocritical".

I personally have had to eat crow many times in my life, while I have never cultivated a taste for the dish, people who harp at me for for eating it are usually just a^*holes.

David Lentini

The Nobel Committee is determined to disgrace themselves beyond redemption.

How much lower can they get after giving Obama his Prize just for … what was is again?


White Helmets are CIA-run, but does that necessarily mean the White House/Obama is running the propaganda operation?
Might it be that Hillary set up and Kerry is running the CIA operation out of State Department, behind the back of, or thumbing the nose at, the White House.

robt willmann

Vanessa Beeley is the daughter of Sir Harold Beeley, a British diplomat whose involvement was mostly in and about the Middle East, and so as a child sitting on her father's knee, she doubtless heard a lot about that area. I appreciate her work because she tries to go the subject areas and takes most of her own photographs.

As noted above by others, she has done a lot of work on the "White Helmets". She discusses the real Syria Civil Defense here--


Her second article from her recent trip to Aleppo addresses the issue about midway down under the subheading, "The white helmets are not the Syria civil defense"--


The White Helmets are a clever PsyOp. The name White Helmets is a lot catchier than Syria Civil Defense. And the name ties in with a visual image, the white helmets that they wear. Pretty slick.


b: Your condemnation of Max Blumenthal is not only overly harsh, it is unfair. Max Blumenthal and Rania Khalek both opposed Assad before the full jihadi-ization of the opposition. Now they don't.

Sometimes all choices are bad. Assad is the least-worst option. And he protects the Christians.

FWIW, Max Blumenthal has weathered a tremendous amount of personal abuse for defending Palestinians. I respect his courage.


I've always wondered with "stealth" - the basic mathematics was developed by a Russian during the time of the Soviet Union and was placed in the public domain. The United States then picked up on this believing that the Soviets must have been stupid for not understanding its significance and the US used the information in developing the early stealth aircraft. What if the Soviets put it out in the public domain with a complete understanding of its significance.........
Since then the Russians have halfheartedly looked at incorporating stealth technology in their aircraft but not done much or probably spent much compared to what the US has, but just enough to spur on the US. Perhaps, they still remember the "bomber gap" and the "missile gap" and thought a "stealth gap" might be useful.



The US government does not work like that. The Secretary of State has no authority over CIA, none at all, and the CIA would never accept direction from State. They are as proud as Lucifer and hold the State Department in contempt. pl


Bonnie: And now they tell us the Arab League matters. See https://twitter.com/Joyce_Karam/status/783306473346592769

I suspect the same people invoking the Arab League's new moral authority will say "never mind" the next time the League condemns Israel.



Quite a few college professors I know. Sadly they are busy indoctrinating their students.

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