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03 October 2016


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Obama's image in Europe has never been matched here. ironically the strength of the anti-Russian/R2P/Ziocon forces here is now so great that Obama appears to be one of elements of the remaining forces for peace. pl


If these elements have hijacked foreign policy then how is that different from a putsch?

The Beaver


Speaking of peace.

The Dauphin of KSA was meeting some Syrian govt. representatives in Moscow. They were told to drop Iran and then Syria will not be the enemy of KSA.

I guess he must think that he is another Bandar. They know that AQ is losing Aleppo to the R+6.

The Beaver

Guterres was elected by all the members of the UNSC and now it will be a formality as far as UNGA is concerned.

Ban Ki-Moon did not want to extend his contract at UNHCR last year. Now I would like to see what he will do with the nomination of Ban Ki-Moon son in law as the UN rep in Kenya ( he was given the job even though he does not merit it and his selection was iffy)


Found the video of the actor laughing in the White Helmets' hospital:

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