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30 October 2016


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Even Pravda on the Hudson reporting no link between Trump and Russia. But, but....Harry Reid and John Podesta says there is.
Who you gonna believe?

And, conveniently disregard the contents of the exposed emails and the web of corruption.



"I'm waiting for the backstory on why Comey wouldn't call out the Russians when the rest of the government did so."

Because he has the right informations and isn't a propaganda loon?

different clue


And who might that woman be? The name Tulsi Gabbard comes to my mind from a character standpoint. But the Borgists and the Catfood Clintocrats will try to destroy her career in politics and drive her out of public life and into private obscurity out of revenge for her ever having supported Sanders.

If she wants to continue in politics, here is where a Big Bitter Berner movement could show itself useful . . . by giving her all the money and support she requests if she decides she wants to defeat the Catfood Clintocrats and the Borg as they try to de-elect her next election.


Tyler, bombshell plus blackmail? Or is the blackmail the ultimate bombshell? There wouldn't be a bombshell without? The truth and nothing but the truth will set us all free? Weiner is the ultimate hero?

But maybe, I don't get it.

It's admittedly, sorry, slightly amusing to watch you reach verbal recruitment top form in this context. Personally I find optimax' link above the best YouTube response to matters.


On the surface that looks like a modification of Tyler's "life insurance" suggestion.

If you are a writer why not make Huma an agent of a foreign nation too? How about Saudi Arabia? In the end it is found out that private photos between the two were planted in an alternative context to get him into trouble. Weiner at one point realized his wife one way or another wasn't kosher and started to collect the mail of his wife in a folder named: Life Insurance.

The Beaver


Pl excuse my question ( I have been busy on something else since yesterday morning and thus have not followed up on the emails) but would appreciate knowing which article has mentioned about the DNS information coming from Trump's server. Thanks

Out of Steppe

This column in the NY Post today gets it almost exactly right:


But Lowry leaves out the one person who could've stopped this train wreck: Obama. Instead he cleared the field for Hillary. And so the train wreck and its aftermath will be, after all is said and done, his legacy.


I suppose suggestive is a good way to describe preliminary evidence from a yet to be completed investigation. What might be alternative interpretations of the same information? Given the tenor of these times, I was somewhat impressed the writer did not claim factual certainty of the most extreme conclusion one could fabricate.



I'm not up to speed on when the subpoenas were issued and when Hillary ordered the guy who took the fifth to delete the emails. I have read he was on Reddit trying to get advice. The bottom line IMO is that in order to avoid FOIA requests, she setup a private server and as Comey has already stated she jeopardized national security. This is one among a long list of bad judgments, which negate her claim as the one with superior intellect and experience in national security affairs.

FYI, I never voted for Dubya nor believed in the Iraqi WMD propaganda. Common sense lead me there and in fact while searching for the dissenters with the right knowledge and experience is how I found Col. Lang and SST. Having said that I did not vote for Obummer either. His hokey Hope & Change I knew would mean many would be left without hope and only change. However, I have voted for Trump this time as an antidote to the current Russia hysteria by the Borgists. I see no reason why we can't have a cooperative relationship with them and note that only Trump has stated he would make efforts in that direction. In my mind we face only one existential threat and that is climbing an escalatory ladder to a nuclear exchange with the Russians and I'll give my vote to any candidate that will avoid that.


Dito RW


The answer in a GCP world would be: "Putin told her to, and she reported back to him". LOL

Sam Peralta

It seems that there are some who claim there was nothing wrong and illegal about the Hillary private server and the deletion of government emails. I am no lawyer and can't say with certainty if the law was broken. All I know from reading some of Podesta's emails is that the whole comingling and collusion between the Clinton Foundation, Hillary campaign, the media, the big money including the Saudis & Qataris and the Likudniks stinks to high heaven.

Now there is the email from Podesta to Cheryl Mills "to dump all those emails".


If there is a transparent investigation without tarmac meetings between Bill and the AG, maybe we can get to the bottom of it and find out about the rotten state of Clintonworld.


My gut feeling is that we're talking about a back-up here, i.e. an archive. There are other, plausible, explanations, but they don't seem probable to me.

"If so, Wikileaks is segregating things and separating Hillary out."

Not necessarily. My mentor taught me that if you can get someone else to write your email for you, then that's the way to go. Plausible deniability. I doubt I had more than a dozen emails from him after working for him for more than 6 years. The ones I had usually said something like "Call me when you land".


To: cbutts.obama08@gmail.com
Date: 2008-09-08 17:21
Subject: Peter Kadzik

Willing to help. Fantastic lawyer. Kept me out of jail. I'm sure
Christine knows him. Wants to help. Think he would be an excellent
vet lead. 202-420-4704


Agree: It doesn't pass the smell test.



Personally I prefer the theory that the program was set up to download her e-mails to this computer behind the wall of her user identity and that she forgot it was running that way over time. pl



He had to have known it was huge.

And what can I say? This material is ah-mahz-ing.



That's exactly what I too think happened. Huma forgot that the laptop her husband used had Outlook configured to download all her emails from Hillary's private email server.

It is likely that the emails deleted at the server and then the disk cleaned may be on the laptop. At least the one's that Huma was party to. If these emails contain classified documents or pay-to-play or other interesting threads that could lead to potential felony violations they may become hard to conceal despite the best efforts of McCabe, Kadzik and Lynch. Clearly, Podesta was advising Cheryl Mills to get rid of the emails sometime back as he seemed to have been concerned about them.


What has left me stunned is this: I'm fairly confident that, with the will, I could have gained access to this data. What stopped me? Well, lacking will (motive), for one thing, but also the fact that I would never expect for one moment that it would have been so accessible.

It wouldn't have been difficult, in principle, either. Forget state-level actors: some punk script-kiddie could have got hold of this. Someone with a modicum of social engineering skill could have gotten access to that device.

But apparently this isn't a big deal. I find myself shaking my head as I watch the media discuss this. What hope is there?


I once complained to the guy who headed up my old IT dept. that our password set-up was too weak. Passwords had to be 8 characters; any characters; single case; no special characters required etc. I told him it was a joke - it was too easy to crack passwords and usernames were email addresses (publicly available). All I would need was the address of the exchange server.

He told me that the problem with longer passwords was that people always lost or forgot them: They would then call support to have their passwords changed and this would cost a lot of time and, hence, money.

At the same time, he'd been working on a business case for swapping out some dept.s (incl. his own ofc) HP machines to Macs for at least a couple of years. He'd been turned down, rightly, more than once.

For a giggle, I broke his (admin) password and installed OSX on his HP. Nobody besides he and I know this story. He still didn't change our password policy...

This is why US national security has been put at risk...



We'll find out by the next mid-terms in 2018 if the Sanderistas are a political force to reckon with. At least Les Deplorables used this cycle to knock out the GOP establishment. No idea what happens to them in the next cycle.



I agree that's the most plausible explanation. In any case, if there is classified information on that machine, my opinion is that she has to go to prison. This can't be acceptable...


Interesting hint, steve, arbitrary meditations. To avoid the emotional hypes around the topic:

Richard W. Painter - Gonzales - James Comey/(Ashcroft)?

Seems Comey left shortly after Gonzales took over from Ashcroft. Not the worst of all decisions, it feels.



From February 2005 to July 2007, he was Associate Counsel to the President in the White House Counsel’s office, serving as the chief ethics lawyer for the President, White House employees and senior nominees to Senate-confirmed positions in the Executive Branch. He is a member of the American Law Institute and is an advisor for the new ALI Principles of Government Ethics. He has also been active in the Professional Responsibility Section of the American Bar Association.



to clarify my last, I agree this is likely what Abedin did. However, the points I've made regarding how the email clients work, tells me that SOMEONE was aware that the emails were there and was using it as a back-up/archive.


1. Wiener knew and didn't tell Abedin.

2. Abedin knew and is lying to the FBI.

3. Both Wiener and Abedin knew, and Abedin is lying to the FBI.

Let's assume that she set-up the account a long time ago and the client stored her username and password in its cache memory by default: She then forgot about it.

1. We know that there are "thousands" of emails (amongst the 650k total) that are connected to HRC.

2. It takes hours to sync thousands of emails to a home computer.

There's a possibility that only Abedin used this email client;that she set it up once in the way I've described; downloaded (synched) those thousands of emails in one session; and then shut-down the client, never to open it again. She then forgot all about it. I think this is unlikely. I don't think that she spent hours syncing thousands of emails and then forgot she'd done it.

I think it's more likely that she set up the account and downloaded some of those emails in that session. I also think that someone used that email client subsequently and synced more of the emails. Either they had to enter her password or it was stored in the cache. In any case, they can see the account in the sidebar and they can see the number of emails in the inbox.

We don't have enough information to determine who was accessing the email client but I'm confident that somebody was, and even more confident that they couldn't fail to notice this account when they did. I'm inclined to think that that person was Wiener and that he thinks his decision to keep this to himself was a good one, with current affairs in mind.



that story was rejected by the likes of Greenwald at The Intercept and the Daily Beast (big HRC proponent) amongst many others and they've been pooh-poohing it on social media since yesterday. It's a nonsense.

"This claim, presented here as *proven fact*, was RT'd 7K times even though USG & multiple media outlets concluded it was total bullshit:"

^^ Greenwald responding to Julia Loffe of Politico, who said:

"In case the insanity of this is unclear, I repeat: Trump Org had a server designed to secretly, exclusively communicate with a Russian bank."

Why bring something that has already been authoritatively debunked here and, with all due respect, what is this knowledge you speak of? And how do you know that the Russian's haven't hacked Hillary?


I've heard some interesting theories that the reason you're seeing the slow abandonment of Clinton is that Trump made the ultimate "deal" with Obama to not go after him for being involved in this

Interesting. Just today I'm reading that POTUS, FLOTUS, Biden,Kerry Warren and others are no longer even following HRC on Twitter.


This doesn't bode well for the future:


“But that percentage climbs among college-educated Clinton backers, 66 percent of whom said they struggle to respect Trump supporters. Among white women who back Clinton, 68 percent said they struggle to respect those who favor the former secretary of state’s opponent.”

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