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30 October 2016


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Col. Lang,

Sorry, I have to squeeze this in here! Comey just released documents on Clinton pardoning Marc Rich. LOLOLOLOL!
Payback is a beast.

An old timely article for background.


Keith Harbaugh

There seems to be a lot of criticism of Comey's Friday announcement, but fewer people publically defending him.
Here is a very effective, I think totally valid, defense of Comey's decision from Bush I AG William P. Barr:
"James Comey did the right thing"


It is possible Dear Host that Weiner kept the emails as leverage, and has now played his card. He is a scumbag, but the pedophilia charge is the modern day career-ender. It is possible we are witnessing the playing of people's cards in a do-or-die poker round. Looks like Hillary lost.



Rats, sinking ship, my dear.



GCP is anxiously pumping up the "fact" that one computer in one of Trump's businesses had been in contact with a Russian bank or some such.

A similar analogy would be if a computer that had once been used to look at porn in one of Trump's businesses was reported as TRUMP USING CAMPAIGN COMPUTER TO VIEW GERMAN PORNOGRAPHY.

The media is a bunch of lying shills.


""My work as secretary of state was not influenced by any outside forces. I made policy decisions based on what I thought was right," Clinton said. "I know there's a lot of smoke and there's no fire."
28 million dollars worth of smoke?
That how much Morocco "donated" to the Clinton Foundation whereupon (2011) the EPA harassed the American company mining phosphate in Morocco benefiting the Moroccan mining industry. The head of the EPA joined the Clinton Foundation as a Director in 2013.
Secretary of State Clinton also approved the use of US funds in the occupied Western Sahara region in a repudiation of long-standing State policy and international condemnation of Morocco's occupation of WS.
Smoke kills far more than fire, Hillary.

Larry Kart

So the FBI, or one faction of it, has morphed into the Praetorian Guard?




This is an official FBI Twitter account. It had been dormant from Oct 8th 2015 until Oct 30th 2016 when it was brought back to life. Since Oct 30th, it has posted 21 links to released documents, beginning with one related to Fred Trump.

Further link titles include:

Ethics and Integrity
Domestic Investigations
General Petraeus
Protests in Baltimore
Stay Behind Special Agent Program
William J. Clinton Foundation

Whoever decided to resurrect this account made some interesting choices in terms of what to link to. I don't believe that the account has been hacked: Some of these documents really have just been released. Either someone at the FBI has a sense of humor (and plans to vote Trump) or, well, let your imagination run wild.


Actually, it hasn't been 'authoritatively' debunked. This is from Greenwald's article on the front page of The Intercept:

'Could it be that Donald Trump used one of his shoddy empire’s spam marketing machines, one with his last name built right into the domain name, to secretly collaborate with a Moscow bank? Sure. At this moment, there’s literally no way to disprove that. But there’s also literally no way to prove it, and such a grand claim carries a high burden of proof.'

Actually, if we get access to the machine and see how it is set up to accept/deny DNS requests then we would know authoritatively. If there is nothing going on then Trump should be glad to turn over the machine - don't you think? The point is we know nothing authoritatively on Hillary and her emails either. Oh wait, we know Comey said no reasonable prosecutor would go after a prosecution and we know he sent a letter to the Republican Congress before he even had a warrant to look at any emails. How many around here have jumped to conclusions based on evidence much less flimsy than DNS logs?


I found the article on The Intercept but I didn't find anything on The Daily Beast. Those are not sites that I frequent very often. Could you point me in the direction of the articles to which you are referring?

Let's examine Greenwald's motives while we're discussing this. Didn't he have a relationship with Wikileaks and Snowden when Snowden was in Russia? Now frankly, I like Greenwald and think he's a smart guy but based on what I read in his article I'm not sure he fully understood what the DNS logs were all about. Of course, there is no way for me to know for sure. Just my opinion from reading the article I found.


I supported Bernie and I would have hoped and do hope that something would have come of it, but jack's right in saying that Bernie got screwed and is now supporting the Borg queen and that deflates his credibility. If he wanted to leave a movement he could've just sat down. His actions show that he was not interested in long-term construction of an independent movement or base.

My perspective from the vast unknown lands of Eastern Washington is that there is currently no left opposition, no left voice raised against Patty Murray. No one is speaking against her now, she won't be effectively primaried should she run again in six years, and Bernie has not spoken against her because he knows which side of the bread the Senatorial butter's on. Patty, a decent woman, is for TPP because… Boeing, Microsoft, etc. In other words, and respectfully, the last paragraph of your comment seems to be a pipe dream (now legal to have these in both Washington and Oregon).


More scuttlebutt on Asst.AG Peter Kadzik, who is apparently heading up review of Huma's emails from the DoJ side. We know he's a good pal of Podesta and his son sent an email to Podesta to join the Clinton campaign. And now it seems that Kadzik was giving Podesta a heads up on DoJ discussions on HRC.


If it weren't for the exposed emails no one would believe the depth of corruption.


Wonder if the FBI will pursue Rico against both Hillary and Bill? Also it appears that John Podesta's best buddy in DOJ is the one handling the Abedin emails investigation. Podesta IMO needs to be prosecuted under Rico, and his best buddy in DOJ REMOVED from the Abedin email investigation.


Podesta's best buddy as DOJ handling the Abedin email investigation is Assistant AG Peter J. Kadzik. Podesta and Kadzik had a schmooze dinner together the day after Hillary's testimony back in October 2015.




I appreciate that this may sound far-fetched, but I'm now reasonably certain that someone in the FBI is mobilizing Anonymous.

The links I referred to above are part of a cipher. For example, the second last tweet refers to firearms but when you follow the link and cross-reference with the Executive Order it mentions, that EO actually refers to a ban on "smoking in the workplace" i.e. smoking gun. The next link is to the documents concerning the Clinton Foundation and the pardoning of Marc Rich (have had dealings with his people before....villians). Note that Kadzic lobbied WJC to pardon Marc Rich...

FYI, these are the docs that are making the news today (that Mook is complaining about).

There are many other clues in this cipher, including smoke signals to Anonymous (Fred Trump and Nikola Tesla links are in reference to a popular 'fan fiction' meme that is popular amongst anons - that DJT is a time traveller).

I appreciate how this might sound but I'm quite certain something is afoot. I spend a lot of time in this world and there's no chance this isn't what it looks like. Note also that the FBI Vaults account notes that this is an "initial" release regarding the Clinton Foundation.

Anonymous is now bombarding the FBI Records office with FOIA requests related to the documents that have been released.



Fascinating connection that current Asst.AG and Podesta pal and DOJ point man on investigating Huma's emails was lobbying Slick Willie to pardon Marc Rich.


I'm also seeing reports that the FBI has uploaded their files on Vince Foster today. I haven't been able to confirm that they were uploaded today or at an earlier date, but they have definitely been uploaded.


I'm not sure what to make of what's happening here. It almost looks like someone within the FBI is trolling the Clinton campaign, using an official FBI Twitter account, but whoever is doing it is delivering in terms of actually releasing the documents (so that rules out the account having been hacked). This can't be a rogue agent or two...

So far, in the documents that have been released, WJC, Kadzic, and Comey are all connected to the Rich pardon. It's not clear whether or not this is the smoking gun referred to.

For the curious, this has set 4chan and Reddit (favorite haunts of anons) for most of the last 12 hours. They're now hard at work examining the documents, therein being the value of 'mobilizing Anonymous'. For those who aren't easily offended, go to those sites to find out more.

I will say this, I never expected to see a time when Anonymous would be cheering on and ostensibly working with the FBI, but that is what appears to be happening right now.

different clue


Please! for just one moment allow me to have my pipe and my dreams.

I can't disagree with you on the actions and meanings of Senator Sanders himself. But he did always say he would support "the Democratic nominee" if it weren't him. That was the agreed-upon price for the Democrats permitting him to run in their primary. One could say that exposure of the DemParty's steady rigging and conniving to make SURE he would not be nominated could be taken to release him from any promise. But he is not hard and vengeful like that. And, as you say, he knows which side his Senatorial bread is buttered on. Let us hope he can be effective in the Senate going forward.

As to his movement, small but growing numbers of them are deciding that they don't need his leadership or even permission to take future action against the Catfood Democrats. They will thrash around for a while trying to find ways to stay organized and movemented on their own.
Will they succeed? I hope so. 6 years is a long time and people could still organize a revenge-movement against Murray between now and then.
The soonest and most likey opportunity for action will be Tulsi Gabbard's next campaign, should she decide to mount one. The Borgist, Clintonites and Catfood Democrats are all united to destroy Tulsi's presence in public life. If enough Berners can give enough money, involvement and energy to get Gabbard re-nominated and re-elected in the teeth of Establishment opposition, that would be an early victory which would hearten and inspire the Berners to further action.

different clue

Babak Makkinejad,

Yersiniobama pestis?


You can't set up an account to download all the emails on a server out of your account. If she set up an account on this laptop and cached all of her emails it would be for HER emails only. If there really are 650,000 emails then that would mean it would have to be 650,000 emails between her and Hillary or that she used that particular email account to communicate with others besides Hillary.



The trove would likely download anything she was addressed on as CC or BCC. pl


That's correct. Anything that was addressed to her and went in her mailbox on the server could be cached to the local drive. Other emails in other mailboxes could not.




different clue


Snowden wasn't in Russia by choice. He thought he would be transiting through on his way to somewhere more funner. But when he was physically in Russian Airspace, the Obama Admin State Dept. decided to cancel Snowden's passport. That cancellation left Snowden unable to travel to anywhere and thus stuck in the Moscow Airport for many days until Putin decided to take him in. When talking about it, Putin even chided the Obama Admin for "poor craft" ( if I remember his choice of words) for de-passporting Snowden while Snowden was still over Russia.

different clue

Out of Steppe,

What does he care? As long as he gets the hundreds of millions of dollars he expects in payment from a grateful OverClass for a job well done, he's good.

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