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30 October 2016


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More Russian meddling. How do you know you haven't been fooled by Russian forgeries? I guess it doesn't make any difference if your CDS (Clinton Derangement Syndrome) is more pronounced than your love of country and clean democratic elections.



I don't think I expressed any fear that Clinton would lose. I concede readily that I think it would be a catastrophe for the country to have Orange Julius Caesar in the White House. I expect this will end up like the other FBI investigation. I am concerned that this situation could spiral out of control in ways we can't yet imagine. I'm also concerned that there are some who would seemingly welcome such an outcome.


PL wrote:

'OTOH, what are you going to say if the archive on weinerman's laptop turns up a lot of E-mails that went through Hilly's Microsoft Exchange accounts and her server and that some of them contain classified information of some import? What will you say?'

I won't say anything. How is Hillary responsible if someone with an account on that server uses it to commit a crime? What about my server? Would I be responsible? How about Google? If someone uses a Google account to pass classified documents are you going to prosecute Google? What about their CEO? I will say the same thing I've been saying for a long time now - a lot of people commenting on this don't have the slightest clue how these systems work.

Now, on the other hand, if someone intentionally sets up a server so that only DNS addresses in Russia can access that server then I would be very, very suspicious. How about you?


GCP & Stephanie

Do you care you care if she has done anything illegal (hillary) as reflected in her e-mails stored on Abedin's? accounts? pl



The "rest of the government" is Jim Clapper. Need I say more? pl


A lengthy but very interesting essay on the damaged goods that the candidature of HRC represents (the author is/was an English barrister):




If the messages show her as having broken US law, is that significant? pl


I appreciate what your saying but the server in question is a HRC controlled server that commingled DoS, Clinton Foundation, personal, Top Secret, Secret, confidential and other government information. If she abided by leaving DoS info where it belonged she would not have this problem. Now should Huma statements prove accurate then Anthony Weiner stole that information and will suffer the consequences. Of course if there is no clintonemail.com info on the computer then we will have to question Comey.
Now was that info hacked by a foreign government, was the info provided to other entities, utilized for other nefarious conduct we do not know but the FBI is properly checking it for the benefit of this nation.
Time will tell.



"Ash Carter will take Raqqa within weeks" With what? The Turkish Army? pl


We're into speculative territory, but it is possible that the trove of emails included those that were deleted. And maybe they were deleted for a reason to thwart the subpoena.


If she actually did something wrong then yes, I for one care. So far we have no evidence she has done so. We have a lot of speculation. If Abedin stored anything other than emails about kids and grandmas on those accounts on Weiner's computer then Hillary should fire her immediately. If she stored classified info then prosecute her if it is illegal but let's not forget we have little to no info until the last couple of days on Trump's email accounts and servers. The info today is serious. That server was set up so only specific IP addresses in Russia could access it and it had been so since 2010 if I remember correctly. That wasn't an accident. It would take someone with my knowledge to do that. On the other hand we have Wikileaks passing along info stolen by Russian intelligence (someone on this blog posted the article on Fancy Bear and how they did it) to demean Hillary and the Democrats - effectively interfering in our election. We don't have Hillary's actual emails (other than what was turned over to the FBI) because the Russians didn't actually hack into her computers or her servers. We have third party accounts she may or may not emailed or who may or may not have emailed her.

I've told you this before. I'm not a big fan of Hillary or her husband. It's not really going to bother me all that much if Trump is elected but he's a dangerous man. At least in my opinion. He will put the final nail in the coffin of the American working/middle class while proclaiming to be its savior. I think we can withstand Hillary for something better in the future but Trump is going to sell us all out.

Just my opinion.


Maybe not.


Of course but I'm not sure how Hillary could have broken a law if it was Huma's account? If Huma forwarded something to that personal account that was classified is that on her or Hillary? I'm not as expert on that as you are so I will defer to your expertise.


The DNS information in the article came from Trump's server. I'm not sure what you are talking about. Has any DNS info on the Clinton server been published?


So what? It's not illegal to delete emails that have yet to be subpoenaed or don't meet the particulars of the subpoenas.

Look, I've been doing this almost every day since Microsoft Exchange came out. There isn't a single day that goes by that I don't bitch at people about deleting things and reducing the size of their mailboxes. So far there is nothing that is illegal. The GWB administration deleted 22 million emails related to Iraq AFTER they were subpoenaed. Where is your outrage at that? And those were government emails on government servers.

Babak Makkinejad


Science News:

New parasite named after Barack Obama -



Don't expect any big revelations from this "investigation."
Another example of the incestuous corruption in the swamp.


Babak Makkinejad

In situations like this, I am always reminded of the sage advice of LBJ:

You see 11 Troubles walking towards you in the morning. As day progresses more of them fall off on the sides of the road and eventually you only have to deal with only one.


Merges with Josh Earnest today - refusing to criticize Comey and actually weakly complimenting him.
Turned to my wife and said that Obama just walked away.
He's not going to push her in front of the bus but he's not going to throw a spike strip ahead of the bus either.
She is now officially a liability.



The facts in the case are that Hilary chose a private email server, not Putin; that Hilary chose to mislead the public over about having turned over all of her work related emails not Putin; that Hilary chose to say she had neither sent nor received classified material over this server. Of course you blame Putin for doing so just as the Democratic Party blames the cops - Comey - for the investigation. She is responsible for her conduct. After 30 years of government service Hilary knew that everyone is spying on America. This is how she chose to defend the Republic.



I'm waiting for the Attorney General to testify under oath as to why she met with the husband of the party under investigation in a private meeting and the contents of the conversation.



Yes. That is why it is idiotic that he said it. Russia has enforced their own no fly zone over northern Syria that Turkey apparently is not challenging. The only way for Turkey to seize Raqqa is if the Jihadists shave their beards and invite them in. There is no indications at all that the Islamic State had given up the fight or that R+6 would acquiesce to a Turkish incursion down the Euphrates River which would make a hot war hotter.



1) There is zero evidence that "the Russians" hacked HRC and Podesta. Argument by assertion is not evidence. There is plenty of evidence that Podesta got phished and opened himself up.

2) There is no evidence that these are forgeries, again hysterical arguments by assertions are not evidence.

I'm worried about you buddy. You're sounding as frantic and desperate as another poster here before he got el grande bota. Its ok, you don't owe me $500 when Trump wins 300+ EV. I wouldn't do that to you. But maybe take a few days off. Relax a little. I don't want you having a monster MI on Nov 8th.

I want you alive for this. I want you to witness what comes next.

I want you cognizant of when Trump Makes America Great Again. And that there is nothing you can do about it.


So you're another Democrat who thinks the Russian government hacked and passed Podesta's and the DNC's emails to Wikileaks? Where's the evidence? Or is it like Dubya's mushroom cloud assertion?

Who should be ashamed? The Clintons, Podesta, Doug Band, Donna Brazile, and all the corrupt hangers on subverting the primary and selling governmental favors for cash.

Nah! I'm sure you think that anything done by your team is acceptable. Even selling out to some Saudi sheikh. Stop moralizing when your team is rolling in the mud.

different clue


Those millions of people have become fully aware of eachothers' existence. And they have become aware of becoming aware of eachothers' existence.

Millions of people. Millions.

Some of them at least will stay in touch with eachother. Some of them will figure out how to stay organized and how to create long-term task and mission movements. They will do things like support primary opponents to Democratic officeholders who voted to Fast Track the TPP. If they can't get those Democrats removed in their next primaries, they may well organize third-party voting campaigns to deny those Democrats enough votes to deny them re-election to their offices.

Visible proof of their effectiveness in that regard would be the defeat and removal of the two Democratic Senators from Washington State and the defeat and removal of Senator Wyden of Oregon. If those three can be effectively primaried or Naderized, that will be proof enough to me that the Sander-backer movement is a self-propelling legacy which lives and succeeds.

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