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30 October 2016


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Sam Peralta

Did anyone watch the Sunday newsie shows?

Curious, what the Borgist media was saying? I'm sure they may be freaking out privately about their best laid plans to manufacture the election result!

The Twisted Genius

Given today's state of advanced search and analysis technology, we should know what's in the emails NLT Tuesday morning. And that's giving them time for the inevitable bureaucratic processing.



And as your SGM mentor said, "the shits on good buddy." pl


Weiner is going to give up the farm to avoid going to prison as a convicted pedophile.


What a time to be alive.



It seems the shit was flying at FBI HQ, ever since Comey gave the Borg Queen her free pass from indictment. It seemed that when AG Lynch recused herself soon after her tarmac tryst with Slick Willie came to light, that Comey had been brought along.


With AG Lynch firmly in the pocket, is it a foregone conclusion that it will turn out to be a nothingburger? And the Borg can cover it under the rug after the manufactured election result is announced?


TTG, Sir

Pure speculation on my part, but what if they found all those deleted emails from the server? And there's some perjury by a few like Mills and the Borg Queen too?

Is the FBI likely to spill the beans or do they let AG Lynch let it all slide under bureaucratic obfuscation?

The Beaver


as explained to me on another forum and I quote:

650k emails can easily be ingested into an appropriate eDiscovery software environment in less than 4 hours, even if there are lots of attachments. It would take less than 24 hours to index such a small chunk of data and search for emails of potential interest.

Then you cross-index it against the existing repository of emails that already exist and look for unique ones. That'll take a matter of minutes.

The end result is the only things which has to be reviewed by a live human being, and reviewers typically tag ~180 documents per hour.

And that's assuming you don't use existing eDiscovery logic to further filter by looking for specific metadata, adjacency of key phrases, etc... before a human being looks at the output.

Actually, the most time consuming part of eDiscovery these days are... redaction.




Will we be having a Sunday Night Massacre by way of Huma (Mrs. Weiner) cooperating with the FBI or just an orgy of Monday morning pardons?



The Twisted Genius

If the FBI doesn't come up with a real bombshell real quick, HRC is going to emerge from this stronger than ever. I am reminded of the SNL skit right after Bill Clinton weathered his impeachment. Darrell Hammond as Clinton came to the podium and started off, "I am bulletproof. Next time you best bring kryptonite."



With all due respect, that has been thoroughly investigated:


Ken Roberts




I've heard some interesting theories that the reason you're seeing the slow abandonment of Clinton is that Trump made the ultimate "deal" with Obama to not go after him for being involved in this. So the word was passed and there you go.

But a pardon of Hillary is also making the rounds among the Democratic brain trust that Obama should just pardon Clinton cause "we already know she didn't do anything". You want to 100% elect President Trump? That's how you do it.


Can someone confirm/deny if Weiner stored the emails in a file called "Life Insurance"? Cause if so woo son.

different clue


It depends how personally offended and betrayed AS PEOPLE they feel about all this. It also depends on if they can cover their tracks so well that the leaker is never ever found out. If they can figure out how to "cause these emails to emerge" from an utterly unexpected direction from which no digital trail of any sort can be walked back, then these things will be released.

They know how the OverClass hates the Snowdens it can find and name. They won't want to be exposable as those Snowdens.

In my purely intuitive and totally amateur opinion.


If field agents had access almost a month ago but did not signal HQ until a few days ago. I am assuming that they got something. Either that or Comey is being set up for the biggest fall ever to hit DC since Tricky Dick...





Nah, disagree. On the other hand, I don't think he would have touched this if there wasn't a bombshell, and the desperation of the Dems makes me think this is it. Reid is filing Hatch Act charges against Comey, and the best the DoJ would do is say "they wouldn't recommend it". That tells me that they wanted plausible deniability so that of Comey didn't file and it came out they were clear of impropriety. They didn't tell him NOT to after all.

Whatever is in those emails is radioactive. Comey knows it, the DOJ knows it, and the Dems know it. It is pure crisis mode over there.


Oof. Confirm.


Woo boy.


Happy Halloween !

Thought you might appreciate a spine tingler on this festive day.

The Borg Queen *unmasked* :


Here her arrogance is seen in all it's Shining glory:


Just asked my wife if we have enough popcorn for all of this.


I have a conspiracy theory. Wiener got Huma's email address that she used for state department business and later the Hillary presidential campaign. He then had his laptop automatically download any and all emails addressed to Huma. What was the motivation for that? Could be simply that knowledge is power, or could even be he was sharing them with Israeli intelligence out of Israeli patriotism or for money.


Perjury by Hillary?

If I recall the events surrounding her FBI interview, she wasn't sworn. We may have to settle for "making false statements" to the FBI as a consolation prize.

Which is good enough for me.

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