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27 October 2016


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rakesh wahi

he is nuts- going to be 65 when his kid is 10, will have to work in his old age to send the kid to school, that will teach him


Just looked up Morrissey on Wiki.
This guy's a real piece of work.
Electing him would put Richmond right down there with Wash., DC, Detroit and Chicago.

Babak Makkinejad

He is doing his very best for improving inter-racial concord in the United States.

At least he did not import his mistress-to-wife from Eastern Europe or South America; strictly supporting Made-in-America.



Richmond is 50% Black and there are a lot of university students. The Blacks have reason to believe that Joe M actually does like them unlike McCauliffe whom they see as just another White Yankee politician. pl



will have to work in his old age to send the kid to school.

No he won't, there's a separate standard for such kids:


The contributing to the delinquency charge and sex charges are part of the fakery of our times where the legal threshold of childhood as regards sexual matters has been raised to unrealistic levels due to the attitude of "moral panic" relating to such things. I had some prior experience in working for Juvenile&Domestic relations courts back in the 70s mostly. The age of consent was no higher than 16 in any state back then and was 15, even 14 in some cases. Those earlier statutes reflected the realities of sexual coming of age, especially for girls.
Back then there would be no criminal statute applicable to his involvement with a 17 year old, who was a woman already, albeit a young one. At most, there would have some raised eyebrows and some disapproving clucking for such an old fox getting into the henhouse.
As to whether Morrissey is weighed in the balance and found lacking in other respects, I have no position.

Babak Makkinejad

That too.

Did John Edwards ever marry his?

Babak Makkinejad

Let's not be envious now...

Babak Makkinejad

I agree.

Many people's grandmothers where 15 when married.

Also: they likely would have to put many in jail in Germany (North of the Rhine river) or in France for this sort of thing...



Self referential, but, my paternal grandmother was married at 16 and pregnant. Her father's half-section and that of my Lang great grandfather met at their shared corner on the west Minnesota prairie. Lots of high grass out there and Fred Lang (grandpa) was a handsome fellow. She, by the way was the one with all the puritan grandee ancestors. pl



interestingly enough from my studies of European & Asian World History, written historical marriage records/licenses show that the average age of FIRST marriage for females worldwide until the 20th century was 14 to 16 (for males, it was 18 to 26, once they were finacially stable having finished their apprenticeships, estlablished acareer, or inherited their fortune)

Even in the in the US right now, majority of states have age of consent at age 16.. only about 10 states have age of consent at 18 .. 8 states have age of consent at 17

Most of Europe, age of consent is 15 to 16 .. same as in most of Asia .. Shakespeare wrote of Romeo & Juilet as 13-14 yr olds (typical age marriages of their era) who were already engaged to other people but married each other anyways


One of my best friends was vice-president of Kraft & he said his mother married his father in Poland when she was 14 & he said that was common Poland at the time (1950-60s)..

my own mother married my father when she was 15 & my father 26 in Asia(1970), typical of that era


also a little bit of history that Old Microbiologist can attest to,
Keep in mind that before modern 20th century medicine, life & marriage was usually risky & short because historical birth/death records show that about 20% of women died in child birth,
because about 20% of all births require a C-section, which usually meant infection & death
because lack of use of anti-septics (despite in 1847, Austrian gov doctor Dr. Semmwelweiss's heretical scientific research proving antiseptics reduced death rates by 90%, the rest of the medical community refused to use antiseptics & didn't believe that bacteria/viruses caused infection/death until Pastuer proved it near the end of the 19th century)

Also, infetion usually meant death because antibiotics were not discovered yet --the government doctor Dr. Fleming in England didn't discove antibiotics until in 1928
it remained rare & secret until the massive 'deficit spending' (aka money creation) by the US gov during WW2 to fund the mass production of antibiotics that really saved the day in fighting infections

Augustin L

New York mafia tactics, while Trump and the GOP tell their fanatics to look the other way. Indiana seizes 45,000 Voter Registration Ballots most of African Americans. This is minority vote suppression and real election rigging. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/mike-pence-voter-suppression_us_58027076e4b0e8c198a87ffb


Where I might agree with you is when the one person is reasonably close in age to the underage one.

But with 55 to 16, how isn't that some kind of exploitation?

That these things "work out" at times isn't a justification for allowing them.


nope, but they didn't terminate until last feb. their child is now about 10 years old. I've actually met him. I was on the town council when he was a senator, and he did a beach walk in a bathing suit greeting beachgoers on the beach strand as he walked. I was his escort. his hair was so fine looking, i was tempted to reach out and touch it. I am not gay.

He was a hell of a plaintiff's attorney and is still practicing. He has won some huge personal injury awards ($60 million or such). My biggest jury award was $50k (sigh)

What a waste of talent and expectations. He disappointed in the Iraq vote, but on social issues, his heart was in the right place, or so is my opinion.



Mommyism. My father and mother were 17 years apart. He was a master sergeant and she was a mill worker. She became a lady of leisure with their marriage. She would not have thought herself oppressed and would not have discussed this with her house maid. pl



You mean the Prime Minister of Canada was exploiting a young woman all those years ago when at 52 he married that 20 yo in 1971? How'd their son turn out?

The Twisted Genius

So Joe Morrissey has a colorful past. That's not his most egregious transgression. He's running for political office without the approval of either of the two political parties. The Democratic Party needs his support in the Virginia Senate, but just can't stand him. He's constituent-centric and quite liberal, but not an obedient member of a political club. Clearly this barbarian doesn't know how the game is supposed to be played.


Good looking young lady. I'm not sure about her taste in men.


The Internet Dating Equation: ½(your age) + 7

Worked well for me :-)

Babak Makkinejad

As is said in Persian: "It is the goat that needs to like the grass."

Henry J.

I think this is disgusting. And creepy. Any man, especially in his 50's, attracted to a teenage female is a sexual predator IMO. Btw, was he married when he had this illicit relationship?

Babak Makkinejad

+9 - but who is counting.

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