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08 October 2016


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Latest on UnzReview: "If the greatest poker game of all times will end by nuclear grand slam, and the survivors will review the causes of WWIII, they will die laughing. The Third World War had been fought to save al Qaeda. Yes, my dear readers! Uncle Sam invaded Afghanistan in order to punish al Qaeda, and now he started the World War to save al Qaeda." http://www.unz.com/ishamir/nuclear-poker/


"...our world is turning upside down..."
Yes. And the ongoing commotion is on a such scale that the deciders will not be able to avoid the mortal dangers of the approaching conflict. They have been creating "their" reality with the help of yes-men and yes-women; the servile class has perhaps succeeded in constructing a psychological barrier for the plutocrats but it is not possible to escape the hard reality. At least some among the financial/MIC dictators should have already realized that they are staring into an abyss. There is the inordinate number of psychopaths among the upper echelon and deciders, but even these subhumans have parental instincts. Do they understand that they cannot survive without people with conscience? Interesting time.

Babak Makkinejad

I do not think so.

You stated:

"And unfortunately, "trust" has much to do with international relations, despite the best intentions of statecraft."

The clarification of which I sought by posing a number of questions.

Which you ignored.

Chris Chuba

Peter AU, the Australians should have said that they were simulating a theoretical Israeli Air Force tactic against stealth aircraft. They might have been allowed to try it because the Israelis are allowed to be considered clever. We have to assume that the Russians and everyone else are stupid in our war game scenarios.

Actually, that is a very interesting idea. I read on Russian Insider that that Russians have the ability to transfer missile guidance between aircraft. We make such a fuss about it with the F35 as if this is a ground braking technology. Also, once a missile gets close enough to an F35, it's one large engine puts out a bigger heat signature than the more common dual engine jets gets making it more visible to infrared detection.

mike allen

Ishmael Zechariah -

I do not know that Syria does not have a Sigint capability as you say. I would have assumed they do. And googling it just know I see that Jane's Defense Weekly says that "Syria and Iran have expanded their joint signals intelligence (SIGINT) collection efforts, increasing the number of joint intercept sites from two to four. The two existing sites, one located near the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights and the other located in northeast part of Syria are in excellent location to intercept communications of Israeli forces in Israel and American forces in Iraq, respectively." and that the "The two new sites will be located near Bab Al-Hawa' in the mountains near and overlooking the Turkish border, and near Abu Kamal, where the Euphrates flows from Syria into Iraq's Anbar province, . . ." Plus I would think that both the SAAF and the Military Intel Directorate would have some SIGINT capability they got from the Russians, wouldn't you?

By the way, the hasbara quip is uncalled for. I have been following and commenting on this blog for many years. I agree 100% with Colonel Lang's opinion on AIPAC and other Israeli influence in Washington. I also believe like Colonel Lang that the Israelis deliberately attacked the USS Liberty and have been denying ot for decades. Do you assume that any American who does not vote for Trump is an Israeli dupe?

Let us both hope there is no war. It would be bad for you, bad for me, bad for our children and grandchildren.

Babak Makkinejad

It is big of you...

mike allen

Babak Makkinejad -

I did not mean to ignore your question, I thought I had answered the last part where you asked: "Are you saying that the English Government, in 1938-1939 period - trusted Germany more than it trusted USSR?". The answer is NO. I am not saying that and did not in any way mean to imply it. I would guess they trusted neither. The British were well aware of the rapprochement between the Weimar Republic and the USSR (and the close cooperation between the German and Russian military) from the period of the Soviet-Polish War up until 1933.

Regarding your other questions. I think I already answered the one about Iran. Some Americans trust Iran, some don't, and my assumption is that probably Iranians have the same split feelings toward Americans.

On the other questions:

I believe there is a lot of goodwill in America towards Vietnam.

China hard to gauge but there is certainly some trust due to the economic realities. Probably not so much trust by Trump and his supporters despite his use of Chinese steel.

Russia? We were close allies once. We should be again is my opinion. Samantha Power obviously thinks differently but hopefully she gets dumped back to Dublin when Hillary wins the election.

Gulfies? Not me and many others, but someone in Washington does. Or at least pretends they do in order to keep a presence in the Gulf.

Turkey before Erdogan yes, but not now.

Cuba? Yes. Unless of course she gets Russian missiles.


"happened before Hitler broke the Nazi-Soviet Pact in June 41. While the Brits and French were fighting the Nazis, Stalin sent them millions of tons of grain, soybeans, phosphates, petroleum, manganeseh government had decided that they preferred conquest & occupation by the Germans to accepting Sobiet assistance.

" With the Germans we lose our independence. With the Russiss, copper, nickel, chrome, platinum, lumber, cotton, and other critical raw materials. This completely negated the British Royal Navy's blockade. This pact went on for two years before crazy Adolph broke it."

And the U.S./British Empire were supplying Imperial Japan during the two-year border war the Japanese initiated against the Soviets in 1937, high culminated in a corps-sized battle.

Further, the Soviets offered an alliance to Great Britain & France, in April 1939, culminating in military staff talks at the CoGS & Mod level for the Soviets & the 4-star level for the Brits & the French. Trouble was, the Polish government preferred German conquest & occupation to accepting Soviet assistance in the event of a German attack. "With the Germans we lose our independence. With the Russians we lose our soul!"

mike allen

thank you

Babak Makkinejad

Thank you for your comments.

The point I was hoping to make was the productive relations, in business or in politics, do not require the sort of trust that could prevail among one's neighbors', friends, or relations.

I think the conflation of "interest" and "trust" - one measurable and concrete, one vague and imprecise, is not conducive to the establishment of profitable relations among states.

One could trust any state or leader of state to survive and wish to enhance his own power, the power of his state and his faction within that state.

This is as true of Russia or Iran as it is for the United States. Our issues are not lack of trust, in my opinion, but rather the sense of Justice - what are the proper order of things.

NATO states find it fit and all together proper to expand East, the Russian Federation considers that un-fit and improper; for example.

This is not a matter of trust but rather a matter of clashing senses of Justice - an issue that cannot be resolved amicably but only through force or threat of the use of force.

And as NATO states and the Russian Federation go, so does the rest of the World.


Mike The PKK statement with regard not having hostilities with Iran, is not serious they some how hope they can at least prevent iran on sharing intelligence on on insurgencies, there is Iranian saying that comes to mind "Yellow dog is brother of coyote" meaning they are both the same Pijak and PKK they both there to eat your chickens.

Ishmael Zechariah

Mike Allen,
You claim to be an ex-marine. Do you really think that SAA or Iran can decipher secure communications between US elements? Perhaps the Russians can, but they are not tipping their hand. It is a fact that the Russians tried to contact the US command to stop the attack and failed for two hours. Peculiar.
In any case I read the attack the same way the Russians did. It was a deniable "mistake", and a very convenient one. Did not work.
I am not calling you a Borg Hasbara Operator for backing Trump-but for echoing Borg propaganda, all the way from "Assad killing civilians" to "poison gas". If you think war is bad for all, stop supporting those who want war.
Ishmael Zechariah

mike allen

Ishmael Zechariah –

I agree with you that Syria does not have an advanced decryption capability. But that argument works against your theory that American planes deliberately struck Syrian troops at Deir ez-Zor. I am having trouble trying to follow your logic that my mentioning that Assad’s bogus claim of a comm intercept is your “proof” that I’m trying to deflect attention from some “real truth”. Horse puckey as Grandma used to say.

I do not support “those who want war”. That would be Trump who has said publicly he would bomb the hell out of Syria and Iran. I do not support Trump. Those who support war would also be Senator ”bomb-bomb-bomb-Iran” John McCain, you remember him right? I do not support him. Those who want war would also include McCain's accomplice Lindsey Graham, and the NED/Gershman cabal noted on upthread by J. I do not support them either. I do not believe my candidate in this election wants war and she will not start one.

By the way, we “former Marines” are not fond of the term “ex”. That should be reserved for ex-girlfriends or ex-wives.

mike allen

Babak Makkinejad -

I agree with your statement on the 'conflation of "interest" and "trust" - one measurable and concrete, one vague and imprecise, is not conducive to the establishment of profitable relations among states.'

I am not defending trust or mistrust in international relations. I was only saying that it exists. Whether we like it or not it will always have an impact regardless of our best interests.

And I am not a champion of expanding NATO. I commented here and elsewhere in the past about the insanity of backing right wing fascist groups in the Ukraine. It seems to me that the whole NATO expansion thing was more of a European impetus. as kind of a left-handed way to gain markets, rather than an American one. Big old dumb Uncle Sam went along with it, no doubt with prompting by our NeoCons. I may be incorrect, what do I know of the inner workings of Foggy Bottom? Never been there, but I hope we get rid of some of the crazies there.

mike allen

Kooshy -

Maybe so. But there has in fact been shooting going on between PKK and PDKI. And surely you do not believe that Iran is sharing serious intel with Turkey regarding the Erdogan's Kurdish insurgency?

Also there are stories going around on various Kurdish twitter accounts that Iran has allowed PKK in-country to quiet the Kurdish insurgency there. I cannot vouch for those stories. They may be BS or they may be true. I will reserve my judgement.

The Kurds have been used by many different countries, my own included. I root for them but I fear they are their own worst enemies, fighting among themselves.

Sans racines

I would suggest that's a generalisation - a gentleman is characterised by what he is, and is not prepared to do. I am not referring to colonialists who simply thought they knew best or profiteers who were simply out to 'get some'.


Dubhaltach: I agree. That's what I think, too.

However, DH is always informative, even when arguing with infuriating trolls.

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