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21 October 2016


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also it might be easier to bomb them once they are around Aleppo (no "human shield" for the media to cry).


Completely unrelated, but I do believe events in Kirkuk axis are highly more significant than MSM currently making them out to be. There are very credible reports that ISIS controls over half of the city of 750K after a 3 hour blitz commenced 12 hrs ago, ongoing US airstrikes which resulted in one incident a couple hours ago where 20+ shiite women and dozens more injured in mistaken bombing of funeral procession. Peshmerga will not let PMU enter. ISIS have captured key points of city, freed hundreds of prisoners, and reports of mass abductions and murders of Turkmen Shiites. Very credible reports of the local Kirkuk kurds and arabs being instrumental as sleeper cells to accomplish the infiltration of the city during the early morning hours without sounding of alarm.Generally disastrous situation all around, reminds of summer 2014. ISIS did this with not more than 150-200 troops. IMO this throws wrench in mosul op


Iranian media reports 4 Iranian engineers working on Kirkuk power plant were killed and three injured in an ISIS attack on the plant.

mike allen

The Daesh infiltration into Kirkuk apparently came from Hawija, which should have been liberated before Mosul IMHO.

There are conflicting reports on current status in Kirkuk.



Plant in question, located far NW of Kirkuk proper, was attacked in the first 2-3 hrs simultaneous to main offensive , to cut off Kirkuk from Erbil. Reinforcements coming from erbil then found themselves under withering VBIED ambush from IS occupying the plant environs/road. Much clearer picture emerging about what's going on on ground by the hour, maps from multi different sources make clear that IS still holding roughly half of urban Kirkuk, with full freedom to reinforce. Baghdad bobesque reporting from official pesh and ISF and complete unquestioning MSM willingness to retransmit unfiltered is, sadly, no longer a surprise to me

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