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14 October 2016


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does horseradish clash with moose meat?

Allen Thomson

> moose chile(*)

We made pretty good chili with the venison, but not with the moose that I remember. That's a significant oversight that, should the opportunity arise, I shall set aright.

Moose tourtiere could work with a bit of experimenting. Standing moose rib roast sounds -- daunting.

(*) Just out of curiosity, do our correspondents distinguish between "chile" and "chili" and if so how? I tend to use chile for the pepper and chili for the stew made with it.


Colonel, Europe and Europeans are ready for Clintons, they love the idea of free security paid by American tax payers, and free trade on thier Chinese manufactured luxury goods. Who else can afford a 22000 LV purse. They wouldn't even mind to become 52nd state after Israel as long as we pay thier security expenses buy thier expensive goods and they can spend thier summer in Saint-Tropez and winters in Val d'Isère.


LOL. You’re doing I’m doing: cooking.



How about braised rib of moose? pl


Moose is inherently lean and wild, I suggest taking a nice cut, slice it thinly, and fry it with butter(+++), mushrooms (morelles or chanterelles) , shallots and diced carrots, deglaze the pan with red wine, fortify yourself with more red wine, and serving it with e.g mashed potatoes ...
Go slow on the other cuts, sous vide could work...



Is this a recipe for Euromoose? Ever had any tourtiere? pl


Finally a Bulgarian who is not on the payroll of the America For Bulgaria Foundation. How do I know? Simple. Such an interview would never be given by anyone who has taken a grant by the Foundation, and it was published by A-Specto, one of the rare media outlets in Bulgaria that is not funded by the Foundation.

The Twisted Genius


That sounds like the various "Jaeger" preparations of meat I enjoyed during my six years in Germany. There was often juniper berries in the mix. Damn I miss that.


Natchitoches meat pie is the only way to go

Nancy K

My husband had a yak burger in Tibet and found it very tasty. He also likes venison and loves wild boar.

Nick Smith

"and he has even been married to Slavic women, which is the tip of the eccentricities in the Anglo-Saxon world"

This is a wonderful line. It's the kind of thing that redeems hyperbole


I wouldnt vote for Trump as dogcatcher.
As a "euro" (Scottish) I can't believe America would either.

A disgusting man


Babak has insider info on recipes of space-coocked brains. His research on americans abducted by undocumented guest space invaders has paid off, now he's a book coming off, Babak's Master Space Chef Handbook, teaches how to reach Mars on a diet of fellow "spacimen" brain alone.

Major Tom was one of the first to experience brain cooking. That was about the time he started asking "Iis theere Moose oon Maars?"


You do understand that until very recently the EU spend more money on defense than the rest of the World* combined and that the only country we had to fear was to the West of us.

*Rest of the World not including US


EU would be the 52nd state. We already know that our treasure is spent and our blood spilt for the settler 51st state that has no defined borders.

Bill Herschel

Moose are on the decline. If you want to hunt them, hurry up.

Personally, I currently live in an area where deer are endemic. They kill more people via car accidents and lyme disease than people kill them. I have never hunted and am not a hunter, but I would willingly kill deer if it were possible.

However, I do like Fenimore Cooper a lot. A ton. I highly recommend his first novel, The Spy. He is not an American Hugo, but he is on the same page.


Do they still have those anti Nato demonstrations?


The German Jäger I've head - while very tasty - are more of a generic cream mushroom sauce IMHO. This is a "cleaner" version, preferably cooked in iron skillet over open fire, with mountain cranberries (aka lingonberries) tossed in.


Euromoose yet... see this for idea http://harvner.blogg.se/
Tourtiere- you mean the Quebec version? Non...



If HRC will be elected POTUS - not a given - I expect most of Europe to embrace their new leader. However, then what?

I expect interests will be coming back dominating the playing field. And I expect they will clash over Russia and China. I expect the key battle ground fault line to be once again Germany because it's the biggest EU country and it's position is once again in the middle.

HRC will once again have Germany as a de facto colony like the old FRG but I expect at this time it's not going to happen. While at the mass media surface Germany still looks a lot like the de facto FRG colony swallowing the GDR under the hood there was some change. For German business China and Russia catched up with the US - if China has not already overtaken the US which is quite possible. The political force accompanying this trend tend to see "free security paid by American tax payers" not to embrace this as a nice gift but as a disturbance of their eastern business. That has political consequences. In Germany we just saw three of 16 regional governors - from mainstream parties, 1 SPD, 2 CDU) officially come out against further sanctions on Russia. We also see quite good results - about 10 to 20% - of the new Russia-friendly right wing AfD party. The economic driving forces behind this cannot be ignored in Germany, everything else will ignite a big clash with uncertain end, so the power in German politics has to accommodize and is doing that.

Should a POTUS HRC try to change that too hard without changing the underlying economics she will run into a serious problem in German which would be to push Germany more in the Russian direction. Other EU countries have mentally already arrived in the Russia-friendly world, take eg Hungary, and Czechia and Slovakia are not far behind. And across the EU we see similar growing Russia-friendly trends, FPO in Austria, Le Pen in France, brexit in UK, 5 star in Italy and so on.

So, my point, if HRC becomes POTUS she will have lot's of difficult work ahead in the EU.


There is now a boar meat store in Kathmandu (Lainchaur), but probably most yak-burgers in Nepal are buffalo. (Hygienic, refrigerated meat markets are now plentiful, but roadside butchers still the norm.

Among the Buddhist Sherpas, dzopkio (yak-cow breed) meat is occassionally seen when the animal "has an accident" such as "falling" to its death.


On us Euros, I'm not so sure that we're breathing heavily in anticipation of climbing into bed with Hillary and engaging in terminal nuclear ecstasy.

The East Europeans are restless. They didn't realise that entering the EU and NATO meant being the frontline in a nuclear confronation with Mother Russia, as sanctions cut off many of their traditional trading partners in the east. They especially do not like the millions of refugees and, not having been bred in a supine state of political correctness, have no qualms about airing their views. The Czechs have recently been in Damascus.

In Western Europe Greece openly flirts with Russia while it, Italy and Spain groan under the economic heel of the German-controlled Euro, while Germany's main bank and propper-upper of the Euro creaks on the edge of the abyss thanks to its hunger for Texan sub-prime loans. The German Foreign minister - whose party is due to do well in next year's elections - repeatedly asserts that Germany has no intention in getting involved in some Ukrainian stand-off with Putin. Also due to do well in the elections are a rightwing party who are virulently against immigration, blame it on The West's repeated wars in the ME, and think Putin is great. (Trumpism isn't just an American phenomenon). France too faces elections in which the pro-Putin Le Pen is due to do very well.

Britain is the most fascinating country of all. Our new PM is notorious for holding her cards extremely close to her chest. Her Chief Advisor is a dyed-in-the-wool realist and anti-neo-conservative. Nick Timothy hates foreign interventions. He is backed up on the Tory backbenches by a solid phalanx of realist senior Tory MPs, many of them ex-Army or Foreign Office - Julian Lewis, Crispin Blunt, Rory Stewart, Adam Holloway - all of whom have very stern views on Syrian intervention. Both "Conservative Friends of Israel" and neo-conservatives seem to be virtually non-existent in her Cabinet, unlike the previous one where they firmly ruled the roost. Which way will Theresa jump?

There was an interesting straw in the wind last week at the height of the East Aleppo hysteria. Our buffoonish Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson was leaping up and down demanding we bomb the Russian Embassy. All good hyperbole. But also, quietly, in two speeches, not one, he slipped in the addendum that we were against, definitely against NFZs. Boris was brought in to the Cabinet as a stop gap - a sort of living body shield to soak up all the incoming fire from hysterical Remainers in the post-referendum aftermath. He has an enormous personnal scandal hanging over his head which is due to inevitably break when various legal deadlines are passed. Having served his purpose he will be discarded.

Who will take his place as Foreign Secretary? I don't know, but it would be worth putting some money on David Davis, already in the Foreign Office, ex-Army and until recently a stalwart member of the backbench non-intervention group.

Euope is changing - in both foreign and domestic policy - in the same way as the US is changing. I think we have passed the point where we are prepared to be servile to the US. We'll be polite about it - at least the West Europeans will be. But we now have our own redlines.


Why should we pay the security bill for the United States' most reliable and effective "beachhead" on the Eurasian continent. All that'll happen is that Europe will be destroyed all over again when the United States goes to war with Russia to assure its absolute control on global power.
Most Europeans learnt after the last European civil war 1939-1945) that war between industrial powers should never even be contemplated - something most Americans need to be educated about.
As for Hillary, she'll be quite happy to keep Europe as vassal states and continue to interfere in our elections using NED/DNI/IRI/George Soros.
BTW, it'd be a bit strange having the 51st state with a population of 743,000,000 with two senators and 60 representatives according to apportionment calculator I used - now who said "no taxation without representation"?


By the way, they're called elk in the UK. 'Moose' is a dessert, what you spread on your hair and a small rodent in Scotland.

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